BigPond, portable wireless users 'most unhappy'

BigPond, portable wireless users 'most unhappy'

Summary: Telstra user? Chances are you're the most unhappy with your lot, according to a survey of over 3,000 Australian Internet users.


Telstra user? Chances are you're the most unhappy with your ISP, according to a survey of over 3,000 Australian Internet users.

The research by Choice magazine found satisfaction among subscribers has plummeted since the last survey, conducted two years ago.

Today, 41 percent of users claimed they were satisfied with their Internet connection, compared to 29 percent for the last survey.

Choice found that users of Telstra's BigPond service are most likely to be fairly dissatisfied with the cost of their account, whether they connect over ADSL, ADSL2+ or cable.

By contrast, users of smaller ISPs are more likely to have better satisfaction ratings, with Internode leading the pack for ADSL2+ and Westnet, Internode, Chariot Netconnect, Netspace and AAPT reporting "very satisfied" customers in the ADSL category.

The survey also found that those on "higher speed" connections afforded by ADSL2 and ADSL2+ are more likely to be satisfied with their Internet access both in terms of speed and cost.

Of all the access technologies surveyed by Choice, users on portable wireless plans are the most likely to be displeased with their service, particularly on grounds of speed.

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  • Unsatisfied

    I was a satisfied Netspace ADSL customer, but when I moved house my only choice for broadband was through Telstra cable because of their pair gain system. Telstra's cable plans are far less competitive. The prices are higher & the download limits lower than other providers. There is also a huge gap between their plans. I use VoIP so need reasonable bandwidth speeds, but I don't download a huge amount of other data. For example the $49.95 for 400 MB is no where near enough data but the next plan in the range is $69.95 for 12GB. What a rort!
  • Regional

    After returning from a long weekend at the inlaws in Batemans Bay in Southern NSW I am now completely convinced that Sol Trujilo has never left the Sydney CBD. Not only did the NextG wireless card I have get ZERO reception so did the mobile. In fact the people down there I spoke to simply laugh when you ask about mobile. Unless you are in the town center where you get a pathetic resemblance of voice calling your stuffed. And it isn't even the bush!!

    Its embarrassing. Next G is a total waste of time and CDMA must be protected until Telstra delivers on its broadband promises.
  • Stop complaining where it will do no good
  • Stop Complaining....

    Been there, done that, got the thank you email. Lodged issue on website (well the inlaws did) some 5 months ago. They are changing back to 2G at least it sort of works.
  • Why do they stay with Telstra then?

    I'm more curious as to why those people remain customers of a company that they're dissatisfied with.

    If the cost of the connection is the issue, I wonder why didn't they compare it to competitors before committing themselves?

    Is Telstra the only choice in their area? Is Telstra's advertising just too irresistible? Or are they too lazy to make the effort to switch to another provider?
  • RE: Why do they stay with Telstra then?

    There is no alternative because our house is on a RIM.
  • Same here - on a RIM

    Many new areas are on RIMs, and there is no competition, so Telstra have a captive audience. Worse still, under their policy of not offering ADSL 2+ unless a competitor offers it, we are stuck with ADSL 1+ at best.

    I laugh about broadband in the bush, we can't even get it right in major cities...
  • Nothing has changed in a decade!

    Why should anyone be surprised at this report. It is just another indication of how UN Australian this company is.

    RIM's, Pair Gain, Price rorting, devious advertising, protecting their legacy systems for the revenue and the list goes on!

    Sol & his mates are only interested in one thing.. the money they put in their bank account.

    Ever since Tel$tra first switched their miserable ADSL1 service on almost a decade ago, they set out to make sure no one else could provide a service in competiton to them. They've used every miserable tactic to block competing ISP's, including making it almost impossible to connect other ISP users in the exchange. Weeks go by before they will do the work for other ISP's. Meanwhile their sales Rep's badger users with phone calls to connect to a Tel$tra ADSL service and sign up to a 2 year contract with excessive fees to back out of the contract. The list goes on & on! Tel$tra will use every dirty trick in the book to prevent a user from accessing another ISP's service.

    Get real people..Boycott this miserable company. Hit them in the hip pocket. It's the only thing which will have any impact on the woeful performance of this rorting rip off company & their executive management.

    Don't get me started on their 3G & WAN service. Another RIPOFF price wise with lousy coverage.
    Their mobile charges are excessive, their PSTN call charges are way out of line, the rental charge for a pair of phone wires is way out of line with actual costs...

    will it ever get any better?
  • Lucky I'm not you enemy

    Another great post from a completely anti Telstra stooge who is either paid for by a Telstra competitor or earns money out of selling competing services.

    Instead of publishing rhetoric and trying to substantiate a report from a publication that is trying to revive a dwindling reader base by conducting a survey specifically designed to obtain the result they were asking for why not post comments in reply to industry experts. The same experts that are repeatedly praising Telstra's great work and world leading practices.
  • Re: Lucky I'm not you enemy

    Quite right too Carlos!!
    Smellstra is doing a fantastic job in conning & ripping off the public.
  • As I said earlier

    George, just another stooge that wants to bag Telstra with some stupid comment.
  • Just checking..

    Carlos, just to check (as you call other people stooges) you don't work for Telstra do you?
  • black spots

    Yes I've listed areas around batemans bay - ie princes Hiway from Batemans bay to Ulladulla, and Telstras reply was to ask for the GPS co-ordinates of the Princes Hiway and the nearest cross street.
  • Just responding

    I am an independent consultant with a network engineering firm. The firm does not receive any income directly from any telcos when we make a recommendation although many of my competitors receive rebates from non-Telstra telcos and as such earn income from the client and then the telco they "impartially recommend" as such my entire wellbeing depends on keeping up to date.

    I look at each client and at what they are looking at, when it is simply the cheapest to get them working in the short term Telstra is never recommended but most companies that plan well ahead tend to also be willing to pay the Telstra premium for something that will deliver long term.

    I have consulted to Telstra and several of their competitors during major network rollouts so I think I know what I am talking about.

    I know how most carrier’s networks work and what they put into them to keep them working, I have become sick and tired of the blatant, and in most cases unjustified, Telstra bashing which is why I am placing comments on here to try and balance the argument.
  • Leading what?

    What justification of did you provide? Telstra has implemented an untested, unreliable wireless network, with sub standard devices running sub standard software.

    How many versions of the Next G software has there been since it's inception?

    The situation is critical - Sol needs to go now, somebody somewhere needs to get these people out of power and get Australia moving forward, before it's much too late.

    As a former employee of Telstra, I am fully aware of the money that this company pisses away on what makes managers look good - remember they work on quartilies - Including Sol. The mentality is - in five years whos gonna care.

    I agree with Keith Styles- Boycott this company!
  • Optus 3G Wireless - great!

    Ok so on a different topic. I recently hooked up with Optus's 3G wireless internet and must say, other than an initial technical difficulty with the supplied Inzone router, the service has been great. I live in the newcastle NSW area and rarely get less than 1300Kbs connection speed. In fact the best I get at home is a regular 1700-2500Kbs. I checked the competition at the time and for the price that optus can do this (check out the strangling prices of certain other major companies) wireless internet is excellent. It's a far cry from my old 512 landline connection and best of all we can use it wherever, whenever. Forget pair gain or no coverage on the landline!

    I'm excited to see Optus making deals that mean we will have 3G coverage over 96% by the end of the year and that this is actually happening. Looking forward to 14.4Mbs down the track on HSDPA!
  • Optus 3G Wireless - Just so you know

    I should add, given the nature of the previous comments listed, that no, I am most certainly not a paid promoter for Optus. Just a satisfied customer.
  • Optus Wireless

    In the south coast I use Optus Wireless because I do not yet have a land-line. When I connect Optus comes up and tells me that I am connected at a speed of 7.2 kb/s. Please don't tell me that this is economical.