Apple revs Mac mini; announces iPod HiFi

Apple revs Mac mini; announces iPod HiFi

Summary: In an event today in Cupertino, Steve Jobs announced an Intel-based Mac mini and an iPod boombox...


In an event today in Cupertino, Steve Jobs announced two new pieces of hardware:

Intel-based Mac mini. The newest Mac mini is based on Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors and isimac-intel.jpg benchmarked  to be 2.5x - 3.2x faster. The new mini includes Apple's new FrontRow with Bonjour software and six-button IR remote control. New features include shared music, photos and videos via Bonjour wireless technology. Standard features include Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), iLife '06, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, DVI Video Out, USB, FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet. Prices: 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo with 667MHz, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD, combo drive - US$599. Better model with Intel Core Duo 1.67GHz, 80GB HDD and SuperDrive US$799. Both are available today.

ipod-hifi.jpgiPod HiFi. Boombox system designed for the iPod with three drivers (two 80mm mids, one 130mm woofer) and a dock on top that can run off AC power or D batteries. It features an auxillary input and no power brick. You can configure the speaker settings with a new setting on the iPod and set it to just display the album artwork. Available today for US$349.

Apple also used the event to announce iPod leather cases for the iPod video (5G) which will be available in March for US$99.


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  • Video Chip

    It looks like the video chip in the mini has been moved from the ATI 9200 to the Intel GMA950. Despite Intel's claims that this is a modern chip, it doesn't match up to even the low end of what ATI or NVidia is shipping these days.
    • Why do pollute these forums with such nonsense?

      "..ntel's claims that this is a modern chip, it doesn't match up to even the low end of what ATI or NVidia is..."

      It is really sad to see out of the blue crud from folks like you. The mac mini is a great machine that delivers a great OSX experience for a decent price.
      Nobody buys a mac mini to run advanced games. It is unlikely that those who want to do so, are unfamiliar that integrated graphics cannot and are not meant to compete withg discrete add-in cards.

      Having said that, your point is not only rhetoric, it is totally false. The new GMA950 is a VERY good performer that beats the discrete graphics of the old Mac mini. There are many instances of this.. One link I picked out is below and I have not seen anything that convingly refutes that this is a good solution. There are many many benefits of integrated graphics - for one, power consumption is low and that is one big feature that mac mini buyers want.
      • yeah the intel is very fast. not like the older SiS integrated video

  • Does anyone know if Solaris 10 would run on the new mini

    Hi All

    Would anyone harzard a guess as to the possibility of installing Solaris 10 for x86 on the new Mac Mini (Intel).

    Would be a cheap Intusion Detection System sniffer device if it could :-)

    Thanks in advance
    • only when...

      only when Solaris gets full EFI support, not until then
    • Sun should make a Sun mini with looking glass

      I'm sure they could sell quite a few.
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