Class-action suit filed over nano scratches

Class-action suit filed over nano scratches

Summary: A group of consumers has banded together and filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the scratch-prone iPod nano.


A group of consumers has banded together and filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the scratch-prone iPod nano. Finally tired of looking at their disfigured music players, several Apple customers have taken the nano scratching issue to a new level, they want to tell it to the judge.

"These Nanos scratch excessively during normal usage, rendering the screen on the Nanos unreadable," according to the complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif.

Part of me is happy that the new overly-litiguous Apple is getting a taste of their own medicine but another part of me can't help but question the legtimacy of the suit. I have seen some nanos that scratch like they have fleas, and others that are barely affected. Is it a manufacturing defect, design flaw, or a result of misuse by users?

That's a tough call, but in the four days before I slapped one of those clear adhesive stickers from Invisible Shield onto my black nano I had already acquired several scratches—and I never took it out of the house. I baby all of my electronics and was so scared of marring my virgin nano that I literally didn't take it anywhere. Yet on the second day I had several scratches that were clearly visible on the shiny front surface.

Now that I've got some nano protection I'm a little less paranoid about taking it out of the house but I'm still being super-fanatical about keeping it in pristine condition. The first round of nano cases should be hitting any day now and we'll all be able to take a break from the lawyers. At least some of you will...

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  • Ha Ha!

    Gotch Ya! the scrarchy problem has been arround since generation one ipod! Apologies to nelson!
    • Nope. You're quite wrong...

      My gen 2 10g is 3 years old and looks like new.

      My Nano, well, that's another story.
  • Apple products held to very high standards

    Isn't it amazing that microsoft has produced horrendous
    products that cost users billions of dollars every year, not only in
    down time and time spent applying patches, scanning for
    viruses, etc. but the extra money spent on anti virus programs,
    IT support, etc.

    And all the press can talk about are scratches on a personal
    player that people stuff in their pockets with keys, coins, etc.
    You know that Microsoft, Dell, Creative, etc. have some paid
    lackeys whose job it is to take a few scratched nano's and play it
    up like the coming of the next plague. It's pathetic.
    • Tin foil hat time?

      Oh give me a break. Take off your tinfoil hat for a minute and stop looking for conspiracies where there are none.

      Bottom line is that if the product is crap then it is crap. They wanted and received a ton of press when their product came out and there are problems with it, so it's not surprising that they would get press about that too.

      I have taken very good care of my new nano yet it too is covered in scratches. And, <gasp!> I don't work for Microsoft.

      Quit being such a fanboy and see reality.
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