Apple iPad: My take

Apple iPad: My take

Summary: Apple today announced the iPad, a 10-inch tablet computer running the iPhone OS.I have to start with the name.


Apple today announced the iPad, a 10-inch tablet computer running the iPhone OS.

I have to start with the name. I really dislike it, but it was the obvious choice, changing only one letter from iPod. Don't even get me started about MadTV's iPad sketch from 2007.

It's funny how history repeats itself. At the beginning of his presentation Jobs said that the iPad would cost $999 then exploded the price on screen, replacing it with $499, the starting price. I was suspicious of the $999 price-point almost as soon as it was announced. My logic, $999 was too much for an LCD touchscreen, it's not an AMOLED for heaven's sake!

Jobs' flashy price drop at the end of his preso reminds me of the sales tactic used by the guy who sold my Mom/me the 128k Mac in 1984. I was playing around with it and my Mom immediately asked the salesman "How much?" He replied "$10,000." Then after I played with it for a while he told my Mom it was "only $4,000." What a deal!

Aside, iPad uses an In-plane switching (IPS)? display, according to Apple, which is a type of LCD. According to Wikipedia:

In-plane switching is an LCD technology which aligns the liquid crystal cells in a horizontal direction. In this method, the electrical field is applied through each end of the crystal, but this requires two transistors for each pixel instead of the single transistor needed for a standard thin-film transistor (TFT) display. This results in blocking more transmission area, thus requiring a brighter backlight, which will consume more power, making this type of display less desirable for notebook computers

I'd be lying if I said that I was happy Apple's choice of AT&T as its carrier partner for 3G data though. What, was Verizon busy? The upside is that no contract will be required. Translation, you'll be able to turn it on and off. I'm going to be at Macworld Expo next month and it would be nice to be able to call AT&T turn on the unlimited plan for the month, then turn it off at the end of the month when I'm at home (where I already pay for broadband thankyouverymuch).

The WiFi version of the iPad will be the perfect device for people that already have an iPhone data plan and don't want another monthly fee. Plus it will be available in two months (March 27) as opposed to the 3G version which will be available in three months (April 27). You'll also be able to go WiFi-only if you already have a Mi-Fi or some other 3G card/Cradlepoint type of solution and requisite data plan.

More soon...

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  • The price puts it right in the middle of the high-end

    netbook market, which is where it is designed to compete. It's a good
    price point.
    • How's it going to compete when it's crippled out the gate?

      No USB ports
      No multitasking
      No removable battery
      No removable media
      No physical keyboard
      No x86 apps
      Less than 100GB of HD space
      A glossy screen
      Low resolution (compared to a similarly priced laptop)
      • I just want to know if it can be hacked. (nt)

        Mac Hosehead
      • Easy, just look at iPhone v1

        There were hundreds of posts about how crippled the iPhone v1 was and each of those posts were 100% correct, as is yours now. The iPhone v1 sold millions in the first weekend.

        So you ask how it will compete when it's crippled out of the gate? Oh, that can be answered with 2 words: Apple Logo.

        Mark my words, the iPad will be a stunning success but it will have nothing to do with the quality of the device. Just like the iPhone, this product sucks [b]and[/b] it will wipe out the competition.
        • Actually

          The quality of the iPhone has everything to do with why it has sold so well. The people who buy it just don't necessarily equate quality with the number of features it does or doesn't have.
        • Sucks at what is the question...

          You seem angry that this isn't a super laptop - as do a lot of the
          complainers. It's not a laptop - it's an electronic pad of paper. That
          keeps your mail, your calendar, your notes, and the stuff you read on

          It's a lousy laptop, it's a very cool pad of paper.

          The question is, did Apple triangulate correctly on the market? Based
          on the success of the iPod Touch, I suspect they did.

          We shall see in 60 days.

          And yes, I'll get the wifi one right away to see if it works in my life. I
          expect it will.

          Stephen Colbert wants one - can the rest of the Colbert Nation be far
  • I'm thinking...

    It should have really had twice the storage at each price
    point (32, 64, and 128), but it's a pretty decent value for
    what it is - a giant iTouch with a better screen.

    Sure, lack of 720p wide screen output support is a little
    disappointing (either VGA or Component), but it's
    otherwise a fine device for what it is. I just don't think I
    HAVE TO HAVE IT right now, or at launch, but maybe as
    my iPod Touch hits its two year anniversary (if the battery
    doesn't take out the unit first...)
  • 1. AMOLED is bad; 2. AT&T drops calls, not data

    1. AMOLED screens are unbearable in *any* kind of conditions other than moderately illuminated rooms, because you can not see a thing outside, the more so in a sunny day. Also, AMOLED screens are still immature with having their gamma going insane only after couple of years.

    2. The subject. AT&T is quite good with *data*. Data channels are not related to voice channels, with which AT&T has problems in some major areas.
  • RE: Apple iPad: My take

    Why not Verizon 1. It uses a non universal network standard,
    which it's going to dump later this year for LTE so why spend
    the money to develop something for limited exposure just
    like the custom Chinese iPhone fiasco. 2. Verizon probably
    wanted their store and their music and picture downloads,
    can you say NOT. If Verizon wants the Apple business they
    should be willing to get with the program. Verizon, you don't
    want to make concessions you won't get the business.
  • RE: Apple iPad: My take

    it is LED though....
  • RE: Apple iPad: My take

    i think you should probably go to and view the
    video before you make a fool of yourself by writing an
    inaccurate article.
  • Learn to love the name

    Apple named it iPad as they plan to merge the iPad and iPod lines.
    You wait. The iPod Touch will become an iPad. The iPod name will be for single purpose music players.
    • I thought for sure it was going to be the cPad.

      You know, the Mac cPad. It kind of rolls off your tongue.
      Mac Hosehead
  • The iGlasses Are Better!

    Forget the new iPad! Check out these new iGlasses! They
    are hot!
  • iFad... seriously... Epic...


    Predictive WIN!
  • I like it, but it needs a few more things...

    The size and ratio is fine, the bezel size has a practical
    function despite people whinging, LCD screen is fine for
    now, other screen technologies will come later.

    However it should have:
    mini USB port for importing photos and video
    front facing camera
    in-built kickstand
  • Not for me, but mom's birthday is coming

    Getting my 65-year old tech-illiterate mom her first computer puts the fear of god into me. Mac/PC/Linux, I would instantly become a 24/7 support hotline. The whole experience would be a nightmare.

    Though she doesn't know it yet, she would love email, web, IM, and an e-reader.

    The iPad seems like just the thing, and the $14.99/month won't hurt too bad considering she'll no longer need to buy tabloids or crossword puzzles.

    It will take some arm-twisting, but I'll bribe her with the possibility of seeing the grandkids over video chat.

    I'm thinking she could unbox it and learn it herself, and I'll just sit back and take the praise.

    Disagree? Post your reply for a better alternative for my mom. I'm all ears.
  • iBling?

    Imagine it -- the case has a couple of hook holes, so you can carry it on a neck-strap... walking around with your new PDA around your neck -- iBling!