Apple's boogeyman: Google phone

Apple's boogeyman: Google phone

Summary: Everyone's crazy about iPhone and it's been good to Apple so far–as evidenced by their record earnings last quarter. The 800 pound Boogeyman known as Google may be prepping a phone that could spook even Apple.


Google phone conceptEveryone's crazy about iPhone and it's been good to Apple so far–as evidenced by their record earnings last quarter. The 800 pound Boogeyman known as Google may be prepping a phone that could spook even Apple. According to the WSJ:

Google is in serious discussions with Verizon Wireless over a partnership in which Verizon would carry cellphones tailored to a new Google operating system, a person familiar with the discussions said. Speculation about Google's mobile strategy have helped shares of the Internet giant surge near $700.

gPhone concept courtesy of T3. More concept photos at

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  • Will Google accept cash?

    Apple won't accept cash for the iPhone because they want to [b]track[/b] those who unlock their phones and then [b]sue[/b] them. Nahhhh, Apple wouldn't sue their own fans, would they?

    snicker, smirk :)
    • And here I thought it was to keep people from buying

      over the 2 iPhone limit for the Holiday season? I guess everyone and
      their slow friends have a theory like Area 51 and such...ha!

      Still the iPhone boogeyman eh? How many times have i heard of the
      iPod killer these past several years. Heck even the iPhone was suppose
      to kill the iPod and so far nope.

      Pagan jim
      • You do tend to believe everything Apple tells you!

        Good sheep. :)

        [i]How many times have i heard of the iPod killer these past several years.[/i]

        Not as often as I've heard that [b]this[/b] was the year m1cR0$ux would die!
        • Well not from me.... I don't want MS to die frankly.

          Competition has been very good for Apple. That is why I also want Linux and Open
          Source to flourish....More equal better where competition is concerned.

          Also do you have any FACTS about Apple's iPhone policy or are you just speculating
          and if so my Area 51 comment stands.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
        • Oops... "Yeah..." was reply for Laff (nt)

      • Yeah...

        If you actually believe Apple's only reason to require CC purchases of the iPhone is to enforce their 2 phone policy you are astoundingly glib.

        In fact, I don't even understand why Apple would want to limit the number of iPhones people buy as holiday gifts. Hmm, let's see, they released a patch that bricked "hacked" phones, they've put out press releases where they admit they want to crack down on iPhone unlockers... call me crazy but it seems pretty clear to me that finding and stopping people who unlock the iPhones is a big motivation for them!

        But I'm just a stupid non-Mac user, so I might be wrong.
  • RE: Apple's boogeyman: Google phone

    Sounds like a potential winner, but business whise, I am locked to AT&T - so might not be fore me.
    iPhone - Nope - missing functionality
    gPhone - Nope - not AT&T
  • If Google's phone OS is anything

    like Google Desktop, fergetaboutit!

    Call me blind but I don't see how Google could 1-up Apple, let alone Nokia. Last I checked, Google was a software/marketing company and not a hardware company.
  • Don't blow it Google

    If Google locks into some kind of exclusive contract with Verizon then they are doomed to fail. Its need to be available to [b]ALL CARRIERS[/b] if they hope to compete with Win Mobile. Consumers want choice, not another carrier lock in.
    • That still is a choice you know....

      Apple went one way with a carrier lock in and while I'm not thrilled with
      it still since there are an abundance of phones without such lock in
      restrictions Apple's iPhone is just anotehr "CHOICE". So in essence you
      do have a choice "Oh and HACKERS have expanded the choices for the
      iPhone as well" So relax and enjoy your wide range of decision

      Pagan jim
      • Not a viable choice

        Apple is cracking down on those "hackers" so the iPhone is not really a viable choice for people who don't feel comfortable with unlocking it and don't want to use AT&T...
  • RE: Apple's boogeyman: Google phone

    Wow! When I checked the poll results, 34% of 173 people said they would prefer a gPhone. You have no idea of its specs or the provider's plans but if it has Google's name on it, you'll buy it? Sorry but I don't get it.
    • More to do with distrust of Apple than the gPhone

      People simply don't trust Apple and they have good reason not to. From bricking iPhones to forcing credit card purchases so you can be tracked and sued, I won't ever be buying another Apple product again. I suspect that like me, 34% of the respondents are tired of being treated like criminals by Apple and would rather buy the pooPhone over the iPhone if those were our only 2 choices.
      • Now you are mind!

        America does have talent. You should take this show on the road. I have yet to
        see any proff about Apple using credit cards to track anyone and is that even legal
        also how could they do that? Now people are not trusting Apple because you
        obviously have the ability to read minds or at least have the ability to sense
        motivation. Both fantastic talents bye the bye. You simply must excuse me "IF" I
        express some level of doubt however.

        Lets see how about his as a possiblity there are a fair number of Google fans and
        because they have found Googles services to their likeing they are willing to give
        the gphone consideration? I wonder could that be it? I mean I know I'm stretching
        reality with this one but who knows it could be?

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • Don't think there's much to worry about

    There's plenty of opportunity for both Apple and
    Google in this market. Their efforts (either
    collaboratively or independently) will definitely shake
    things up in the mobile space.

    The iPhone may be able to continue leveraging Google
    services, so I don't think there will necessarily be a
    monopoly situation for Google.

    I'm curious. If there were exclusive services on the
    gPhone that were not permitted on other phones,
    would that be considered a monopoly and subject to a
    • MONOPOLY!!!!!!!!!!

      The first cry of the loser in the marketplace.

      snicker, smirk :)
      • Only if false....:P

        Besides it's a bit tricky. There is no law against being a Monopoly just in how you
        use the unique powers of a Monopoly to crush others who try to enter the market or
        in other markets. A gun is in most cases still legal it's it's use that could be illegal

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • Exclusive services

      Are not monopolistic. If they were, Apple would have been sued for visual voicemail (although it has been around for a while as a subscription service) and YouTube (before they allowed it on other phones) just to name a couple. Other phone companies would have been sued years ago for services that they offer that others don't. For that matter, there would hardly be a service provider in any industry that didn't get sued because they all offer exclusive services - it's called incentive.

      Now, if said exclusive services allow a company to gain a monopolistic share of the market [i]and[/i] they violate anti-trust laws following the gaining of that marketshare, then they would be subject to a lawsuit, but the exclusive services would still not be part of the suit.
  • RE: Apple's boogeyman: Google phone

    Give me a break. Apple beat Google to market with the best possible locked phone in the world. No one will be able to take away it's dominance until someone becomes a real rebel and markets a phone that is unlocked and works with anyone's SIM chip.

    No matter WHO makes that phone, I'll buy it.
    • Well... Um....

      There are these tiny companies called Nokia, Ericcson etc... You know, they made phones before all this iphone/gphone hype/crap started... I read somewhere in an ancient book that they also offer "smartphones"... OMG, kids today!!!!