Apple to offer Disney-only movies?

Apple to offer Disney-only movies?

Summary: Variety magazine is reporting that is preparing to enter the movie download market this week with a new service. The interesting part is that it claims that Apple's service will only offer movies from Disney.

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amazon-video-downloads.jpgVariety magazine is reporting that is preparing to enter the movie download market this week with a new service. The interesting part is that it claims that Apple's service will only offer movies from Disney:

The only studio that will definitely be part of Apple's movie store at launch is Disney. Other studios will likely join iTunes in the next year.
This is a stark contrast to the belief that all of the major studios would participate in Apple's video service. Not to mention the recent comments by Lions Gate CEO Jon Feltheimer that they had signed a deal with Apple.

A Wed designer recently uncovered pages on Amazon's site for a new service called "Unbox Video" and Ars Technica has the scoop on Amazon's video pricing strategy:

Television shows, including The Office, are $1.99, while most movies visible in the screenshots cost about $10. The site currently has titles like Walk the Line, Syriana, and Curious George, so Amazon has apparently convinced the studios to license recent films (Warner and Fox look to be on board), not just the greatest hits of the 80s. Amazon will also rent films, though no word yet on what that will cost.

Amazon's prices appear to be substantial less than the US$10-$15 Apple is rumored to be considering for movie downloads.

The key difference between the services is that Amazon has several price tiers, where Apple has only two and that Amazon will offer sales and rentals but Apple will only offer sales. Regardless of price, Apple has a key advantage with movie downloads from the iTunes Music Store - they will play on the iPod. Amazon's titles won't.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the battle for the studios and what each company's DRM strategy will be.

WSJ and ARS Technica have more...

Topic: Amazon

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  • Message has been deleted.

  • Ripoff

    Why would I want to pay $10 for a movie I have to view on my computer when for not much more than that, I can buy the DVD and play it as many times as I like on my television?
    • It may cost more to download

      Walmart has their 5.50 shelf and 2 for 14.99 shelf. has several titles for under $10.00 such as the new Peter Jackson version of King Kong.

      Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Value City all have the 1-10 (With the average price of $3.00) dollar DVD Bin.

      Rentals could work but only if they are like $1 for a week.

      What I would rather see is a $10-$15 a month stream all you want rental method (With the stream in Flash). This would do away with the DRM issues, OS incompatibilty issues, and it is clear what you are getting.
      Edward Meyers
      • Flash streaming? Why doesn't Apple just buy YouTube?

        I hear what you're saying about the DRM and compatibility issues resolved by a flash stream. It will never fly with Mac users because of one reason: quality. Flash movie quality is bad and only getting worse IMHO.

        I guess that Apple could just buy YouTube ( is available) if they wanted a plug-n-play flash/streaming solution. The problem is that I don't think that Apple will pay the $2B that YouTube is reportedly asking for.

        - Jason
        Jason D. O'Grady
        • AppleTube

          Jason D. O'Grady
        • The problem is

          For streaming media Real, Xiph(ogg), DivX and Flash are truley legal cross platform formats. WMV and QT/H.264 while they exist may not be legal on all platforms.

          With Flash there is also the possibility of support for mobile devices. Also it is the least most likely to need downloading but I agree is the worse for quality.

          The Quality issue on YouTube has to do with the YouTube material coming from a loosey compresion as the source and then having even more compresion added to it. That and Flash was not really meant to do full quality video.

          Regardless this would be different than YouTube. Instead of just having user submitted videos they would [b]legally[/b] have TV shows, profesionally shot shorts, music videos, and movies. Instead of being free it would cost a few bucks a month or have advert breaks in the videos.
          Edward Meyers
  • No one cares

    A recent study showed that very few people have downloaded feature length content from the web, and very few are interested in it.

    Sigh, why pay the cost of a DVD for a limited low-res movie that you can't re-sell?
    tic swayback
    • It was about 20 Percent

      Not only that, worse of all is that most people are not willing to pay for video content downloaded over the internet. Only 7% were willing to buy online videos.

      They really should take the hint from this poll 3/4 of the people surveyed prefered free video content with Ads.
      Edward Meyers
      • Less than that

        The poll numbers show that 20 percent of "online video viewers" would download long-form content. They define that group as about half of online users in general (meaning that about half of the people surveyed who used the internet said they had viewed video content). So the real numbers, if the survey is accurate, is more like 10%.
        tic swayback
        • Good Catch

          And that also lowers the number of people, if the survey is acurate, who are willing to pay for this to 3.5%.
          Edward Meyers
  • Bogus

    OK, so there is no way that Apple is going to be coming to market
    with only Disney, just not happening, I am glad to see however,
    that someone else is trying to push into this market, I see it
    possibly pushing apple's hand and lowering prices, or maybe just
    offering more price tiers. Either way, there is no way apple would
    be coming to market with only one studio, no matter how big it is.
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