Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

Summary: A rumor is circulating that the Apple TV will get re-incarnated at WWDC 2010 with iPhone OS and full 1080 HD output. The kicker? Its $99 price tag. I'm in.

TOPICS: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

Ahh, you readers. Prescient, you are.

It wasn't an hour after a pressed "publish" on my story about a reader's speculation that the Apple TV would get a refresh at Apple's WWDC on June 7 that I saw this post on Engadget about just that.

According to its sources, Apple TV will indeed get a major refresh at WWDC, actually it's more like a completely new product. The story goes like this: the new Apple TV will be based on iPhone OS and will include an A4 chip, 16GB of flash memory, cloud storage and 1080p high-definition output. Word is that the new device will only have two ports, power and video out.

Storage will be on the cloud, but it remains to see how Apple will charge for it. I sincerely hope that Apple doesn't plan on charging $100 per year for storage (like it does with MobileMe) or it's simply taunting the jailbreak community to build a better mousetrap -- and they will.

Sources describe the ATV sequel as "an iPhone without a screen," but the real kicker is the price - rumored to be $99. I'm calling it the "Apple HDTV," but feel free to chime in in the TalkBack with your prediction. For $99, I'd buy one.

I don't know about you but my current Apple TV almost never gets turned on, except for when there's a software update to write about. The damned thing runs so hot that it will literally singe your fingertips and there's no power switch or sleep mode (that I'm aware of) so it's an electricity vampire. Apple TV meet Craigslist.

So riff away fair readers... would you buy the new and improved Apple HDTV for $99?

Topics: Hardware, Apple, Mobility

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  • Only the uninformed would answer your question

    [i]would you buy the new and improved Apple HDTV for $99?[/i]

    You talk about how this is a brand new, never before seen product, we don't know what the features are, we don't know what you get for $99, yet you've already decided to buy one? And you wonder why we make fun of you Apple zealots?
    • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

      While I agree both these articles are very light on details, I think that you'd have to agree that talking about vaporware is not an ZDNet/Apple exclusive deal. Where's Windows Phone 7? Oh yeah - not out till year-end... (just an example)
      People like to hear rumors/hints. Take it for what it is...
      • There has been a WM7 emulator for months

        People have been playing with and developing software for emulated WM7 phones for months. People don't even know what the new AppleTV will do. Huge difference.
  • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

    • Apple's bloody mess with Foxconn will hurt Apple TV

      No matter what Apple has to offer, its relationship with Foxconn make it a bloody mess. <br><br>If hip means being part of company that for the sake of profit makes its workers kill themselves, I don't want any part of it.<br><br>For those of you who don't know. Around 10 people this year killed them selves at Foxconn, a place where Apple has its latest products made. There were other attempts and some speculate these are not suicides, regardless the fact remains they are deaths. Foxconn has installed nets to avoid these deaths. The question remains, why would 18 year olds want to kill themselves over a job? Why work them so hard? This is what Foxconn does, and Apple condones this by buying from them. Now Foxconn is offering a 20% increase in pay. Will this fix what has happened? Will this stop the deaths? We shall see. <br><br>Apple did state:<br><br>"Apple is deeply committed to ensuring that conditions throughout our supply chain are safe and workers are treated with respect and dignity" <br><br>This has been going on for over 6 months this year and who knows how many more before. Apple needs to prove with actions more so than words, what has been done in the past, what is being done in the present and what it will do in the future regarding its relationship with Foxconn. <br><br>As another site states, if Apple does not come clean on this: <br><br>"China suicides: Is Apple headed for a consumer backlash?"<br><br>May become reality.
      • There will be those that claim Apple isn't to blame for this

        They will claim that Foxconn makes products for others too and this is true. However, these suicides and beatings are only happening at the plants that are making [b]Apple's[/b] products and the reasons behind it are outrageously long work hours so that Timmy can have his iPod and the vicious beatings in order to satisfy Jobs' maniacal desire for secrecy.
        [i]The rash of recent suicides comes as employees have been being pressured to work long hours to fulfill demand for Apple's popular iPhones and iPads. Also there's the recent video and fresh reports of security staff antagonizing employees in wake of Apple's demand for unparalleled secrecy at the plant. One of the three suicides that occurred at the plant last year came after security staff beat an employee who lost a prototype of the fourth generation iPhone. Foxconn guards have also beat up reporters trying to interview workers [b]at Apple's secret plant[/b].[/i]

        Maybe if Jobs valued human life more than getting his 60 billionth dollar in the bank, those workers would be alive today. :(
      • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

        @Uralbas and @NonZealot Well then we'd better not use any Apple products. And also stop using Dell, HP, Toshiba, or any other company that utilizes Foxconn. /sarcasm<br><br>Your blatant attempt at placing the blame for those suicides at Apple's front door is sophmoric at best and clearly is nothing more that anti-apple rhetoric and FUD.
  • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

    Presuming I can stream some web stuff to my 50" Plasma, I am in for $99. Two ports. Perfect. Easy. If it does use the iPhone OS, it's easy to use, too. I'll wait to see...but if the 4g phone stays under $200 and an Apple TV machine is available for $99, I'll be spending $300 mid June...
    • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

      The iPhone OS is a touch screen OS. How would you use that on a 50" TV?

      You can stream anything (no iTunes required) with a PS3, which also comes with a Blu-ray player.

      This AppleTV is a completely pointless product.
      • I love that this isn't immediately obvious to the Apple zealots

        [i]The iPhone OS is a touch screen OS. How would you use that on a 50" TV?[/i]

        That these people are already lining up to buy this thing is hilarious to me. Hey, maybe the new AppleTV [b]will[/b] be good but anyone saying they'll buy one with the information they have now is a complete Apple zealot.
      • OMG! guys this is not rocket science.. the screen is just a input device..

        @Droid101 - you can add an interface for anything other input device on top of the OS to drive it.. is that really that hard to understand?

        you can have a simple remote up - down - left -right, iPod Touch which could wirelessly connect to it (and would allow for multi-touch gestures too)..

        think about it.. the desktop OS is meant to be driven by keyboard and mouse but i can drive it with pen and wacom tablet, track pad, cursor buttons, even run AirMouse other other program and drive the OS with and iPhone or iPod Touch.. take two seconds and think guys before you start pushing those keys.. sheesh!
      • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

        @Droid101 [b]This AppleTV is a completely pointless product. [/b]

        That was also said about a great many Apple products including the iPad and iPhone.
      • No PS3 will ever enter my house.

        @Droid101 For those of you with a PS3, based on your points, AppleTV may be a useless product. But for a house like mine, with only a Game Cube, Wii, and a couple DS Lites, an AppleTV makes sense. We've got 3 iPhones, multiple iPod touches, 4 Macs, and terabytes of music and video being streamed around the house via Home Sharing. None of us want a PS3, and we're heavily considering getting an AppleTV after the refresh. Makes sense to me.
  • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

    I'll go with Google 's device. At least we've all seen the specs and what it does. It's pretty impressive.

    Funny watching apple copying and trying to keep up with Google.
    • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p

      So u think Apple has designed this product in the two weeks since Google announced theirs?
      • Designed what product?

        There is no product. That is why we are all laughing at those who say they are going to buy it!
      • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p


        God you are the ultimate know it all.

        And you are always so sure you are right!

        You never learn to be just a little humble.

        To you your opinions are always facts.

        Your argument is that Apple has been doing nothing in regards to Apple TV sense the last release?

        Now even you must realize that is ridiculous!
    • RE: Apple HDTV: an iPhone without a screen; 1080p


      Google TV!

      Google and it's foolish gaggle of pathetic, fail prone, hangers on will rush in where, for very good reasons, even S Jobs fear to tread.

      Adding a second, serially connected, set-top box to your cable/satellite set-top box just to super-impose some web search and web base video content onto your TV screen is just a silly, stopgap, dead end. It is just unnecessary extra cost and adds too much complexity for the average TV watcher.

      The GoogleTV box has to act as a pass through for the primary Cable/Satellite box and it has to be programed to send control signals from it's search based menu back to the primary cable box so as to select the chanel to be decoded by the cable box, only then can the GoogleTV box act as a pass through for your cable based TV programming. Sure the cable guys could build the Google TV box functions into your cable box but that leaves you back under the control of the cable good old boys.

      Apple is heading to where the puck is going not to where the puck once was!

      The future, once the poor US internet bandwidth issue is resolved, is for all content producers to sell directly to content consumers, no Google set-top box/cable monopoly middlemen necessary, just a quality internet based digital delivery system like iTunes or similar service over the web along with all other web content, no complications like two serially connected set-top boxes needed. Oh, and building the second Google TV set-top box into the TV is really some kind of intelligence test for the consumer.

      Google and partners are in over their head, they are lost, they really lack integrative vision on how to deliver customer centered hardware/software solutions.

      Apple is in a holding pattern regarding Apple TV because they recognize the futility of moving forward until the content producers feel safe enough to jettison their present end user, revenue collecting straw bosses, namely, the cable/satellite good old boys. Once the web bandwidth can guaranty their safe escape from these old frenemies, simple web connected boxes like Apple TV and many other branded boxes will quickly take over.
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  • turning off your apple tv

    when you're in the main menu, hold the menu button on the remote two seconds, that will turn your apple tv off.

    i am using it all the time for watching tv shows (some bought via itunes, most of them not ;-) ) and mine isn't running very hot, and why does it matter? it doesn't sit on your lap like a notebook.
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