1Password is must-have eshopping nirvana

1Password is must-have eshopping nirvana

Summary: 1Password just got revved to version 3 and it's one my few must-have Mac OS X apps. It stores all of your online logins, registration information and credit card information for easy access with a click in your browser's menu bar.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

There's a big holiday this weekend in the U.S. called Thanksgiving which precedes the even larger Christian holiday of Christmas. Curiously, the time in between is known for the massive uptick in retail purchases. Many retailers rely on heavy sales during the crucial fourth quarter to push them into profitability for year – hence the name Black Friday.

I'm not one for bricks and mortar shopping if I can avoid it, and I especially eschew in-store shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to the suffocating crowds and snarled parking lots. I'm mostly an online shopper theses days and if you are too I've got a Mac software tip that will definitely help come Cyber Monday.

Agile Web Solutions has released version 3.0 ($40, upgrades $20) of its excellent password and identity manager 1Password. I've been using 1Password for a long time and it's one of the few pieces of code that I consider to be a "must-have" application. You know, the kind of app that annoys you when it's not on a Mac that you're using? For me it's right up there with Quicksilver.

For those that haven't tried it, 1Password stores all of your passwords, logins and credit card information and enters them into Web forms with a click in your browser's menu bar. It's convenient when filling in registration forms and even better for entering credit card information when shopping online. In fact, shopoholics and other restraint-challendged Mac users may want to stay away from this app – it makes shopping almost too easy.

1Password desktop is particularly useful when combined with its corresponding iPhone app (iPassword Pro, free through 12/1) which I reviewed in July 2008. The iPhone app syncs to the desktop version over WiFi so that you access your saved logins, passwords and account numbers from just about anywhere.

1Password 3 includes a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) compatibility
  • Access your data everywhere with 1PasswordAnywhere; even Windows and Linux
  • Easily track your licenses with the new Software section
  • Encrypt files and emails with Attachments
  • A new Smart Search feature

The full list of new features, screenshots, and videos is available on the Agile Web site.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Oh Goody ! Mac Users Are Easily Pleased :(

    Except for the credit card info, which I wouldn't want stored anywhere on my machine, Microsoft made popular, something so superior to your 1Password software,that it's almost petty to mention it.
    The fingerprint reader, and it's associated software, which is now marketed by Digital Persona, has been installed on my Windows machines for 2-3 years, and it's as simple as laying a finger on the reader, for any web page or other software that requires a login, including the Windows login. And for all of you FanBoys who want to scream that fingerprint readers aren't secure, IT'S IN MY HOUSE, AND THE DOOR IS LOCKED...
    I guess the only down side to the reader is that it probably doesn't support MAC products... But wait, NEITHER DO I.
    But, it's amazing what Mac people will put out there to make people (un-aware people) Ooh and Ahh over Apple products.
    For those of you who haven't tried one yet, you really should. But I'm guessing that a lot of PC users may have tried it, since it's standard equip on a lot of laptops. Maybe not such a good idea, because of the lack of security with a lost laptop.
    • tisk tisk tisk

      You think your 'Wind-oops' machine is secure because your door is locked?

      That really stops all of the viruses/worms/malware/spyware/trojans from infiltrating your dribble machine and being exploited.

      I can guarantee you once Chrome OS from Google hits the mainstream with instant boot & instant on built on Open_Source and the fact everything is Web-Centric not PC-centric anymore Windows will be like Windows Mobile an ancient relic like OS/2...

      Open_Source is the future, this dribble about trashing Mac's is futile, and it shows how insecure the MS 'point & clickers' have become.

      • Ooops, Your Talking To The Wrong Person...

        Not sure who you think your talking to, but you obviously haven't a clue.
        I've built (and supported) all of my own machines for the last 18 years, and I've never had a virus, malware, worm, spyware or any of the other crap that you appear to have experienced.
        And, I can guarantee that my machine is secure. Even if my door were unlocked.
        And as far as insulting my "dribble machine", you have proven yourself more ignorant and arrogant than you can imagine. And I could never be more secure, that's why I know Macs, and their users, are nothing but empty, trend junkies, who really belive they know more than they do.
        While this may not be you, it doesn't make any difference, you've already exposed yourself as a moron.
    • How do I attach one of these...

      to my phone? How much will it cost me to put one on the two laptops
      and two desktops in my household? I don't doubt that fingerprint
      readers are great for security; I recently looked at an exterior door for
      the home that has one (the door cost $10,000 with a $1,500 installation
      fee), and thought it was kind of cool.

      Of course, part of the point of this software is credit card info, which
      the device you're touting can't handle. So, tell me again, why do I need
  • RE: 1Password is must-have eshopping nirvana

    I'm happy with one password, and if I lost my laptop, good luck breaking the password on the 1Password encryption without a few thousand networked PS/2s running for a few years.
    However, with the standard browser password holders one can find the passwords.
    Yes, fingerprint readers are cool. Until they break, and you can't get into your machine. Or you lose a finger. Ever seen a James Bond movie?
  • RE: 1Password is must-have eshopping nirvana

    The concept isn't new, i.e., look at robocop, et al, but the
    execution could be better...that is, more intuitive and easier
    to use. If the makers of "Roboxxx" clean up their act, I'll be
    renewing with them. They shouldn't be automatically
    penalized because they were first in the genre; it should
    happen that way only if they are fat & lazy and don't truly
    improve on the usability of their product.