Advantages of the Storm over the iPhone (updated)

Advantages of the Storm over the iPhone (updated)

Summary: (Update: I took the number out of the headline, because it keeps changing.) I got to play with a Blackberry Storm earlier this week and a couple of features immediately jumped out at me that beat the iPhone hands down:Copy and Paste – it works by selecting a range of text with two fingers, then pressing the contextual menu/Blackberry key, then clicking on cut or copy from the pop-up menu.


(Update: I took the number out of the headline, because it keeps changing.)

I got to play with a Blackberry Storm earlier this week and a couple of features immediately jumped out at me that beat the iPhone hands down:

  1. Copy and Paste – it works by selecting a range of text with two fingers, then pressing the contextual menu/Blackberry key, then clicking on cut or copy from the pop-up menu. Apple is having a hard time implementing this important feature because iPhone lacks a dedicated button.
  2. Camera – Storm includes a 3.2MP camera with flash, auto-focus and video recording. It also has a well-placed, two stage button that acts as an autofocus and a shutter release. Everything about the Storm camera buries the iPhone's wimpy 2PM shooter.

    Nine ways that the Storm beats the iPhone (updated)

  3. Keyboard – In addition to capacitive technology (like the iPhone has) the Storm allows a physical click/press of the touchscreen. The feature is similar to the trackpad in the new MacBook which is one large button. This unique hybrid technology is completely unique and not available on any other phone. (Update: it's not resistive according to VZW, but rather a "mechanical component that allows the screen to depress").
  4. Landscape keyboard– The Storm allows you to enter text in email and their Web browser with a keyboard in landscape/horizontal mode. This is a small advantage that Apple should be able to address (?) in a firmware update but it's an advantage nonetheless.
  5. MMS – Ever get a text message on your iPhone from someone trying to send you an MMS? They're the ones that require you to go to a URL and enter a long, mixed case username and password. Since the iPhone lacks copy and paste (see #1 above) I never go through the effort of trying to read these messages.
  6. Turn-by-turn GPS – While the iPhone includes a GPS radio and antenna the software is sub-par. Storm includes a free Blackberry Maps application and for an additional $10 per month (or $3 daily) you can subscribe to the VZ Navigator service that provides turn-by-turn directions in the U.S.
  7. Removable battery – Apple missed the boat on this and created a cottage industry in external batteries.
  8. Expansion slot – Don't worry about the Storms puny 1GB internal memory because it has a MicroSD slot under the battery door that supports up to 16GB cards.
  9. RIM email and messaging services – While this one is debatable for Mac users that subscribe to MobileMe, Enterprise Blackberry users will tell you that this is an important advantage for the Storm.
  10. (NEW) Voice dialing – Safety first. At minimum Apple needs to add this to the iPhone for safety reasons, then they can make a commercial about how convenient it is. I mean, come on, is Apple really going to let Google beat them to speech recognition?
  11. (NEW) Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) – Handy for listening to music and movies without the cord. I've been critical about Bluetooth for music in the past because of poor sound quality, but I hear that it's getting better.

Several of the above features are software based and could easily be implemented by Apple, but they haven't as of Firmware 2.2 which was released on 21 November.

Is Apple giving a giant gift to RIM/VZW on a silver platter? What are your thoughts on the Storm? Does it beat the iPhone?

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  • 4 out of 5

    I agree with you on every point except the click screen. I
    would think that this would actually slow your typing.

    When I type on a Blackberry or iPhone, I can begin to type
    the next letter before I've completely taken my finger off
    the previous one. That's kind of necessary for fast typing.
    It seems like clicking the whole screen would require you
    to unclick the whole screen before moving on to the next
    key press.

    If it allowed a multi-touch click, as in a localized pressure
    based click, with many supported at one time, then I think
    this would be useful and a good idea. However, other
    reviews have lead me to believe that you push the entire
    screen down to click. Now, I've never used a Storm
    personally, so I could be wrong about this.

    I do however, see the advantages of this for non-typing
  • RE: Five ways that the Storm beats the iPhone

    The iPhone 3G: "NEXT...!"
    Tech Guy 2008
    • Are u kidding???

      The ?G still doesn't come close.
  • RE: Five ways that the Storm beats the iPhone

    Great! Now I have to choose from three phones that have caught my attention: iPhone, G1, and Storm... I hate having to make these types of decisions.
    The Donfather
    • HTC Touch Pros not bad either

  • I never will understand

    this love affair with SD cards in phones. Let me tell you what most people will do. Fork out for the 16 GB card and just leave it in the phone because it is a major pain to spread your data out over multiple cards and hope you have the right one in your wallet and have to deal with the hassle of swapping out the cards.

    You pundits spin this like its a good thing when the reality is, it's just a way to cut costs and make the buyer pick up the cost of getting decent memory for the device.

    And yet you are all over the battery issue. Go figure.
    • It's called choice... a lot of the modern phones give you heavy flash memory and an SD slot.

      Oh and there's the small matter of being able to remove all your files from the phone before you format it if that need arises.

      Just a thought.
      Sleeper Service
      • Yep

        That's why everyone is rushing to get giant flash drives to store all their data on for their desktop and laptop computers.

        Oh, wait. They aren't. Because "choice" is not inherently positive. Meaningful choice is the goal.
        • "Because "choice" is not inherently positive"

          Does this make sense to anyone out there? I don't understand why choice is a bad thing. Oh wait you are an iphone apologist that wants Stevie Jobs to tell you that you need this and you don't need this. Its the American way to let someone else make the decision because we are too fragile to make it ourselves. I don't care what the choice is as long as I have them. You are just a "cool" sheep with no ability to think for yourself.
          • frgough makes no sense to anyone...

            ...least of all himself.
            Sleeper Service
          • Oh my

            You dared call the Creator of The JesusPhone "Stevie??"

            It's The Jobs, or Mr Jobs to you, sir!

            I really hope lightning hasn't come down from heaven to smite you.
        • Really?

          Why then have Apple advertised removable drive bays as a feature of the new Macs then? Oh and SSD's as options?

          Come back when you actually have a clue what you're talking about.
          Sleeper Service
        • But it IS about choice...

          Just this past week, I bought myself a pair of 4 GB SDHC chips and a card reader that can handle them. I got them as storage for my new Nikon camera. The nice thing about this is I can remove the card from the camera, pop it into the reader and slide the whole thing into a USB port. I can then copy the files to my hard drive anywhere *I* choose.

          Yes, yes, I know... I can connect the thing via USB and I can use the software that came with the camera to sync the pictures - but it's NOT the way I want to do things.

          The same goes for my phone. I have a 2 GB MicroSD chip in there. I can copy stuff - like pictures and music files - off and on without having to use any additional software.

          So... You see, it IS about choice. I'm not hamstrung by being forced to sync my phone with iTunes or some other software package I may or may not have installed conveniently on whatever computer I'm close to.

          It's called FREEDOM and it feels NICE!
          • I download my pictures every day..

            to my computer. That's [b]my[/b] choice. I use
            iTunes for my music. That's [b]my[/b] choice. I
            don't feel hamstrung; I'm happy that these things
            work together so easily.

            Now, why do you insist that my choices are wrong?
          • You see...

            He can do everything you can PLUS he can change the memory on the fly if he has a need to.

            You don't have that choice. It might be irrelevant to you if changing memory on the fly is not important to you, but you still don't have the choice.

            Oh yeah, and with another phone you would also have the choice of getting a boatload of relatively cheap memory (say, on Ebay) without having to pay a premium to get the iPhone with the largest capacity.
          • But if it's irrelevant to me..

            which it is, why should I care?

            Why do people insist that the choice I freely made, which is
            the right one for me, is the wrong choice?

            I have USB keys lying all over the place. I have no idea what's
            on them. I have CF cards, SD cards, miniSD cards.....

            Why do people insist on my doing things their way?
        • You're funny

          In a look-at-the-little-chimp-eating-his-own-excrement kind of way.
        • Just because you haven't doesn't mean everyone else isn't.

          And An SD card gives you another option. To transfer data to other devices, like your laptop, desktop, MP3 Player, etc.
    • I do not understand

      why people make excuses for Apple's lack of features that many use, as some type of benefit to the user.

      "I do not understand why Aple left the defibulator out of its iMedpack"

      "It was intentional as Apple realizes that "life" is way over rated, even if you do not"
      • Methinks the lady doth protest too much

        I never mentioned Apple. I was commenting on how pundits treat having to use SD cards to get decent ram in a phone as a feature, while in the same breath decrying lack of a removable battery.

        Apparently the point went over your head. I'll try again.

        Lack of removable battery is dissed because it is limiting and INCONVENIENT. Yet requiring people to deal with the INCONVENIENCE of SD cards located under battery doors in order to get decent storage is a BENEFIT.