First Psystar video surfaces

First Psystar video surfaces

Summary: Gizmodo brings us the first video of a Psystar Open Computer in the wild. Reader Patrick (Whiskeyfrown) made a video showing the machine (including the connections in the back to the monitor to show that it's legit).


First Psystar video surfaces

Gizmodo brings us the first video of a Psystar Open Computer in the wild. Reader Patrick (Whiskeyfrown) made a video showing the machine (including the connections in the back to the monitor to show that it's legit). It boots up into a Windows-looking bios then into Mac OS 10.5.2.

According to Patrick it runs "pretty damn fast" but Software Update won't recognize it so you won't be able to patch. System Profiler thinks that it's a Mac Pro. Listen to the fan, it sounds like a 747 taking off.

Don't bother clicking the play button above I can't embed the video, so it's just  screen grab. Jump over to Gizmodo to check it out. They're promising more pics soon.

In related news: Psystar called me today to tell me that the default white case is backordered 10 days, so I switched to black which is in stock. They told me that mine would ship this week, hopefully "in a couple of days."

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  • One question...

    Did you tell them you were going to write about your experience, and it would be read by quite a few people? You [i]are[/i] going to write about your experience, aren't you?
  • $400 = Disposable Mac. So are updates really that important?

    I'm not necessarily a fan of PsyStar, but the idea of a cheap Mac definitely has my attention.

    In the PC world then my strategy has always been to buy a cheap midrange PC and replace it in 12-18months. That ensures the latest hardware, specs and OS (Yes, Vista IS good if on proper hardware). So in the last 4 years I've only spent around $1500 in PC hardware.

    So why SHOULDN'T this work in the Mac world? It's similar hardware and while it does stink you can't run software update, at $400 then I'll run 10.5.2 for the next 12 months and if 10.6 is that compelling I'll dish out another $500 for a total upgrade.

    Obviously it would be best if Apple would just give us an affordable Mac Tower. But since they don't then if someone else offers a product we want then why not give them a shot. Competition is good for the consumer.
    • Excellent Point

      Excellent Point... Apple wants you tp replace you expensive mac at that rate anyways... I am sure the update patch will be sone fixed.. Comon.. WGA went down in 5 mins..
    • The real price is $554, not $400 , though, Urkel

      The $400 is just the box. By the time you add in Psystar's
      version of OSX you are up for $554 - just $45 less than a
      genuine MacMini with FW, wireless, iLife, etc etc.


      Rod Hagen
  • Ugh

    Psystar will flop. Support will be a nightmare. It will be fun to watch this pan out.
    • Maybe but not because of them

      More like apple's fault, who will do everything to make sure no one can get a affordasble Mac. The Apple business model is based on flashy plastic case that hide extremly low quality compoment and sold at at very high premium. If Apple cannot steal money from it's mindless drones (user base), it will go down under.

      So of course Psytar have a high chance of flopping and you can thanks the REAL monopolistict company for that: Apple.

      If MacOS is so superior, why Apple (almost illegally) prevent MacOS installation on a PC? (it can be with a but of hacking, but why is Apple so bent on preventing true competion?)
  • RE: First Psystar video surfaces

    Wouldn't buy an original and sure not buying a clone. They are both junk!!!

    And Apple thot they were inovating with the ifone??!!?
    Man this babies gonna nok there soks of!!!!
  • The Beige Mac is back...

    MB GA-945GCM-S2C $55
    2G RAM PC-6400 $45
    CPU E4500 $100
    HD Maxtor SATA $100
    DVD DVR-112D $40 "Superdrive"
    PS 500W $50
    VGA 7300GT $70 (optional, for dual out)
    CASE Old etower $0
    Leopard OS $109 (on sale)
    Running OSX from OTS hardware: Priceless
    Mac Hosehead
  • Psystar plans to patch after testing updates

    It was posted on the Psystar web site that they intend to test each OSX update and get it working with their bios emulation, then post it on their web site. Even without that effort, OSX is stable and secure enough that frequent updates shouldn't be critical anyway. Just use it as-is.
  • These were the same idiots

    who claimed it to be (yeah I know "looked like") a hoax:

    Now, they even have a video.

    After them, other punditiots (even some at ZDnet) felt the urge to blog about Psystar and repeated the same stuff with "addenda". Even if Psystar turn out broke, that does not change the fact that these people suffering of "blogorrea" tried to capture some hits to their every-time-less popular blogs.

    Nope, I don't work for Psystar and I am not related to them in any way. I clarify that because some people with big mouths but limited thinking abilities immediately jump to that "conclusion".
  • RE: First Psystar video surfaces

    Right on! Granted it sounds loud. Also understand that
    the fidelity of a web cam isn't the best and can over-
    modulate audio.

    It can't be any louder than the home grown box I have at
    home now.

    I purchased mine last Monday afternoon and I just received
    shipment confirmation that it went out last night.

    Not too shabby. Took them a week to build, test, and
    ship. All the while having to deal with start up issues and
    demand issues.
    • and....

      Not to mention they had to deal with the ever-amplifying echo chamber that is the blog world... Glad to see this is starting to materialize as something other than the out-right fraud most bloggers and commenters on here were screaming it was. I hope they are starting to wipe the virtual egg off of their faces...
    • I'd love to learn if boot camp works

      hope you enjoy it
      i love it when every pundit is wrong!
  • I'll pass

    Looking at the deal - it's not that great.

    $555 with leopard loaded which is less than a Mac
    mini. But adding iLife brings it closer. No support
    from Apple - including security updates & fixes.
    And a supplier that may well go out of business
    when Apple legal jumps on them.

    If I was a PC user wanting to try a Mac I'd go the
    mini route for a bit more, get the full load of
    software that Apple includes (and dump apps like
    Chess) or a MacBook with the edu discount.
  • I like OSX Hate Macs so I would

    Consider it if they pan out, and only if boot camp works since I'd still spend 90% of my time in Vista.
  • RE: First Psystar video surfaces

    I want to build a PC to beta Widows 7 if it goes public. Looking forward to that ... do not need another O/S and especially one that only has a one button mouse!
  • Who's using the Electrolux behind it?

    It's time to crank up the speakers when listening to music or
    watching movies on this thing. My Mac Pro I can put my ear
    near the front grill (not a position I'm in when using it) and
    barely heard anything.
  • When worlds collide

    OS X not running on an Apple Mac machine is like having apple
    pie without the apples. If I had to run OS X on a Wal Mart bought
    PC, I'd feel dirty and violated. Windows has so many problems
    because it has to support so many whack configurations. If they
    get rid of those reliable and trustworthy Mac computers, what will
    happen to stable OS X on all of those untested and unwashed PCs
    is havoc and chaos. Why, it would be almost like Windows
    running on a PC. Roll the dice. Some win, some lose. NO!
    thanks. Keep it off the PCs and on the Apple Macs. But you all
    can still dream.
  • Yep, I'd buy a clone

    Back in the mid80s I had a Laser 128 because I couldn't afford an Apple. Twenty years later I'd buy a clone because I won't pay for an overpriced Mac.