Black Hat USA 2013: Day One, In Pictures

Black Hat USA 2013: Day One, In Pictures

Summary: Leading security conference Black Hat 2013 boasts over 100 talks that include hacking nuclear facilities, rooting SIM cards, OPSEC failures of spies, a keynote from the NSA and more.


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Topics: Security, Apple, Government US

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  • Slide Shows = gross

    What's even grosser is that you know better and you continue to do it. Are you also a 'Weiner"?
    Leo Regulus
    • you know what?

      It is a crappy format to show a gallery. I agree wholeheartedly. But as I've stated before this format is most likely used as a way to get more page loads and thus more revenue from all the adds that have to load every time you click to the next image. This article alone theoretically should garner 18 times the ad profits then if it would if they had built it the way a sane person would.

      That being said.... the best way to get them to stop doing it is to immediately hit the back button the moment you realize its a Slide Show (you might even stop a few ads from loading before you escape!). Eventually, if lots of people (or maybe all) ZDNet readers refuse to go past page one, then maybe ZDNet will get it threw their heads that we really don't care for these types of articles.