7- and 10-inch iSlates to debut January 26? Wait, what?

7- and 10-inch iSlates to debut January 26? Wait, what?

Summary: The latest rumors making the rounds say that Apple is putting the finishing touches on a 7- (and possibly a 10-inch) tablet called "iSlate" that will be announced on January 26.


What happens when I take a little time off to break bread with family and shovel out from under a blizzard? A flurry of Apple-related tablet rumors surfaced over the weekend, that's what! According to the latest rumors making the rounds Apple is prepping a 7- (and possibly a 10-inch) tablet called the iSlate for its public debut on January 26.

The Financial Times reports that Apple has scheduled a media event in San Francisco on Tuesday January 26, 2010, for what it calls a "major product announcement." Meanwhile BGR says that "there is 100%" chance of a 7-inch tablet (in addition to 10-inch?). To top it all off, Apple registered iSlate.com under an anonymous Delaware corporation in 2007.

All this should be taken with more salt than the plate of Christmas dinner that I fixed myself Friday night. As Gruber deftly notes, just because Apple trademarks or patents iThis or iThat doesn't mean that it's actually going to make it.

As for me, I'm an optimist and fully believe that where there's smoke there's fire.

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  • Let It Get Here...

    To be honest, I'm sick of hearing about this and will just be happy when we see the product. At least it should take a little bit of the hot air out of the balloons once reality hits and they see the real product, with both it's perks and failures.
    • The $999 rumored Tag makes a lot of sense now

      7" for $1000. Yea, that sounds a lot more like the Apple we know and love.

      "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
      • Not sure you love Apple....

        You assume that a 7" screen is a determinate of value? I would not tend
        to agree... or I would say that the screen size is a factor but only one of
        many and those other features and factors will determine the products
        value to it's customers.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • $600 for a stupid iPhone?

        Yup that stupid iPhone never sold at that ridiculous price. There were no long lines, and worst the iPhone turned out to be a failure. ;-)

        How about let them announce the thing first and then ridicule its price if too high. It's all rumor, nothings factual here yet.
        • Heck of a failure

          the iPhone...
          • Was being facetious (nt)

        • It didn't...

          ...which is why they dropped the price a couple of months in.

          Selective memeory, it's great.
          Sleeper Service
          • that's not what I recall hearing.

            I recall that the story was that it was so
            successful that the price could be dropped.
            Probably the truth is somewhere in between.
          • It didn't sell?

            My memory serves me well thx. They had a great opening weekend with long lines and stores running out of iPhones. They went on to sell one million in two months before dropping the price. Unless that million was monopoly money, I would say it sold well. It took them two years to sell one million iPods for comparison.
          • I think he's got you there....

            in the first few months it sold quite well as I remember. The price
            reduction was brought about by improved manufacturing.. working out
            the kinks in production and increased sales volume from well massive
            orders so the component prices dropped. I believe one of the more
            expensive components the memory was also an initial issue and Apple
            has worked that out as well.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
  • Connectivity

    What will make or break the "iSlate" will be its connectivity... If it comes with a built in access to AT&T service (strictly for Internet) or strictly WiFi access only will determine if this will succeed.

    Will AT&T allow such access for a one time (hefty??)price like Amazon's Kindle (through Sprint) or will they make you pay a monthly price .. doubtful on both ideas
    • AT&T can't even handle the traffic they have now.

      If this device is tied to AT&T it will be a
    • Why not both?

      But I have a feeling it will be like the other e-readers and have wifi... Even if it can/ does access the AT&T 3G network the ebook files are fairly small so downloading a book or two using 3G would not be too bad.
      • Considering that the nook . . .

        is tied to AT&T for 3G service (for which B&N pays, much like the kindle), Why couldn't this one? Or better, have both?
  • Oh no, the iSlate?

    It sounds like it's straight from the town of Bedrock.
    Mac Hosehead
    • ... Apple tablet slated for Jan2010 release?

  • RE: 7- and 10-inch iSlates to debut January 26? Wait, what?

    They have to get it out there because if they don't they will be playing catch-up! The SI Tablet developed by Time Inc and Wonderfactory is about to be release and I've used it and it is EXTREMLY SLICK. Failure to launch any later would be a major problem! They allready way behind the Kindle and Time.
    • Being behind is not always a bad thing...

      look @ the iPod and iPhone, those are highly successful. If Apple continues planning their products the same as the iPod/iPhone then it iSlate(if true) could catch up and pass the competition quickly.
    • Playing catch-up?

      The iPhone was said to be in development for two years before release, and look how many are trying to catch-up with it now. What make you think it won't be the same with the Tablet? This Apple tablet have been talked about for decades.
    • Are you talking AOL's Time?

      They have some great ideas, but I really don't see much going on in the
      market with Timer-Warner moving hardware. Look at how well the
      news business is doing these days.

      What they can do profitably is improve their media products (like the
      demo) and have it available for mobile devices (especially Apple's) and

      Remember, SLICK alone doesn't count. You have to be able to reach a
      large market and Apple is a bit ahead of Time-Warner in that area.