Apple emails "paintball" invites to Jan 27 event

Apple emails "paintball" invites to Jan 27 event

Summary: Apple sent an email blast to the media announcing an event on January 27. Gee, I wonder what that could be?

TOPICS: Collaboration, Apple

Apple just sent an email blast to the media confirming its rumored event on January 27th. The invitation is covered with paint spatter and copy that reads "Come see our latest creation." Gee, I wonder what that could be?

Some are already reading into the paint spatter design and the use of the word "creation" and theorizing that it could be slanted towards art, music, and movie-making. Let the wild speculation begin!

Personally, I think that it's going to be an iPaintball gun.

What about you?

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Topics: Collaboration, Apple

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  • Or maybe it's a shot @ all the other tablets...

    missing the mark.
    • Missing the mark?

      Guess that means it will be a success. :)
  • I'm sure the paintballs have some meaning....

    What? I can't imagine nor am I going to try. I'm a wait and
    see type guy. To be honest I'm not all that excited about a
    tablet or slate at least yet. Still I will admit the iPod did not
    do it for me for years after it's initial introduction. It took
    me quite a while to warm up to it. So like I said I'll
    wait and see what it actually is and what it actually does
    before I voice an opinion about the as of yet not
    announced thing.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • But that's the fun part, guessing....

      And then seeing how wrong you were and then feeling really really inferior after they announce it :-)
  • RE: Apple emails

    Its new multicolored (camouflage) ipods!
    Loverock Davidson
    • Or iPhones

      Which Lovecrock predicted nobody wanted anymore!
      • and its still true!

        Thanks for telling the world :)
        Loverock Davidson
  • Breakthrough in color e-ink?

    Or just taking paintball shots at the whole uninspiring Tablet/eBook industry.
    • Colour e-ink would be nice...

      ...but tablets are just so... pointless.

      After the disappointment of the last two events I hope this one delivers.
      Sleeper Service
  • It's going to be free advertising

    that mindless sheep will proliferate completely unaware as to how they are being used by Apple :\
    • It's GOING to be? It already is.

      Apple Marketing Dept has already tapped into its
      ZDNet Advertising arm. How else can you explain 2
      stories on the front page describing how Apple has
      sent out email invites to an event we have been
      repeatedly told about for the last 3 months?
      • I have to agree with you

        Darn it! But yes, two articles that tell us nothing new. And we all clicked on both didn't we? Even the second one, when we knew it would say nothing. And some of us will be coming back for additional helpings because, well, the comments have some slight entertainment value.

        I wonder how many articles we will have now revisiting the already "beaten to a dead and bloody pulp" subject of the merits of whatever thingy Apple will announce?
        • Funny thing is...

          the buzz is never actually created by Apple, but by it's fans and
          detractors alike. Love em of hate em you have to admit they create
  • RE: Apple emails

    Maybe APPLE's new tablet will be called the "iCreation."

  • Brush stylus?

    Could be a slate with a brush-like stylus, allowing finger presses, stylus handwriting and brush painting capabilities.

    A resistive touchscreen was shown off a year or two ago that was sensitive enough both for multitouches and to "see" almost every bristle of a brush.
  • @Cowlauncher

    Very true. Speaking of which AKH gets the booby prize for 3rd ZDNET post regarding this "announcement". Maybe we should run a pool to see exactly how many times we will read the same announcement ;)
  • It could be iPhone OS 4.0

    In which case all the noise about the tablet would be lots of hot air... and pretty funny (for me).

    Then again, I wouldn't mind a top notch tablet product from Apple. I like Windows 7 on my desktop and my iPhone but I do not like Netbooks. They're lame (to me). I'm also not going to buy any Macintosh computers. No need, Valve's Steam and games are a prime use case for the use of Windows for me.

    But I wouldn't mind something compelling (in the truest sense, e.g., iPhone shaking up the mobile industry) when I'm sitting on the sofa. "Neat" won't cut it.

    If we're going to rely on various OEMs tweaking Windows 7 for commodity tablets, nothing interesting will come of it. Not with chrome dome Baldmer leading Microsoft anyway.

  • They're going to announce they've "invented" the tablet computer. (NT)

    Hallowed are the Ori
  • Only marginally better than spin-art.

    See you in SF!
    Mac Hosehead
  • Splat

    It could be anything. From art to zap, any word could describe that invitation. Maybe that the new tablet could be in multiple colors like the iPod Nano. Just a wild guess.