Handicapping Apple's September 5 Event

Handicapping Apple's September 5 Event

Summary:  It's official. Apple has sent out invitations to a media event to be held on September 5, 2007.


Apple September 5 Invite


It's official. Apple has sent out invitations to a media event to be held on September 5, 2007. The invitation's slogan "The beat goes on" and iPod graphic don't leave much to the imagination as to what the company will announce.

The real question is exactly what Apple will do to the venerable iPod?

  • Will it simply be the same old-school 5G iPod with a Sammy 160GB 1.8-inch hard drive inside?
  • Will Apple dump moving platter hard drives entirely in favor of flash-based Solid State Drives (SSDs)?
  • Will the new iPod have a new 6G interface, previously leaked?
  • Will Apple announce a stumpy new iPod nano with a large-ish iPod video display? (Please, no.)
  • Will it be a complete migration of the iPod to the large touchscreen form-factor popularized by the iPhone?
  • If Apple does indeed move the iPod to the iPhone platform, will it ship with WiFi, Bluetooth, Safari and Mail – or a subset thereof? Then what happens to the nano and the shuffle?

There is always the potential that Apple will make changes to the iTunes store, announcing more content, less DRM, new artist exclusives, tweaked pricing, OTA iPhone downloads (please!), the list goes on...

What do you want from Apple on the 5th? 


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  • "The [b]BEAT[/b] goes on"

    New iPods......It can not get more obvious than that with that quote. Most likely will be the new 6G iPod with touch screen (and wifi?). Would be insanity and unlike Apple to go 2+ years and another holiday season without a major refresh to the line.
  • if it has to be with music

    a new ipod. I have a 2nd generation 20gb ipod, and i've had no reason to upgrade. it still holds all my music, so i don't need a space upgrade. a cool interface would be sweet. the only reason i need a new one is because the battery only lasts around 2 hours. that thing is durable though!! 3+ years of Pennsylvania winters (down to 11 F) and summers (up to 100F with 80-100% relative humidity) have gotten the better of the battery, but the sound quality and general mechanics of the thing are all perfect still.
  • The supply chain seems to be rather thin

    based on some reports I have read.

    That pretty well indicates new iPods. The only question is what
    will Apple release?

    My guess is a new nano, a top of the line that is basically an
    iPhone without the phone and something in between. Jonathan
    Ive seems to have been rather busy this year and there is no
    telling what he's come up with.
  • What I Want

    I surely hope the pundits predicting Apple will drop hard-drive based iPods in favor of flaah are wrong. Now, it's going to happen eventually but I believe there is still a market for large-capacity devices for which flash is still too expensive.

    I want a touch screen 6G iPod running OS X with the iPhone iPod interface. Built-in Bluetooth (with stereo profile, natch) is a must. WiFi would be nice, but really not necessary. And yeah, drop one of thos 160GB drives in there. I would order this iPod as soon as it hits the online store.

    Do I think we're going to get this?? Well, other than the 160GB drive (which is probably too new to make it into this rev - we're probably looking at 100-120 tops) I think this is our new high-end iPod.
  • The ability to charge over WiFi?

    Okay, so the technology isn't there yet. But Apple would probably like to be the first to implement such a thing.
    • The ability to charge over WiFi?

      That is impossible because WiFi does not give off any power whatsoever. There are ways to transmit electricity wirelessly, but they are all currently extremely dangerous.
  • I have a source

    However his NDA keeps him from talking. That bum. He and his loyalty to Apple must be shaken.
  • LEOPARD!!!!

    I want an early release of Leopard. I'm postponing a macbook pro purchase until it releases.
    • I'm postponing my Mac purchase too

      I'm waiting for OSX to become better than Linux and for Apple to lower the price of a Mac so it is no longer twice what the same non-Apple computer would be. Until then, Apple simply offers absolutely nothing of value.
      • Re: I'm postponing my Mac purchase too

        The fact that you might even consider a Mac puts a ray of sunshine through my otherwise cold and bitter heart.
        A Grain of Salt
      • And I'm postponing my Lexus purchase

        I'm waiting for the price of a Lexus to lower so it is no longer twice what a non-Lexus car would be...
        • Funny you believe that Apple is like Lexus

          Considering that Lexus doesn't build cars with half the features at twice the price, no comparison can be made. A better comparison would be to a $40,000 Ford Festiva with bling bling wheels: a cheap car with a gimmicky body but at a Lexus price.
          • Right

            Sooo, what doesn't an iPod have that other players have at "half" the price, besides an FM radio?

            Quality, user experience and such are admittedly hard to quantify, but Apple doesn't seem to be suffering. How many $40K Festivas do you see running around, as compared to white earbuds connected to iPods?

            If it was truely overpriced, it wouldn't command over 70% of the market, now would it?

            Apple marketshare is growing (17% of the laptop market?!). People are starting to ignore the foam-flecked, FUD-spewing Apple-haters and think for themselves. When they give Apple a fair chance, more and more are deciding to buy.

            Funny indeed. Looks like I am in better company than you are.
          • interesting...

            "If it was truely overpriced, it wouldn't command over 70% of the market, now would it?"

            Let me guess though, OS X is better that anything else, despite it's 3% global market share. Windows on the other hand is crap, despite it's 80%+ global market share.

            It's interesting the logic you fanboys come up with to defend your religion.

            Some would suggest that the growth in Apple's laptop share is as least partly due to those people that like the hardware and immediately install vista, never booting OS X.
          • Thanks for the concurrence

            Let's see, YOU 'softies always whine that Macs cost too much is why the
            marketshare is so small. If people didn't think they were getting their money's
            worth they wouldn't be buying it. I guess you are agreeing with me then.

          • Your assumption is off base

            I believe you'd have a difficult time finding anybody that would say "if it wasn't for the cost, I'd be a Mac user".

            There's many reasons Apple has been at >10% for decades, cost is just one.

            Smugness is another.
          • typo

            should be less than, obviously.
  • Stock split !

    It's about that time.
    • Fat chance

      No more stock splits for AAPL. It will sooner hit $1,200 per share (hopefully, in four
      years), than split. Jobs had learned a thing or two from Warren Buffet (his company,
      Berkshire-Hathaway trades at $120,000 per share).
      Predrag Vasic
    • No way

      Stock split makes no sense for the company right now. It is an excellent investment.

      Piper Jaffray puts target price at $205 within 12 momths.

      Stock at this price keeps the private equity and Disney away from Apple.

      Dell and MS are in the $20 like lots of medium sized companies or companies in financial difficulty.