Apple tablet: delayed until June?

Apple tablet: delayed until June?

Summary: It's not even out yet and it's already delayed. Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu told clients that the Apple tablet is delayed until June.


If you've been following the Apple tablet rumors coming out of Cupertino, you'll undoubtedly want to grok this: the tablet is delayed until June.

Neil Hughes at AppleInsider reports that Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu recently told clients that his supply chain sources say that the Apple tablet launch (presumably meaning the shipping date) could be moved to June 2010 due to "minor issues" with "more work needed on battery life and durability."

Wu's claims contradict The Wall Street Journal, which previously reported that the tablet is expected to ship in March.

What ever will we do if we have to wait six months?

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  • FUD on rumors?!

    I have trouble with the idea that Apple, control-freaks of the highest
    order, would [b]ever[/b] do either:

    A. Go to the effort of planning an event with this kind of buzz and
    hype surrounding it unprepared to say "available on our website
    today." That's just not [i]El Jobso's[/i] style.


    B. Deal with any hardware manufacturer who would share that kind of
    information, even "off the record." Anyone remember the shipping
    clerk harassed to the point of "suicide" for allegedly <i>losing</i> a
    pre-release iPhone? A leak like this would have Fake Steve Jobs', only
    slightly, hyperbolic ex-Mossad Apple Security Chief Moshe on a plane
    in a heartbeat.
  • GASP

    How dare Apple not announce a delay of the unofficial, unannounced and completely made up release date of the unknown thingy that they haven't even announced yet!

    Sorry I couldn't help it. I like Apple products and all but I can't help but think someone at Apple HQ is having a good laugh. I mean it's like some crazed random rumor generation mill going on here.

    P.S. did you guys know the ZDNET splash page has more iWhatever articles than Macworld currently does on it's splash page? Now that's an accomplishment.
  • RE: Apple tablet: delayed until June?

    Nonsense, ZDNet told us it was going to be released Jan. 27th! A rumor site like this can't be wrong.
    Loverock Davidson
  • wu

    wu is a brick with a horrible track record. he is almost always
    wrong, yet still you report his nonsense as news. i would
    suggest that zdnet starts to keep track of these senseless
    predictions by analysts and holds them responsible. why not
    have a database of these morons and give us their track record
    everytime they talk about their "supply chain checks" and
    "people familiar with the matter". everyone knows they have no
    insight or sources or contacts, they just make things up and
    hope that it sticks. stop it now zdnet! start to work as
  • RE: Apple tablet: delayed until June?

    Matthew, maybe you haven't been around the Apple world for a while, but the company has occasionally announced products and then taken some time to release them. The original iPhone was announced in January 2008, but not released until June. Apple TV was shown (as iTV) in September 2006, but didn't ship until March 2007.

    Secondly, Apple is fully aware that it can't keep a lid on what leaks from suppliers - once you have that many people involved (down to the people on production lines making the things) it's almost impossible to do so. That's why it very tightly controls info going to parts suppliers: they recieve the exact spec for the part they're making, and nothing else. There's no indication of what the part is for, what product it will fit in, and so on. So while analysts and others can get some idea of what Apple might be working on, it's a lot harder work than a single supplier being able to leak the full details.

    The exception is, of course, the compant that does the assembly and packing work. But those guys really do lock things down tightly - their contracts depend on it.
    • date

      i pretty much agree, though i have to point out that the iphone was
      announced in january 2007, not 2008.