Fantastical 1.0.2 adds BusyCal support

Fantastical 1.0.2 adds BusyCal support

Summary: Flexibits today introduced Fantastical 1.0.2, an upgrade to its innovative Mac calendar app that includes one of its most requested features, BusyCal support.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

Flexibits today introduced Fantastical 1.0.2, an upgrade to its innovative Mac calendar app that includes one of its most requested features, BusyCal support.

Fantastical is a front-end to your calendar program (either iCal or BusyCal) that's available instantly from the menu bar via a click or a keyboard shortcut. I use it everyday, many times a day, and it's an indispensible part of my daily routine.

My use case Fantastical  goes like this: someone asks if I'm available on a given date, I type Control-Option-Space and a mini-version of my calendar reveals from my menu bar. I quickly scan my calendar from this UI and click on a given day to see what I've got scheduled that day. Color-coding helps make quick sense of my various calendars.

But, it's the second part where things get interesting.

If I am available on a given day, I can type sentence like "Lunch with John at 123 Main Street on Tuesday" into the text field at the top of Fantastical and it translates my sentence into an event and adds it to my calendar. Using iCal, this would involve lunching the app and about two dozen additional clicks to find the date and add the details of an appointment. Fantastical's natural language engine is extremely impressive and alone worth the $19.99 price of admission. The icing is that Fantastical supports CalDAV sync allowing it to sync with MobileMe, Google Calendar, and Yahoo! Calendar. Fantastical is available for $19.99 from the Mac App Store or directly from the Flexibits Store. Fantastical requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Fantastical 1.0.2 is a free update for all existing customers.

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • What I'd like is GPS and travel time included on appointments

    My use case: My calendar shows I have lunch with my friend Mary at 123 Main Street until 2 PM. I get a request from a client for a meeting at 2 PM at 345 Suburb Way. I am free at 2 PM, but that meeting location is 20 minutes from my lunch. I'd like my Calendar to check with Google Maps and point that travel time out to me so I can tell Mary our lunch has to be shortened so I can be on time for the client meeting.
  • maybe I'm missing something ...

    ... but if I've already navigated to the specific day (i.e., Tuesday) to see if I'm available, I don't see how typing "Lunch with John at 123 Main street on Tuesday" is any faster than clicking "+" and typing "Lunch with John <tab> 123 Main Street" and picking a time (which your example didn't include). Really about the same amount of work ... and I don't really have to double-check to make sure the system interpreted things correctly.

    Though I don't use one, I seem to recall that there are several Dashboard Widgets that streamline things even more.

    I'm not trying to take away from Fastastical -- the natural language thing is cool, and I love the name -- but I don't get how typing a big long sentence is so much easier than entering the same or less text into fields, when it can all be done via keyboard, too, and there's less margin for error.