Are MacBooks starting to look like HPs?

Are MacBooks starting to look like HPs?

Summary: Separated at birth?Steve Urkel sent me the following email:I was at a relatives house and someone saw my MacBook and said "Hey, I've got that HP also.


Are MacBooks starting to look like HPs?

Separated at birth?

Steve Urkel sent me the following email:

I was at a relatives house and someone saw my MacBook and said "Hey, I've got that HP also." He was halfway joking, but his comment did point out a few things:

  1. PowerBooks have always been very unique and immediately recognizable. But with this new design then I could see how people can easily mistake it for a plain old PC notebook. And after looking at his '06 HP next to my '08 MacBook then I'm realizing even more how ordinary the new models are.
  2. In all your latest "glossy" rants, people seem to be getting defensive and missing the point because they feel it is an attack on Apple. This picture points out that the argument isn't Apple specific because ANY machine that follows the glossy trend suffer from the glare issues.

I couldn't agree more.

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  • Oh no, we can't have a Mac look "ordinary!"

    How is Apple going to justify the price premium now?
    • Easy

      With their awesome track record for reliable products. cough.
      • Like cracking iPhones on spotty 3G networks?

        That track record?
      • RE: Easy

        With their fourth platform and third operating system they are still trying to keep up with the good old pc. Now that they are on intel running a bastardized BSD OS, they may have a chance to compete on specs. Even if, still a niche PC for a niche market, more of a status symbol than a tool.
        • Yeah.. But...

 much of a status symbol is it when it looks like pretty much exactly like a 2 yr old HP?
  • RE: Are MacBooks starting to look like HPs?

    The MacBook is a lot cleaner than the HP.

    All you have to do is look at the trackpad.
    • Very honestly...

      the MacBook just looks cheaper.
      • It's also way smaller.

        But given that it has fruit logo on it, I'm sure it costs more and does less.
        • Yes...

          but according to recent studies funded by a well respected university the Apple logo makes you smarter just by looking at it. That alone makes it worth at least $1000 more. We are so lucky Apple lets us off the hook as much as they do.
      • "Looks" cheaper

        It does look cheaper...until you look at the purchase receipt. Apple, still clinging bitterly to the mirage of "innovation premium" and "status" justifying higher prices for their commodity.
        • I stand corrected.

          Should have said looks cheaper made... LOL.
      • cheaper?

        aluminum and glass look cheaper than plastic? since when?
        • Well....

          Look at it. It's plain and grey. I'm sorry but it just looks like it's cheaper made. This is a first impression and that is what most consumers go by. Just saying.
      • Looks cheaper, are you insane?

        The HP looks like cheap crap toys you buy for children to play with a couple of days before it breaks. The Mac is sleek, clean, and solid; clearly in a better class of looks and design.
        • Sounds like I struck a biased nerve.

          I stated what I gathered as a first impression when I looked at the two side by side. HP has actually had higher customer satifaction ratings based on number of units to mean time between failures then Apple and most other PC's here lately. They might have a bad reputation based on their past, but seeing their standings in the PC market, I hardly think Apple can cast stones while hiding behind their "glass".

          The Mac looks like a VTECH kidding toy. I'm sorry if that offends you, but that is my opinion. To each their own though.
        • No, Apple is insane!

          "The Mac is sleek, clean, and solid; clearly in a better class of looks and design."

          The last gen models, yes. If you can't step off your high horse to see that this specific model looks like a 2 yr old HP, than YOU are insane. I have always respected Apple for its design and engineering. I also happen to like the cleanliness of HP's latest designs. Compared to IBM's offerings, the designs here are light years ahead. I have used both the HP and the Apple laptops pictured above, and both feel like solid machines. The Apple does have a slightly better overall feel to it, but looks-wise they are so similar that the common consumer, in THIS case, would probably go for the less expensive alternative (HP).

          Shame on Apple. The average person could care less what OS is in front of them. People buy Apple systems becuase they feel nice and they look expensive. Once you lose your selling points, you really have your work cut out for you in the market.

  • RE: Are MacBooks starting to look like HPs?

    The biggest difference in the "junkiness" of the device.
    PC's are littered with buttons and stickers and lights and
    indicators in hardware. The Mac OS makes them optional
    in the menu bar.

    Black and silver is a pretty generic color combo - I'm in
    San Antonio - Go Spurs - hardly a unique color.

    It's the engineering that counts - love the feel of my new
    powerbook - not quite a MBA - but large drive, fast CPU
    and an ethernet port - I'm happy... Worth the 1 1/2
    pounds - not to mention the saved cash...
  • The HP Way

    Apple could learn a few things by following how HP builds PCs.
    I am very happy with my HP Pavilion dv2000z Laptop (AMD Turion64x2).

    HP continue to run their own railroad and are making a break from their traditional OEM relationship with MS with their new Netbook Mini 1000.

    Read [url=]here[/url]

    Apple has nothing but a closed architecture which will hold them back from being anything but a niche-market player.
    • Apple not really a niche player

      Just number 2 in a market whose dominant player got its
      marketshare through illegal tactics.

      That takes a long time to crack.

      I wouldn't call their market share niche in a market of 2
      OS's. And as the number 3 seller of computers in the USA
      this year

      Gartner: "By 2011, Apple will double its U.S. and Western
      Europe unit market share in Computers. Apple's gains in
      computer market share reflect as much on the failures of
      the rest of the industry as on Apple's success. Apple is
      challenging its competitors with software integration that
      provides ease of use and flexibility; continuous and more
      frequent innovation in hardware and software; and an
      ecosystem that focuses on interoperability across multiple
      devices (such as iPod and iMac cross-selling)."

      Ford has a 9% market share in Europe and is the number
      one selling car.

      so niche market is not an appropriate categorization.
      Apple is number 1 in smart phones, number 1 in MP3
      players and I believe the MacBook is the number 1 selling
      portable computer in the USA, it is the number 2 selling
      laptop behind a $400 Acer at

      Porsche, Williams-Sonoma, Rolex, those are niche players.
      Apple has a general appeal and is affordable to all that
      understand the real value of computers and not just a
      price tag.
  • So, PCs are improving in design then?

    In all respects, couldn't this simply mean that the PC market is beginning to improve in designs. At the moment, I'm typing this reply on an HP laptop of my own and the design of the thing is beautiful, even better once you get rid of the stickers.

    While I can't speak for having a Mac in hand, I can say that HP laptops seem to have a somewhat nice visual design, though I've had one minor issue begin to pop up with my keyboard after roughly 6 months of ownership (shift key on the right has got stuck once or twice). My only complaint would be that I'd love a clean install, not one with their software, other than to support hardware features.