Apple iPad: specifications (updated 2x)

Apple iPad: specifications (updated 2x)

Summary: Apple's iPad is released, let's take a quick look at the specs.



Apple today announced the iPad, a 10-inch tablet computer that fits squarely between the iPhone and the MacBook.

Specifications are:

  • 0.5 inches thin
  • 1.5 pounds
  • 9.7 inch IPS display
  • 1GHz Apple A4 chip
  • full capacitive multi-touch screen
  • WiFi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Speaker
  • microphone
  • 30-pin dock connector
  • 10 hour battery
  • over a month of standby

The carrier partner is AT&T, offering two, no contract data options:

  • 250MB/mo  - $14.99
  • unlimited - $29.99


  • 16GB - $499, $629 (3G)
  • 32GB - $599, $729 (3G)
  • 64GB - $699, $829 (3G)

Photo: Engadget

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • Underwhelming ....

    simply underwhelming!
    • But Apple makes it, so it's magical

      Steve Job's words directly.
      Ron Bergundy
    • now apple fanboys will raise you in pitchforks

      for talking against messiah's work on earth.
      Linux Geek
      • I agree Linux Geek!

        The messiah came down the mountain with two ipad tablets, so we will be the better for it once we follow the laws displayed on the 9" screens!
        Ron Bergundy
    • Your 100% right.

      But then, I never saw the point of the Tablet. This is better than anything
      else to date but still...

      What do you really use it for?
    • The device isn't for you that's okay

      At this time I'm not purchasing one it doesn't fill a need for
      us. In my minds eye I do see it as a better device than the
      Nook and Kindle. Those two devices seem a one trick
      pony. Their concept is good but folks I know feel quite
      limited in the usefulness of them. The novelty of those is
      now over. iPad to will be more useful than the Kindle and
  • And just imagine how much fun it will be trying to connect this to AT&T.

    Being that the iPhone is screwing up their network...I'm sure the addition of one more data intensive device will REALLY bring the house down.

    Can't wait to here the feedback. :D
    • Your comment is correct.

      AT&T is going to have a doozy of a time with this device pulling data off
      their network. So far, your comment is the most insightful. It gives
      someone something to think about.
  • NT

  • RE: Apple iPad: specifications (updated 2x)

    Does it have a headphone jack? Can
    one load it with magazines and books
    and so forth in advance from a
    computer ( mac of course) and then be
    away from 3G or wireless and use it
    that way. In other words if you use it
    in the country can it be useful for such
    purposes when there is never a ATT
    service available?
  • Curious - Other Hardware Specs?

    Some people post the RAM and Graphics capabilities of the
    iPhone - does anyone know the specs of the iPad? I'm curious to
    see how it related to the 3GS. I've heard the 3GS has something
    around 800-900MHz processor, in which case the iPad isn't much
    faster, maybe unnoticeable.

    *EDIT* Doing some light digging, I found out the 3GS processor is only
    600MHz, in which case the 1GHz A4 in the iPad would probably be a
    noticeable increase, in boot up especially, I'd think.

    How about RAM? I forget which is correct, but I've heard the 3GS
    has somewhere around 256MB of RAM? I can only assume the
    iPad has as much, or not much more.

    In terms of graphics, I know the 3GS has a PowerVR SGX chipset.
    I'm interested as to the chip the iPad uses. I'd think it'd use
    something rative - maybe less powerful to maintain the price
    range, maybe better to provide a more enriching UI?

    Ah well. If anyone gets some info, I'd love to hear it.
  • RE: Apple iPad: specifications (updated 2x)

    I think you all are failing to see the potential in this device... I too was underwhelmed about the way it was presented, but after I started to see the ways it can be used, I awoke to a new paradigm.
    This device is THE FIRST of its type with the features it has... The PUBLISHING COMPANIES, along with XEROX, MISCROSOFT, and McGraw Hill are all trying to stop this new technology because it forces them to change their hold on the digital book technology.
    How can and Educational / Med Reference or Law Reference publisher compete with digital books? The make their money selling printed crap to students for $200-500 per book, and they will have quite an issue justifying these prices on digital media which can be purchased and downloaded right to an iPad in minutes.
    WAKE UP and see the possibilities you smart peoples... this changes the game!