Apple announces new iPods; iTunes 7; iTV

Apple announces new iPods; iTunes 7; iTV

Summary: Apple announced upgrades to all three iPod lines (iPod, nano and shuffle), iTunes 7 with movies and gave a sneak peak at an Apple set-top box slated to ship in January 2007 at a media event at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.



Today was all about the iPod, baby.
Apple announced upgrades to all three iPod lines (iPod, nano and shuffle), iTunes 7 with movies and gave a sneak peak at an Apple set-top box slated to ship in January 2007 at a media event at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.

iPod 6g
Same screen size and form factor as the previous iPod 5g.
60% brighter with brightness control.
New re-designed headphones.
Music is now searchable via a virtual keyboard.
Gapless playback.
Games - Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini golf, pac man, tetris, texas holdem, vortex, and zuma available from iTunes store for US$4.99 each.
Games also work on 5g iPods.
75% better battery life (6.5 hours of video).
Lower prices -  60GB (US$249) and 80GB (US$349).

iPod nano 2g
New software just like standard iPod.
40 percent brighter screen.
Aluminum case comes in colors: green, silver, black, blue, pink.
2GB is $149 in aluminum only.
4GB is $199 in all colors.
8GB is $249 in black only.
New charger, armband and lanyard.

iPod shuffle 2g
Now the size of iPod FM radio accessory.
Metal body.
12 hour battery.
1 configuration (1GB).
Ships in October for US$79.
World's smallest MP3 player.

iTunes 7
88% market share of legal downloads.
Source list now includes separate libraries for all forms of media.
Store has its own section, devices have their own sections, playlists too.
Cover art now free for your whole library (with an iTunes account).
Three new views of iTunes, list view, album view and cover flow view.
(Did Apple acquire Steel Skies?)
Gapless Playback.
Available now from Apple's iTunes page.

Near DVD image quality.
Dolby Surround audio.
Same day as DVD release.
Pre-order with one click.
DRM is the same as TV shows.
Parental Controls - MPAA.
International in 2007.

New Apple set-top box announced, due for release in January 2007.

  • 802.11
  • USB2
  • Ehternet
  • HDMI connector for all new big-screen flat panel TVs
  • Component video (RGB)
  • analog audio RCA jacks
  • Optical audio
  • Controled with the familiar white remote
  • US$299

Hooks directly to your television or to your set-top box as another input, or to your receiver. "it's called iTV. That's a codeword. we need to come up with a better name." - Jobs

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 (Thanks to iLounge, Engadget and MacRumors for providing live coverage.)

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  • Finally!

    A truly affordable MP3 player !

    "US$4.99 each."

    I'm sure it will be fixed soon...
    Real World
    • err, nevermind

      just read it again. My bad.
      Real World
  • Yup, they did!

    "(Did Apple acquire Steel Skies?)"

    Check out your link again - yup, they did indeed!
  • YAWN....

    ZZZZZZZZ....snort, snort.....zzzzzzzz

    Wake me up when they're done retreading.
  • iTV - mmm - that might go down well in the UK courts

    The Independent Television Network has been alive in the country for a lot of years.

    Could they be spending more time in court here?
    • Or if you'd read the article

      You'd see that it said:

      "it's called iTV. That's a codeword. we need to come up with a better name." - Jobs
    • Code Name for now, will change close to release (nt)

  • Go Zune!

    I hope you teach those Apple fanboys a lesson.
    • You are kidding, right?

    • OK now put down the crack pipe will you .

      I'm Ye, the MS SHILL .
  • The best announcement was...

    Price drop to $249 for the 60GB 6G.

    Frankly, the rest underwhelms me.

    Where's the bigger screen (widescreen) ?

    Where's the Wireless ?

    Where's the FM Radio (for heavens sake, just do it already!).

    Where's the Subscription iTunes? I will subscribe, but I will not pay for DRM music.

    I have two iPods (4GB Nano, and 2nd Gen 10GB) and both still work perfectly. There is nothing here to make me want to upgrade.
  • The innovation!!!

    It just blows me away!!! Only Apple could come up with something as mind blowing as a unit that is both a TV... AND a computer!!! How long until Microsoft blatantly copies this and comes out with its own copy of Apple's iTV? It probably won't have as cool a name as iTV though. It will probably be called something as boring as Windows Media Center. And it probably won't be available until 5 years after iTV comes out. Typical m1cR0$$$uX.
    • :)

      Be prepared for a grilling by the cult :)
    • Some times it's not the intitial idea that matters

      Take the iPod for example. There were plenty of mp3 players available on the market when the iPod debuted. Yet, the iPod's success is not due to Apple inventing the product, but is based on doing it right, and doing it better than anyone previously. I personally don't care about "bragging rights" for who thought of what first, all I care about is getting a high quality product that is a pleasure to use. We'll see if this one fits the bill.

      Oh, and a question on those bragging rights--are you claiming MS invented the concept of the "media center" of having a computer that can receive and record television programs? I seem to remember quite a few roll your own products that existed long before MS slapped their name on it.
      tic swayback
  • iTV at $299 sounds like a winner

    This sounds like a Mac mini with some extras thrown in. Digital TV, TV recorder, Internet TV, (plus other Mac OSX stuff).

    This is a massive development in the home media centre wars. The XBox 360 could have these facilities also. (as could other consoles)

    Certainly a space to watch.
  • My reaction to Sept 12 Apple unveiling

    iPods: nice improvements to the entire line. Look at that shuffle!
    What next, an iPod that looks like a wristwatch? I only wish these
    little music boxes were either "Made in USA" or they would keep
    coming down in price. I love the new Nanos.

    iTunes: I'll have to download the new version to see what it's

    iTV: I don't get it. What is this thing? Looks like another way for
    Apple to shake our pockets.

    iTunes movies: not impressed with the notion of downloadable
    movies. Another way to spend money. So what! This means that
    you can own a movie in more than one format (iTunes, VHS,
    DVD) and they won't be interchangable. As the old saying goes
    "a fool and his money are soon parted."

    If Apple really wants to impress, they should cut the price on the
    base Mac Mini and offer a higher-end model with built-in iTV,
    Merom processor, a real graphics card for gaming and superior
    hard disk capacities.
  • Looks good!

    Apple lowers the price of the iPod and increases its capacity... it's a win-win.
  • How do i record TV?

    The new iPods are a welcome addition and iTunes 7 is rather
    nice but I question whether iTV is going to shake the
    foundations of my living room. I only have one Windows PC
    nowadays (switched to Macs about a year ago) but that one
    Windows PC I have left is my Media Center. I would switch to iTV
    but I have some reservations:

    1) Can I use it to record TV? (I doubt it - it looks like it is just a
    2) Can I browse the web with it?
    3) Can I use Messenger with it?
    4) Can I check my emails using it?

    I appreciate that this is a router and not a computer but that is
    by-the-by. Until Apple can give me a solution that allows me to
    do all the things above (especially record TV), I won't switch to
    an Apple Media Center solution - and I love Apple tech.
    • Agreed, that's the one thing that's holding me back too

      Well, that and a lack of funds.
    • Wait till launch

      Unsure if Apple has anything planned in the dvb-s/c/t market but I
      hope at least the provide an API for companies like

      For now its appears stick with WMC or splash out on what could be
      redundant elgato equipment.
      Richard Flude