Details surface on the MacBook Air

Details surface on the MacBook Air

Summary: Some lucky stiffs have already received the MacBook Air and details are starting to emerge.Take for example Walt Mossberg's revelation that "it's beautiful and thin, but omits features.


Details surface on the MacBook Air

Some lucky stiffs have already received the MacBook Air and details are starting to emerge.Take for example Walt Mossberg's revelation that "it's beautiful and thin, but omits features." Mossberg also reveals that the MBA gets 3 hours and 24 minutes of battery life running full kilter:

In my standard battery test, where I disable all power-saving features, set the screen brightness at maximum, turn on the Wi-Fi and play an endless loop of music, the MacBook Air’s battery lasted 3 hours, 24 minutes. That means you could likely get 4.5 hours in a normal work pattern, almost the five hours Apple claims.

Newsweek's Steven Levy weighs in with The Skinny on the MacBook Air and USA Today's Edward C. Baig writes MacBook Air: The sexy kind of skinny but with some flaws. For those that are too busy to read, Gizmodo has posted a handy MBA review matrix.

You can also check out the preliminary unboxing pictures and the size comparison to a Sony Vaio.

Move fast if you want to see the video of opening the bottom case to peek at the battery (better check the Google cache on this one, Apple spanked Gizmodo for opening their loaner machine).

The bottom casing has 10 screws, all #00 Phillips, but there are 3 different screw lengths... Nine screws hold the battery in.

Engadget has the full skinny (sorry) on the MBA's Remote Disk feature (no movie playback, no HD support).

And don't forget my colleague David Morgenstern's dissection of the MacBook Air technical note.

The Air uses a North Bridge chip with Intel GMA X3100 graphics, a 1.8-inch PATA (parallel ATA) hard drive, mono speaker and 4MB flash EFI boot EEPROM.

I ordered mine on 15 January, right after the keynote address and the Apple Store says that it will ship on 06 February.

What about you?

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  • At the very least the SONY Vaio...

    ...isn't a [url=]dongle[/url], you know, like the MBA.
    D T Schmitz
    • i know i said i'd stop...


      whew. ok, sorry.
    • You've got real issues man.


      And I think it's great. Are you going for the "first poster on every MBA thread" [i]and[/i] the "as many dongle mentions as humanly possible" awards both at the same time?

      That's wonderful.

    • _dietrich said..

      _dietrich said to his mommy "I'm fine."
      But he said to himself with a whine:
      "It's because of that mob,"
      he whinged with a sob,
      "Their dongle's are bigger than mine."
  • Another thing to remember

    I've been thinking about the real compromises: slower processor, slower hard drive,
    smaller disk options, no optical drive, no FireWire (and no Target Disk Mode), no
    opportunity to swap batteries, 100 base-T ethernet. At that point, an ordinary
    MacBook looks like a better deal - $700 cheaper, 2 lbs heavier, and a lot more
    features. No doubt that the MacBook Air is much more cool, but is that enough to
    outweigh its shortcomings? I'm sure it will be a commercial success based on the
    cool factor alone, but power may look elsewhere, even for a second computer.
    • .. also remember...

      .. that the MBA is not replacing Macbook or Macbook Pro. It's meant to be feather
      weight (if Macbook is the light weight).

      I can't really agree on the "slower" processor but otherwise yeah sure there's some
      "compromises". Everyone should think which one is a better option for them and
      certainly some people will appreciate the light yet powerful enough MBA.

      That said.. it's not for me because I don't really need one. I'm using MBP and it's
      light and compact enough for me :).
  • RE: Details surface on the MacBook Air

    wow what a huge waste of money for essentially a large PDA.
    • What PDA do you have...

      ...that has all the functionality of OSX???
      • I think that's called an iPhone.... wait, an iPhone lacks a few features most would consider needed on a PDA.
        • What was that? Did someone say something? The iPhone...

 a 'toy' and, may I also add, a little [url=]Dongle.[/url]

          Now, you take my Nokia 95 for example: [url=]Open to Anything[/url] and most of all NOT a Dongle!

          Drum roll.........
          D T Schmitz
  • MBA for the well off vacationing traveller

    I can see the MBA being the ideal notebook for the traveller going through all TSA
    checkpoints. The ability to have an instant wake from sleep and the brightness of
    the LED backlight should make the security person's job easier. The difference in
    weight will make it easier to carry and pull out to show it is really a computer and
    not a threat.

    Most travelers either have the movie they want to watch loaded on the HDD or on a thumbdrive. The availability of various power adapters will make the battery issue
    of little worry to most travelers. I wouldn't be surprised to see a battery box that
    you can put AAs in to add power to the MBA like the ones for the iPod.

    This is the kind of machine that would appeal to those vacationing and wanting
    something that can use the iLife apps to make photo and movie disks and burn
    them for others. The extras needed don't take up much more room in a bag and
    are usually used when you have time and power available in the hotel/ship room.
  • Mossberg is french for "Shill"

    I like this quote. "the MacBook Air???s battery lasted 3 hours, 24 minutes. That means you could likely get 4.5 hours in a normal work pattern, almost the five hours Apple claims."

    So the guy who is reviewing a product that is physically in front of him has to make up a guestimate on how long a battery runs just so he can justify Apple's claim?

    Reviewers nowadays are absolutely disgusting. We are trusting these "professionals" to tell us about products before we buy so shouldn't we expect that their loyalty would be to their readers rather than the corporations of the products they review?
  • RE: Details surface on the MacBook Air

    A Comparison of ultra light notebooks:
    Apple's price & feature set is right in the ballpark.