Google distributing multitouch to Nexus One users

Google distributing multitouch to Nexus One users

Summary: Google has started pushing out an Android update that adds multitouch. Nexus One users rejoice!


Within minutes of Apple pushing iPhone 3.1.3 Google began pushing out an Android update to Nexus One users. Hmmm. Timing's a little suspicious, but we'll chalk it up to coincidence.

The difference is that Apple's update is mostly under-the-hood, while the Nexus One gets support for multitouch. The pinch and stretch, two finger goodness was previously only available on the iPhone (in the U.S.).

As reported by Engadget:

they've capitulated and enabled multitouch in Browser, Gallery, and Maps -- great news and a big win for the Android community at large.

I still can't get the update on my Nexus One, it claims "your system is up to date." I'll update this post with more details when I get them.

Any N1 users want to chime in? Get it yet?

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  • what about the droid???

    multi-touch is probably the thing I miss most about my old iPhone.
    • Download Dolphin Browser

      If you want multi-touch right now, just download the dolphin browser, it supports it. The droid always supported multi-touch, just none of the native apps use it.

      I personally don't like multi-touch on a small screen, so I don't see the "greatness" of it that everyone hypes it to be a deal breaker and what not. And I've used it on the Iphone, Ipod Touch, and the Droid.
      • Tried that.

        I think Dolphin is kind of clumsy. I actually
        ended up rooting the phone and installing the
        stock browser from the euro version of the phone.
  • Yes all 4 droid users will get it right after both n1 users get theirs

    The pinch gesture is only for your phone though so keep your hands to yourselves :-)
    Johnny Vegas
  • Multitouch Android? Outrageous! IP Infringement!

    Oh, sorry. I think the verdict is out b/c Nokia has issues with alot of the GUI touch interface Apple has done and it covers ALL of their O/S products.

    Never mind.
  • RE: Google distributing multitouch to Nexus One users

    Is multitouch really only available on the iPhone? Last I checked I had pinch and stretch, two finger goodness on my Palm Pre. I must be delusional because I wish I was cool enough to own an Apple.
    • Palm Pre?

      Isn't that the phone the Palm guys keep trying to make iTunes recognize as an Apple product because they are too lazy, ignorant, or arrogant to come up with their own sync software?
      • Palm Pre?

        Touche. Your debating skills have me quaking. Too bad I do not use iTunes or I might be really upset. Why is Apple too lazy, ignorant or arrogant to make iTunes easy to use with any device? Don't answer that because it has nothing to do with this article.
  • RE: Google distributing multitouch to Nexus One users

    Wait... in addition to the outrageous ETF that Google is charging on top of T-Mobile's fees the OS - the all powerfull iPhone killing Android OS - did not come with multitouch?!?!? And this on a phone with virtually NO tech support?

    And the new and improved Jesus Phone - the iDo/ iCan/ iWill Droid did NOT come with multitouch either? Hmph, so there IS something that the iphone CAN do that the all powerful Droid can't...

    Like NZ says, cue the double standards...