Apple patents new wider "touchpad"

Apple patents new wider "touchpad"

Summary: In a patent filing the computer maker exposes some details about it's next generation trackpad. Say hello to "touchpad"

TOPICS: Tablets

apple-touchpad-patent.jpgOne of the things that cracks me up is the depths that a company will go to obscure their patent filings. It's even funnier that the maker of arguably the best graphic design computers in the world with some of the best designers on their payroll files patent drawings that look like they were scribbled on the back of a bar napkin with a crayon after a few too many Anchor Steams at BJ's Brewhouse in Cupertino.

Nonetheless, Macsimum news bring us the the news of a new Apple patent filing for a "Wide touchpad on a portable computer" that extends almost the entire width the the notebook, as opposed to being just in the middle.

The wide touchpad and keyboard disposed on the base assembly allow a user to interact with the display screen (e.g., enter data). In one embodiment, the wide touchpad may be a cursor control device having the capabilities of conventional computer mouse devices, such as the ability to point, drag, tap, and double tap objects on a graphical user interface, as well as more general purposes such as scrolling, panning, zooming, and rotating images on display screen. The wide touchpad extends into the areas on the surface of the base assembly that are normally reserved for palm rest areas (e.g., flat areas on the surface of the base assembly that support a user’s palms and/or wrists while typing). 

If that has suitably confused you, check out the reasonable summary over at If you're a real weenie you'll want to check out the eight drawings over at Macsimum News.

Topic: Tablets

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  • wider space for problems.

    The first time someone spills a snapple on their crapple, they'll wish they'd not went with this design.
    • *sniff sniff*

      I smell a troll.

      and a stinky one at that.
      • Is that what they are called???

        I would bet a month's salary (but you most likely don't work) if this had been an MS design/article and I said that, you'd never have opened your mouth.
        • re: Is that what they are called???

          Who said anything about MS? Troll.
          "I would bet a month's salary (but you most likely don't work) if
          this had been an MS design/article and I said that, you'd never
          have opened your mouth."
          Oh, you are so big and bad. I bet you make so much money and
          work so hard, taking care of those dysfunctional Windows

          Get a life and live it, troll.
          • Message has been deleted.

          • What a lousy excuse to be vulgar

            Get out of here. Go back to AOL. We don't need foul mouthed idiots like you, regardless if your position has merit.
          • I do hope

            that you aren't at work posting this kind of drivel. If you truely are someone related to the IT field, I hope you are fired, because we don't need more idiots ruining this feild for us all.
          • hmmm

            so throwing a temper tantrum and whining like a little girl(sorry ladies, had to be said, no offense to you) proves you to be anything less but juvenile? What are ya, 15? Sounds like you're the one who needs to grow up and change your diaper.
          • none taken.

            and I totally agree.
        • heh, i guess i should tell my boss

          that I quit.

          please explain how you gather your opinion that I don't work?
        • Maybe he/she does not go to Windows sights?

          Pagan jim
    • Huh?

      ---The first time someone spills a snapple on their crapple, they'll
      wish they'd not went with this design---

      I think that with a touchscreen, you might actually be better off
      than having a porous keyboard when it comes to liquid spills.
      Think of it, a solid plastic covering versus one with lots of holes
      and grooves built into it.
      tic swayback
  • Maybe Apple has this in mind...

    (It is running on OS X and apparently Apple is involved and/or has a similar patent)

    Instead of messing up your screen, use an enlarged touchpad???
  • Can someone tell me..

    why this would deserve a patent?
    Patrick Jones
    • Not about deserving

      It's better to submit 100 patents and have 99 rejected, than to submit none and have someone else patent your invention.
      • patents

        Now you're just quoting Bill Gates.
      • You don't really have to waste $20K

        You don't really need to waste $20K on a patent application for this obvious stuff. Just publish it somewhere and be sure the document is reviewed by PTO for prior art. I don't think their competitors would waste a plug nickle to license this one.
    • I'll take that one on

      They couldn't get the patents for touchpads on the left, right, and left and right sides...I got them.
  • I'd like to use my FEET...make me a

    ....shoe-mouse, or a Wacom-style floormat...
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    • lol wasn't there

      an article about something like this??

      i can just imagine people doing sh*t like DDR at work