Gallery: Psystar unboxing, innards, maiden boot

Gallery: Psystar unboxing, innards, maiden boot

Summary: I posted a gallery of 23 pictures of the Psystar Open Computer unboxing. Pictures include the shipping box, the innards and the maiden boot.


Gallery: Psystar unboxingI posted a gallery of 23 pictures of the Psystar Open Computer unboxing. Pictures include the shipping box, the innards and the maiden boot.

Some notes:

  • The fan is quiet. Much quieter than is heard initial video of the Psystar someone posted. I think that that guy was vacuuming in the background.
  • I didn't order the $90 WiFi option. Big mistake. My office is a long haul from my Airport base station and cable modem. I've heard that the D-Link DWA-556 draft-n WiFi card is recognized as an Apple Airport card and am going to try it over the weekend. It's available for about US$75 on eBay.
  • I tried to launch the Boot Camp assistant but got a funny error message. I'll post the screen shots in another gallery.
  • When you buy a Psystar, frequent the OSX86 Project Wiki and Insanely Mac forums. They're immensely helpful.

 Image Gallery: Psystar Open Computer Unboxing, innards and maiden boot.  UM150 EV-DO modem UM150 EV-DO modem 

Post any questions or things that you want me to test in the TalkBack below.

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  • The disposable Mac?

    Obviously due to limitations set by the firmware or software updates this can't hold up against a "real" mac. But I'm really curious to see how it stacks up as a "disposable" Mac.

    At $4-500 then this is cheap enough that if it starts giving you problems (or if a mandatory software update comes along) then you can just toss it out and get the 2009 model. So while it probably isn't recommended to casual users, it does look appealing to a lot of other people.
  • Innerds?

    I believe the word is "innards", although your Freudian slip is quite appropriate. :)
  • RE: Gallery: Psystar unboxing, innerds, maiden boot

    How about posting the mother board part number ???
    • Motherboard information

      The motherboard is a Gigabyte S-Series, Model GA-G31M-S3L.

      Intel? G31 + ICH7 Chipset

      1. Supports Intel? Core? 2 multi-core and 45nm processors
      2. Solid capacitors design in CPU VRM
      3. Dual Channel DDR2 800 for outstanding system performance
      4. Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 (Intel GMA 3100)
      5. Integrated SATA 3Gb/s interface
      6. Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet
      7. Integrated High Definition audio
      Jason D. O'Grady
  • Win-Lose for apple

    All this focus on Psystar is a win-lose for Apple. On one hand, Apple can point out the cheap/shoddy construction of Psystar's offering in comparison to their line-up. On the flipside, people are going to start wondering if such cheap($) equipment will power OSX, why does Apple charge so much?
    • There is a big difference between the 2 systems..

      Nothing against either of them. Not sure what the cost would be to add the extra features that come with the Apple Mac, it probably not the 800 dollar difference shown, but at least 3 or 4 hundred more anyway. So when you compare Apples with Apples (pun intended) they are not as far apart as one seems to think

      1) Apple PowerMac $2600
      A) Single quad core 2.8 ghz. Faster than the psystar
      B) Includes Keyboard and Mouse
      C) 2 Fire Wire 800 ports
      D) 2 Fire Wire 400 ports
      E) Bluetooth
      F) Extra gigbit ethernet port.
      G) iLife Apps included
      H) 1Yr warranty (Could not find any warranty info)
      I) Free Shipping (Could not find any shipping info)

      2) PSYSTAR price $1,784.99
      DVD burner is 20x (apple 16x)

      Note: I selected options to make the systems as close
      as possible.

      1) Single Quad core on Apple -$500 (Apple 2.8ghz)
      Single Quad core on Psystar +400 (2.6ghz)
      2) 8800gt Video card (Apple +150 PSYSTAR +230)
      3) 750 gb drive on Apple +150
      • Not concerned with parity

        Just noting these demonstrations point out that Macs can be cheap. Personally I think Apple misses out by not offering a cheap option. Psystar demonstrates that it can be done. And it gives the impression that Apple products are unnecessarily expensive.
  • Apology to Psystar

    While I don't think I'd run OSX on non-Apple hardware unless Apple supported it, and it's clear that the startup was very rough, it's also clear that this is not a fraudulent operation, as I had originally feared. I therefore retract and apologize for previous statements I made on that subject.
    John L. Ries
  • RE: Gallery: Psystar unboxing, innerds, maiden boot

    It will be interesting to see if Psystar will have a go through the Courts , at the numerous people in computer publications who called Psystar -a fraud,cheat, con. etc.

    The American tendency to shoot first, and to think later was going at full throttle for a week or two.
    • You have to admit... looked very suspicious for a while.
      John L. Ries
  • I need a fan for two gig?

    I need liquid cooling for three?The BIOS chip gets more of a work out than the CPU does.There's even other chips in there,I looked!The Chipset is a code jungle.
  • Fusion? Parallels?

    I want to know if it runs Fusion and/or Parallels. The concept seems convoluted although. That is: modifying an already modified OSX to run another OS for which the hardware was originally designed for. Anyway, rock on!
    Mac Hosehead
  • I'd like your "final take" when all is said-n-done

    Don't keep us waiting. Run the thing through a series of tests, pound on it a bit, and give us your final take. Hands on experience beats every other kind, hands down. [my, aren't I "handy" with my verbosity] :)
  • RE: Gallery: Psystar unboxing, innerds, maiden boot

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