Apple comes 'clean' on MacBooks

Apple comes 'clean' on MacBooks

Summary: Apple has apparently had admitted that the discoloration on the wrist rests of some MacBooks (mostly white ones) is actually a manufacturing defect as opposed to a "cosmetic" problem...


macbook-stains.jpgApple has apparently admitted that the discoloration on the wrist rests of some MacBooks (mostly white ones) is actually a manufacturing defect as opposed to a "cosmetic" problem caused by improper handling by the owner (whatever that means).

Cosmetic problems that don't affect the functionality of the device aren't covered by AppleCare. Softpedia has the details:

A small, but still significant number of people have been reporting an unnaturally fast discoloration of their new Apple portables, especially in the areas where the hands come into contact with the device. While initially passed off as improper handling by their owners, it turns out that there is indeed something strange about the plastics used in some models of the white MacBooks, that causes the discoloration, sometimes after not even two weeks of use.
If you have the problem you should contact AppleCare and let them know and they will arrange to replace the top case with a new one that uses a different plastic formulation. It appears that the original MacBook plastics were too porous which led to staining after oils become embedded in it from prolonged use.

Apple changed the formulation of plastics in the production line already, so the newest models arriving in retail stores shouldn't have the same problem. The newer top case is reportedly much smoother to the touch than the previous MacBooks which feel slightly rougher.

Did your MacBook stain?

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  • Well that is GOOD news.

    I was very disappointed to hear of this intially,and naturally figured
    Apple would do their usual 'stone walling' of the public again. Nice
    to see them being big enough to admit an error and fix those
    affected, no-charge. I had a chance the other day to play around on
    one of the back MacBooks and was VERY impressed. (Not
    impressed enough to replace my current G4 PowerBook and iBook
    though -- kill that glossy screen!)
  • This cannot be true!

    I thought Macs were of top quality . Never ever any issues. We see that isn't true at all. They have there issue just like any other electronics maker.
    • And unlike many others they actually FIX the problem for it's users...

      • I agree completely!

        And if one doesn't rant to them on the phone like an illinformed
        newbie, they can be very co-operative and civilized. I speak from
        previous experience -- Apple Canada, anyhow.
    • Come on . . .

      Anyone who actually buys into Apple's "never any issues" hype really needs to examine himself and how advertising affects him.

      That said, I'm hopeful, but waiting to see official word from Apple.
      • I agree

        I agree, whole heartedly with this statement. I switched to Mac hoping to get away from some, not necessarily all, of the issues which plague computers in general only to face an entirely new set. I bought a mini and it fried 4 days later. Apple clearly has quality control issues.
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge

    My wife's iBook (white, G4) has suffered from similar problems for years. On the suggestion of a Mac site, she used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge (available in the cleaning aisle of most stores). It worked like a charm, the grubby iBook handrests look as clean as new.

    Not sure if it's the same plastic as the MacBooks, but it's probably worth a try.
    tic swayback