CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

Summary: If the rumor pans out it would mean that iPad 2 would be available on Verizon Wireless (and other CDMA networks) in addition to AT&T's current offering.

TOPICS: iPad, CXO, Mobility, Verizon

That wealth of rumors known as DigiTimes is reporting that Apple will offer three (count 'em) discreet versions of the second-generation iPad.

Apple is expected to release three versions of iPad 2, supporting either or a combination of Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA, for 2011 with mass production to start as early as the later half of January. Apple will ship about 500,000-530,000 units to channels in January with shipment ratio of Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA models at 3:4:3, according to industry sources, citing upstream component makers

The iPad 1 is currently offered in two configurations: WiFi only and WiFi+3G -- and the 3G is exclusively with AT&T. If the rumor pans out it would mean that iPad 2 would be available on Verizon Wireless (and other CDMA networks) in addition to AT&T's current offering.

It would make send that if Apple was developing a CDMA version of the iPhone (which has been rumored to death) that it would also entertain the option of adding a CDMA radio to the iPad as well. I'm encouraged by the news and would definitely upgrade from my current iPad 3G on AT&T to an iPad 2 on VZW -- but that's because Verizon simply works better in my neck of the woods. Obviously, YMMV.

I've said from the very beginning that if Apple is going to continue to grow unit sales and market share it needs to have iOS devices on every carrier. There's no carrier exclusivity that's worth more than having total market domination. And the with Android gaining momentum, Apple can't afford to squander its lead in mobile because it wants to cozy up with one carrier exclusively.

I hope that the VZW/iPad data plans don't cost a king's ransom.

iPad 2 on VZW... you buying?

Topics: iPad, CXO, Mobility, Verizon

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  • Well "IF" there is to be a CDMA iPhone why not an iPad?

    I'm sure there are a host of duplicate parts under the hood so increasing sales volumes for the CDMA version of both items will increase Apples purchasing power and get Apple better parts prices.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

    [i]I hope that the VZW/iPad data plans don?t cost a king?s ransom.[/i]

    Of course it will, don't be silly. Everything Verizon comes at a high price. But if you can afford an iPad you can afford a monthly Verizon fee.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

      @Loverock Davidson Even though it's Apple who sets the price of their products.
    • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

      I would much rather see an iPhone and iPad CDMA versions appear on Sprint. They're phone/data plans are much more reasonable then the both AT&T and Verizon.

      Verizon in particular is known for its outrageous pricing.
  • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

    Actually, VZW's pricing on tablet plans isn't all that bad. 1G-$20, 3G-$35, 5G-$50, 10G-$80 sure the 10 gig one is getting up there but I've seen many people on other forums pulling the trigger on this plan so it's selling well enough.

    What will be interesting is when the LTE versions come out, what VZW will do with those. I just wish they would give the cheaper 1G & 3G plans on 3G netbboks and modems as well. That would be nirvana for light data users, especially since carriers are screaming how overloaded their 3G networks are.
    • Not that bad???? Where the hell do you live

      @podstolom That pricing is RIDICULOUS. I get UNLIMITED data plan for $30 a month.
      • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

        @wackoae In addition to your phone's price plan which starts at $39.99 (for a minimum of $69.99). These are data only plans which do not qualify for the subsidized rate. Additionally, they use more data than your smartphone would - thus resulting in a higher data cost for the carrier to handle.
  • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?

    [i]It would make send that if Apple was developing a CDMA[/i]

    [i]And the with Android gaining momentum[/i]

    Just curious what you're using to type these blogs, and if they have a grammar checker.

    Regarding the post though, it would certainly make sense to offer the iPad on the same carriers as the iPhone. I also think AT&T will be seeing a mass exodus in 2011.
    • It passes the spell check...

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      • LOL!

        John Zern
      • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?


        Eye don't sea a thing with it.
      • RE: CDMA iPad coming to Verizon?


        Just for the fun of it, I ran your post through Word's spell checker and it had a problem with "chequer", "planely", "marques", "tipe", and "werd". Firefox has the same issues with them except for "marques". Time to update the poem ;)
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