Apple's big day: all new iPods, iTunes and Apple TV

Apple's big day: all new iPods, iTunes and Apple TV

Summary: Apple held its highly-anticipated press event today, and for the first time in recent memory, streamed it live via the Web. Cult of Mac reports that Apple decided to stream the event to test its new new data center in Maiden, North Carolina, slated to go into full operation later this year.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

Apple held its highly-anticipated press event today, and for the first time in recent memory, streamed it live via the Web. Cult of Mac reports that Apple decided to stream the event to test its new new data center in Maiden, North Carolina, slated to go into full operation later this year. (The $1 billion data center is one of the largest ever built).

Some of the announcements:

  • 230,000 new iPhone activations per day - this doesn't include upgrades (jab at Android with that one)

iOS 4.1:

  • Fixes proximity sensor, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G performance bugs
  • HDR photos standard in iOS 4.1
  • Upload to YouTube
  • TV Show Rentals
  • GameCenter for end users
  • to be released next week

iOS 4.2 (sneak peek):

  • all the features of iOS 4.1, plus
  • Wireless printing via Print Center app
  • AirPlay (formerly AirTunes), stream audio, video and photos over WiFi
  • Coming out in November (free update)


  • 275 million iPods sold
  • all new iPods, biggest change in iPods ever

iPod shuffle (fourth generation)

  • buttons
  • voiceover
  • playlists
  • Genius mixes
  • $49 - 2GB
  • four colors

iPod nano

  • multitouch-based clickwheel
  • 46% smaller, 42% lighter
  • clip
  • Volume buttons
  • VoiceOver
  • FM Radio, Pedometer, Nike+
  • Six colors
  • $149 - 8GB, $179 - 16GB

iPod touch

  • number one game player in the world (50+% marketshare worldwide)
  • even thinner
  • Retina Display (4x amount of pixels, 326 ppi, 24-bit, LED)
  • Apple A4 chip
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • front-facing camera and FaceTime (over WiFi)
  • rear camera with HD video recording
  • $229 (8GB), $299 (32GB), $399 (64GB)
  • Available next week (pre-order today)

iTunes 10

  • New icon ditches the CD
  • New social feature called Ping
  • Ping also available on iOS devices

Apple TV (second generation)

  • one quarter of the size
  • includes a remote
  • Music
  • TV shows
  • all HD
  • rentals only, no purchases
  • $4.99 first run HD movies (day and date releases)
  • $0.99 HD TV show rentals from ABC and Fox (commercial free)
  • Netflix streaming
  • streaming from a computer
  • AirPlay (coming in November in iOS 4.2)
  • $99, available in 4 weeks, pre-order today

What do you think of the new announcements?

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  • Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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    • how many times can you reinvent the wheel?

      It's the simplicity that people like about the devices. But what bothers me is the lack of multitasking. And being on the phone is not multitasking. You need to be able to run multiple programs at once. So, in my opinion, the iPhone is just an updated Palm. Also, there is no coverage where I live. To me, Android is still a better OS.
      • This event wasn't about the iPhone, D'oh!

        Go whine under a related article.
      • uhm.. the iOS has had multi-tasking for a while now.. LOL..

        @Maarek - where have you been?
      • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)


        What do you mean no multitasking - did you miss iOS 4?

        Yes this wasn't about the iPhone - but Multitasking was even demonstrated on the iPad.

        Your opinion about the iPhone is yours - pretty stupid and ill informed one, but it's yours so you might as well have something of your own.
      • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)


        They didn't reinvent the wheel. In fact they got rid of it on the iPOD nano. They evolved.
      • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)


        Do you all enjoy a company that steals from its users?

        For example, ZDNet allowing you to type a potentially lengthy comment in here, and THEN telling you "Woops, you have to log in!" But they DISCARDED WHAT YOU WROTE.

        How offensive can you get?
        • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

          @dgurney So you've been on the net for oh, about three hours now? How is it? Most of the rest of us have had these problems before, so we have ways around it. Better yet, don't write too much, especially if you don't have anything relevant to say.
    • Now for a few years now I've heard that Apple TV

      is or has failed. Now I've never known Apple to hang onto a looser for very long. So can ANYONE give me any data on Apple TV sales and profit margins to date? Seems if Apple is still developing the product it must be making money but to be honest I don't know.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • It's A Loser! doubt!

        @James Quinn Especially when compared to other Apple products. Here they didn't evolve Apple TV, they demoted it! Less features is just going to reduce sales even more. It's now just a subscription box and there are too many things out there to replace it. From Xbox 360, PS3 and Boxee that do far more.

        Talk about a joke.... there is nothing in this "Apple's Big Day" that's anywhere near Earth Shaking!
      • From what I have heard

        they won't release sales figures of under selling products (like they boast with iTunes, iPhones, iPods where they tell you how many they sold), so the estimate was along the lines of 400,000 units to date. They were embarasing enough to have Steve Jobs re-label it later down the road as "a Hobby".

        The problem is that it's likely losing money, so Apple, like many companies, may be pushing it until it recoupes R&D back from it. If it doesn't do well beyond that point, then they'll probally dump it at no loss, as the refinements are nothing all that special, so still not a large drain.

        And they have the money to wait another year or two.
        John Zern
        • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

          @John Zern,Monarky
          I have no doubts that it's sales numbers do no compare to the iPod or iPhone but then again what does? What I'm curious about is despite this.. Is it possible that Apple might still be making money on it? I don't think it has been established that the Apple TV has EVER had to sell at iPod volumes to make money for Apple. Does anyone have a guess as to the volume needed for this product to make money? I don't think you do.. Do you so I'm guessing this is all speculation based on what you yourself admit to John as guesses.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
        • James Quinn. Why attempt to "muddy the waters"

          with half hearted attempts to confuse the subject? What does comparing sales to the iPod matter?

          Windows has outsold the iPod very easilly, should we use that as a metric against the iPod? No, that would be as illogical as your argument for AppleTV.

          Steve Jobs mentioned that "We introduced it four years ago, but it's never been a huge hit", and Apple's history of offering sales figures only for sucessful products would indicate that AppleTv may not have made any money yet.

          I would imagine that the Zune, which has sold more units then AppleTV, has made a profit yet many like you will claim that is likely not the case. Going on that logic, one would have to assume that it is likely that AppleTV has not made a profit, either.

          You must learn to remove your emotional attachment to Apple products in order to discuss such items logiclly.

          You may not enjoy where the facts on Apple products lead you, but you must accept them if they are facts, whether good or bad.
          Tim Cook
    • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

      Wish Apple actually had something to talk about.
    • As long as they require Bonjour Service NO

      I will never load anything on my computer again that requires that resorce and net hog Bonjour Service. I know you can remove it but most people do not realize that and just live with the degraded responce and performance.
      • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

        @Baer I totally agree with you!
        I work for a medical software company and we get support calls for poor performance, just to find out some Doc loaded his apple on his machine and Bonjour Service is in the background quietly slowing everything down...
      • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

        Hmmm...intersting. I don't and never have any issues with that being on my laptop, or two other computers. I even play WOW on one box have everything maxed on the graphics and still no slowness issues all while using email, browing the internet and doing other IT related stuff.
        • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

          ALso i find it funny how people complain about Itunes but still have junk like goole search or yahoo search on their system and think that that doesnt affect thier computer. Try cleaning it up from other garbage and then check itunes....or just dont use itunes...whatever floats your boat. Whatever the case, i've never had problems with it.
        • The losers need to learn how to use a PC (the right way)

          @Baer & jtollack..

          There are utilities to check performance, resources, etc...

          I allow my users (hundreds) to run iTunes and sync iPhones and iPods On Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 PCs as well as Macs)... No issues with any of them running iTunes and bonjour... Perhaps you two need to learn how to use a PC the right way and stop loading crapware on your PCs.

          Millions run itunes, all around the world, and guess what brainiacs??? It works great for everyone else...

          I guarentee you that if you did a fresh install of your OS (and not the crapware and stupidity) and loaded iTunes, it would work perfectly, just like it does for 99.9999999999999999% of the world.
    • RE: Apple's big day: Sept 1 event (in progress)

      New iTunes? Oh boy, how long will it take to open the application up now? 10 mins, 20 mins?
      Loverock Davidson