Apple iPad: official pages up

Apple iPad: official pages up

Summary: Apple has updated it's home page, store and added a product page and press release for iPad.


Apple has updated its home page and added a press release and product page for iPad. It hasn't updated the Apple Store yet though.

Topic: Apple

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  • Hardly "Magical and revolutionary"

    What can I do with this that I can't with an iPhone?
    Galactica Actual
    • You mean...

      Besides actually seeing the work you're doing?
  • iPhone OS 4.0

    For me the elephant in the room was iPhone OS 4.0 and what it may do for the device - multi-tasking, tethering to an iPhone for data, multiple profiles so that family members can share the device but not email accounts etc.
  • RE: Apple iPad: official pages up

    Just a fancy ipod. Not a full computer.
  • RE: Apple iPad: official pages up

    Just a fancy IPod. Not a full computer.
  • opinions ?

    Isn't it better to come up with opinions sort of AFTER you actually held the unit in your hands and used it for a while ?
  • RE: Apple iPad: official pages up

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