Apple's big box store debuts in NYC

Apple's big box store debuts in NYC

Summary: Apple's new retail store on New York's upper west side looks more like a Best Buy or a Lowe's than an Apple Store – which is a shame.


Apple is in the process of unboxing a brand-new retail store in New York City's upper west side. According to ifoAppleStore the public opening is scheduled for Saturday November 14, 2009.

At night the store is a beacon visible for several blocks, especially for those approaching by car or on foot from the south. The glow of the ceiling lights, the backlit logo and the back-lit wall graphics are brighter than anything on Broadway. As you approach closer, the towering height of the storefront becomes apparent. Once in front of the building, you realize that Apple opted not to create another Boston or Regent Street (London) store, with a mezzanine level. They took the Scottsdale Quarter (Arizona) store and did it one better -- this single space is about two and one-half times the volume of the Scottsdale building, and with a second level hidden away below ground like Fifth Avenue (NYC).

The giant warehouse format is a bit of a departure from the large Apple stores in Boston and London and begs the question: did Apple just become another "big box" retailer -- like Best Buy?

I haven't seen the new store in person, so I'll reserve judgment, but I'm more in the "big box" camp with this latest installment.

What do you think about Apple's latest retail monolith?

Update: ifoAppleStore has posted a photo gallery of the store.

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  • Not like Best Buy

    Best Buy does not do panoramic walls of glass.

    Apple Stores do not a jerk at the exit door asking to see your receipt.
    • Yes Like Best buy

      They both sells overprice crap
  • That looks really ugly

    Ugh, the designer needs to be fired, quick.
    • Boston Too

      The pictured store looks like the Boston iSore.

      It is located in the historic Back Bay, and yet uses a wall of glass, saying "We're here, we're Apple, and we don't care about your city's aesthetics."

      Most Bostonians don't like Shopping Mall Architecture in our historic districts. Those districts help make Boston a great city. The iStore is an iSore.
      Screen Name
      • the city's asthetics?

        I don't really think you understand your city. One
        of the things that makes cities great places is
        that they evolve over time, and taking a walk down
        a Boston street will confirm this. You will see
        300 year old buildings and ones built yesterday.
        Nothing is more insulting to the character of a
        city than new buildings that are fake old ones.
      • You have to be kidding me...

        Boston is a giant sewer pit. One of the most illogically laid out refuse
        bins going. Bostonians don't seem to mind garbage on the streets, but
        balk at clean design? I have heard it all now, Boston:home of that atrocity
        called the big dig, with garbage floating not only in the harbor, but on
        the streets can't cope with a design from the west coast. LMFAO! What a
        sad sad joke.
  • RE: Apple's big box store debuts in NYC

    How does that in any way look like Best Buy. Your analysis
    continues to be way off base Mr. O'Grady.
  • Like Sam's Warehouse Club...

    only with more glass.
    • It looks more like a toilet to me

      only with more glass. :)
    • and...

      higher prices
  • That's a terrible picture.

    But it actually is a fairly nice space. Gizmodo has some
    better images.
  • Looks like Jewel

    I want the window cleaning contract - ifoAppleStore
    photos are a must before you comment - the reflections
    are amazing.

    I'd expect the folks who work here to be in white robes -
    this is really impressive stuff.

    Now, if only the Tablet is worthy of these temple of
    computer consumerism!
  • RE: Apple's big box store debuts in NYC

    Looks Like a towering Waste of Energy.
    How much does it cost to heat and cool all that wasted space. So much for being a "Green" company.
    • It is new, so most likely

      has the latest and greatest.

      I agree, it would be nice to see what they use, find out if they are really serious about being "green". but I would imagine it has much in the way of newer energy saving glass and heating/cooling technology.
    • Ahhh...

      I take it you've never heard of argon insulated windows.
  • RE: Apple's big box store debuts in NYC

    I LOVE IT!!!

    The pure bile from you Apple-haters is just great... "Oh, we're pissed off that the iPhone outed WM devices in terms of sales, were pissed that Apple posted a sweet Q4 profit, so we'll go on message boards and troll"...

    Again, I'm lovin it!

    The building however does look a trifle ostentatious... but I will think of it as a symbol of the time when the iPhone put WM into a downward spiral.
    • ROTFL!

      You are lovin' it?? I am ROTFL!!

      Someone has a negative comment about the aesthetic of the new store (even the author who likes Apple and their products) and here you are, ready to fall on the sword in defense of Apple!

      "You mock Apple?!? You must be a bunch of jealous Apple haters!!!

      I am loving it to no end!!

      Oh, and the store does not look all that nice as a typical Apple store, so get a grip, it is [i][b]just[/b][/i] a store, and these are just personal opinions...
    • Windows Mobile who?

      Windows Mobile is history, just like the
      other failed MS crush/conquer your
      competition by trying to get rid of them
      by forcing them into using MS only

      I am glad Apple is doing well, the
      days of the MS strangle hold are over,
      the erosion has started, and it may
      take a while but it has started and
      that is not good for MS losing
      market share.

      Look at IE it is behind Firefox!

      • Do not be so certain

        as it make the disapointment all the more larger when it does not happen.

        Plus, you sound happy to trade one evil empire for another:

        Much like leaving Sciencetology to join a Satanic cult....
    • Funny

      Oh, we're pissed off that the iPhone outed WM devices in terms of sales = Bunch of brainwahsed zombies got con into buying the most useless product of this century

      were pissed that Apple posted a sweet Q4 profit = Apple with it's criminaly hight prices and the overall extremly low quality products manage to steal even more money this quarter