Blackberry BBM now fully available on Windows Phone

Blackberry BBM now fully available on Windows Phone

Summary: BlackBerry said BBM for Windows retains the native user experience and modern design of the Windows UI.


BlackBerry is rounding out its multiplatform mission for BBM, announcing Thursday that the messaging service – a longstanding keystone of its operating system – is fully available on Windows Phone 8 and higher. 

A primative beta launch of BBM for Windows Phone began just a few weeks ago. The app was already available on iOS and Android, so landing permanent placement on the Windows Phone was the next logical fete for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry said BBM for Windows is tailored specifically for the Windows Phone UI, with a familiar, native user experience and a clean, modern design. Windows Phone users will find traditional BBM features such as Chats, Groups and Feeds within the app, but BlackBerry said it plans to add additional features in future releases.

With the metered release of the Windows version of BBM, it's likely that BlackBerry was trying to avoid any launch-day hiccups, similar to what it experienced during the iOS and Andriod launch last September. At the time, a leaked version of BBM forced BlackBerry to suspend the initial launch of the app until glitches were resolved. 

BlackBerry global enterprise services chief John Sims said in a prepared statement:

"The BBM app for Windows Phone shows our commitment to supporting cross-platform capabilities, and we are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform."


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  • On Android

    On Android it's not perfect but I must say that while my wife is vacationing with her family in a horrible data area, BBM is getting our messages through better than Viber, Yahoo & Hangouts. I put several clients on our phones to test them while she is in the bad signal area & we can send pics back & forth when Yahoo won't even let her sign in, Viber comes in a fairly close 2nd
  • Better

    ... than other implementations on WP. This BBM version uses native tiles. Though light in features it is nice and fast. Guess they'll add the good stuff after they've worked out the kinks on this beta.