Apple updates Xsan, gets out of RAID business

Apple updates Xsan, gets out of RAID business

Summary: Apple on Tuesday released its Xsan 2 package, a major revision to its Storage Area Networking software package. The update revamps administration tools, adds support for third-party storage and features Spotlight/Leopard Server optimizations.


Apple updates Xsan, gets out of RAID businessApple on Tuesday released its Xsan 2 package, a major revision to its Storage Area Networking software package. The update revamps administration tools, adds support for third-party storage and features Spotlight/Leopard Server optimizations.

The new Xsan 2 tools let storage managers easily tune the Xsan 2 for a variety of data types and files sizes, the company said.

For example, administrators have the ability to pre-set volume workload settings for optimal streaming of all file types, from very large files, such as uncompressed HD video to small data center files. Xsan 2 includes a new feature, MultiSAN, for users who need to access multiple Xsan volumes from the same workstation or server, such as in newsrooms with separate SAN volumes for production and broadcast.

According to the press release, the Xsan 2 software is qualified with Promise Technology's Promise VTrak E-Class RAID hardware and expansion chassis. The units support SAS and SATA drives with a hardware RAID controller, redundant, hot-swappable controllers and load-balanced power and cooling subsystems. Previously, the software was qualified with Apple's Xserve RAID system.

However, it appears from a look through Apple's site and store that Apple discontinued its RAID storage line. And this was confirmed by Apple this afternoon minutes after I posted this article.

Of course, the new SAN software is supported by Leopard Server.

Xsan 2 also works seamlessly with Server Assistant in Leopard Server for easy setup and configuration of SAN volumes. Leopard Server features, such as iCal Server, Mail Server and Podcast Producer, can now integrate with Xsan 2 to support clustered file systems, improving performance and scalability and reducing the impact of a service outage from the loss of any one server.

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  • Apple should get out of the server arena

    Apple should learn its lesson - stop trying to make it in the enterprise market. I do not know anyone that would buy apple hardware and Promise raid controllers and SOFTWARE SAN for their virtual storage requirments. There are so MANY options out there and all iscsi...

    Apple should just focus on their consumer line and dump Xserve just like their RAID.

    If you want SAN you have INTEL, Qlogic, Celeros, SNAP to name a few. ALl are OS agnostic - and do block storage.
    • You missed the point

      The servers Apple puts out, while I'm sure would be a welcome step up for many uses in the Enterprise market, are really geared for smaller installations -- small business and for use by creative pros in building render farms and the like -- and not really intended for enterprise-scale situations.

      Similarly, Xserve RAID was actually targetting creative pros, for storage of video content and so forth during the editing process.

      And Apple is the *only* legitimate choice in that market...

      Xsan builds on OS X Server and is intended -- again -- for render farms and the like, so that the various nodes can pull from the same source footage in a much more direct, high-performance manner than they could with traditional network protocols.
    • Living in a cave danursuline?

      By the time the US military adopts new technology, the rest of the world has already been running it for years. Currently the US Military has turned to Apple for thier new servers, higher technology, better security. So my question for you danursuline is: Have you been living in a cave? Do you have any clue what an xserve or xsan is capable of? The companies that deal with the largest files in the world run Apple servers. Do you think they do this because they don't know better? NO!!! It's because they need the fastest and the best. Instead of ignorantly babling about technology you know nothing about, why not make it a point to go find out why these companies use Apple Servers. Write it on your to do list... cus you know nothing about Apple nor have a clue about why they are superior? Sure you can sit there and ignorantly scoff at me for calling them superior, and that would be true to YOUR nature.. But why not step away from your ignorant nature for a moment and try to learn the truth. Too much to ask??? Well think it over, maybe in the future you might find a desire to better yourself... It's possible.
      • Living in a cave danursuline?

    • Apple is about high-end performance

      and that obviously doesn't describe your enterprise or your IT department! Intel, QLogic and the like are price/feature based marketing strategies, not user-oriented strategies.

      In fact, we are a small business and are just now deploying OS X server. Why? We are dropping our IBM partnership because their products are too heavy and provide no advantage to us. We are moving away from Notes and the OS X server will handle mail, FileMaker database applications and, probably, backup storage. ;-)
  • RE: Apple updates Xsan

    The XServe RAID still appears in the UK store:

    • Xserve RAID abroad


      Thanks for the info. Perhaps there's some channel situation for Promise in the EU. Or maybe Apple will finish out pushing the remainder of its Xserve RAID stock in that market?

      thanks for reading,

      DaviD m.
  • They must have taken it off after you sent this link

    I checked you link and I don't see a new Xserver RAID on the page. I do see a refurbished one on sale and the Promise RAIDs. It is a pity that Apple didn't make a profit from the Xserve RAID but at least they are keeping the Xserver here. I have Xserver and Xserver RAID for my company and I think it works great. It is the only unit that has all forms of file/disk sharing protocols; Samba, NFS, AppleTalk, Bonjour(Rendezvous) which we all use in our mixed platform environment. The Xserver RAID is price above other RAIDs so my guess this is the reason for the lack of sales.