How to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

How to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

Summary: If you've been tempted to jailbreak your iPhone but haven't yet taken the plunge, I've got a couple of tips that will help make the process a little smoother.1.


If you've been tempted to jailbreak your iPhone but haven't yet taken the plunge, I've got a couple of tips that will help make the process a little smoother.

1. Connect to iTunes and make a backup of your iPhone.

2. Download and install Blackra1n.

3. With your iPhone connected run Blackra1n and click on the "make it rain button." (yes, it's that simple)

It will take a couple of minutes and your iPhone will reboot. You'll know that it's complete when you see this dialog:

4. Tap and run the freshly installed Blackra1n app.

You'll see a screen like the one above.

5. Here's the important part: Only install Cydia at this point. Resist the urge to install Rock and Icy – you can always install them later. I installed all three JB apps at once and Cydia gave a weird warning about not knowing its version number and Winterboard wouldn't run. If you install all three (like I did) your best bet is to restore and re-jailbreak.

Once you install Cydia, you're pretty much done. Take some time and try some software, especially Winterboard – which is found in Cydia under Featured Packages (scroll down). Oh, and don't forget to try some themes.

Have fun!

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  • Why does Apple persist

    I am amazed the game of cat and mouse Apple
    users must play to get a phone that they can do
    with as they please. The same people who openly
    criticize Microsoft for all and sundry, but the
    beloved Steve Jobs whom it appears must own
    their soul wraps his world and thus his users
    in DRM and thats OK, how bizarre.

    I however applaud Zdnet for helping them with a
    brief respite, until his nasty programmers
    again break it. Who needs virus's when Steve
    and his cronies are much worse. It really is
    the devil they know.
    • Because

      Steve Jobs started a cult and so like good sheeps the members of the Cult of Jobs countinue to sing praise to their "god" and "messiah".

      Soon we will see the Apple Store become the new Churches with wedding and all...
      • Yup - they are just as bad

        as those M$ Shills who worship at the twin altars of Gates and Ballmer and spread the heretic teaching of the OS known as Vista... LOL

        A wedding at an Apple Store... I'm actually surprised no one has done that yet... maybe because the prospective bridal parties don't want to deal with the control freak issues of Steve Jobs...
        • Can you image...

          Steve Jobs on Bridezillas? LOL. Too funny.
          • ROTFLMFAO!!!! (nt)

      • RE: How to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

        Sometimes <a rel="follow" href="">Used Honda Seattle</a> and <a rel="follow" href="">Used Acura Seattle</a> may take care of your <a rel="follow" href="">Used Volvo Seattle</a> circumstances.
    • cash

      Its all about money...or is it? I would buy an iphone if I could use it the way I want to..who does this jobs guy think he is dictating who can sell it to me..what I can do with it?Seems he is telling the market he is so unsure of the quality of his product he wants to control how the consumer use it and control the retail price of something which is worth a lot less than he asks for it.Android is going to kill it quicky unless he builds a loyal community around the iphone.
      The Management consultant
    • I personally critisize where criticism is needed

      be that target Microsoft (i.e. Vista OS, Danger Inc's Sidekick data fail), Apple (making the iPhone a b1tch to jailbreak, leaving out features), and/or extremist diehard zealots on both sides of the Microsoft/ Apple battle...:-)

      And I think by jailbreaking the iphone those who are running jailbroken iPhones are indeed criticising Apple and Steve Jobs... I'm running a jailbreak on my iPhone and another great app to run is PDANet - for those not in the know that app allows teathering on the iPhone. I've said it before, the iPhone kicks a$$ but it could be so much better of Apple would integrate the things that people are jailbreaking the iPhone for - themes, video recording on the 2Gs and 3Gs (another great app for jailbroken iPhones is cycorder which allows the 2Gs and 3Gs to record video... contrary to Apple's claim that those units cannot run video), and other tweaks.

      On the other hand, people can also pirate official paid app store apps to their jailbroken iPhone - while I have to admit the temptation is pretty hard to resist when dealing with apps by large corporations that have screwed over customers before (EA Games anyone? And yes I have managed to resist the temptation BTW) there are those apps made by the "little guy", the guys and gals making apps for the love of making apps that also are being potentially ripped off by those who's ethics are less than what is acceptable behavior...

      • Theft is theft -- whoever the victim

        Theft is theft. You are right to not steal. I have no problem with your jailbroken phone. I assume you don't accept Apple OS updates. Earlier posters seemed to think they were [i]entitled[i] to both.
        Jim from Indy
        • Actually

          I DO accept the Apple updates - once a jailbreaking solution is found. I definitely advocate jailbreaking for the added features I've mentioned but I DO not advocate app piracy. I do feel that the whole pissing match is pointless - Apple will plug holes and someone will find another way.
  • Use Pwnage Tool instead

    Saw posts that BlackRain works but hoses the BaseBand. Pwnage is the safe and better tool to use. Pwnage has more dev time behind it. BR is brand new.
    • Pwnage Tool

      only works on MACS! That leaves us Windows users who want the jailbreak dependent on mac users, having to run a hackintosh, or wait for the next Dev-Team created Windows jailbreak.

      As long as Blackra1n works on Windows I'm good with that. I had hoped that WinPwn, QuickPwn, and/or XPwn would have made it... especially XPwn which had the capability to create custom firmware roms like Pwnage Tool but ran on Windows.
    • 1, BlackRain causes problems.

      If you don't have a mac, go to a friend's house
      and use Pwnage tool there.
      • That I did not know

        not having used Blackra1n... when I jailbroke mine the last time I used a custom firmware someone made for me using Pwnage Tool... Just download it, sync with iTunes, hit shift-restore, go to the custom firmware file in Windows explorer and select it, and let iTunes do it's thing... and DONE.

        Dev Team had at one time made a Windows version of Pwnage Tool called XPwn - unfortunately they haven't done anything with it in quite some time so it's not able to do a custom firmware for the 3x OS...
  • RE: How to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS

    Jobs is no different from any other manufacturer of proprietary equipment. He decides who can sell his equipment by authorizing dealers. He controls the price (illegally...) by refusing to sell to (even authorized) dealers who sell for less than the SRP. He owns the software in the phone (same as Microsoft owns the software in your PC....)
    You have the right to use the software, but not the right to change it or reverse engineer it. If you do, you've violated your software license. If you never update your phone (to take advantage of Jobs' updates he only offers to licensed users...) then a jailbroken phone will be fine, as long as Jailbreaking the phone doesn't interfere with your use of your cellular provider.

    Is this so hard to understand? Why would Jobs give away his intellectual property for free? Why would he accept your meddling with his software when he has MILLIONS who are willing to take it on his terms? There's nothing wrong with Jobs. There's something wrong with folks who expect something for nothing!
    Jim from Indy
    • Except...

      I can use anny software on my PC and MS cannot restrict it. I can also remove Windows and put linux on it. But the iPhone is locked to a singular network, has restrictions on what apps can run(only those that are sold on the iTunes store) And you cannot change the OS for something else.

      Oh and there are laptops that cost less then an iPhone...

      EDIT: fixed the title...
      • You are comparing

        - if you will forgive the unintended pun - Apples and Oranges when comparing a PC to an iPhone...

        A more relevant analogy would be the ability to bake custom roms on WM smartphones - which I have done BTW on my old WM smartphone. But one cannot run another OS other than WM on a smartphone sold with WM... so griping about not being able to change the OS on the iPhone is irrelevant when one cannot change the OS on any other smartphone... I can't run Android on my BB or iPhone, I can't run the iPhone OS on my BB or WM device, and I can't run the BB OS on my iPhone or WM device...

        One CAN run Windows (and maybe even Linux) on a Mac using a hack, one can run the Mac OS on a Windows machine using a hack...

        So yeah I pretty much pwned your argument.

        Oh and as for the price of the iPhone - I got my iphone at the subsidized rate of $299.00 over a year ago - find me a laptop I could have bought for less than $299.00 a year ago... NOT a netbook but a laptop. I'll wait.
        • I know... oranges and apples

          Well Jim from NoVA started the comparason between PCs and iPhones...

          I do understand that iPhones are infact smart phones(with the added tag word of TOY in front) and not computers. But if I buy a phone i buy a phone without a prison-contract because I simply refuse to be inslaved by a carrier.

          PS: the unsubsidized iPhone price is about 700$ so there are laptops cheeper then 700$ (ps: netbooks are a type of laptop, cheep poor ones but laptop still, hell there are computers (verry small towers) that costs less too).

          Oh and there is verry little difference between an iPhone and an iPod toutch, and no a GSM chip would not cost 300$.
          • I see your point...

            Not so sure about the TOY tacked in front of the "smartphone" label when applied to the iPhone - I can do everything I need to on my iPhone and a lot faster and better than I could on my WM smartphone and in many cases than I can on my BB. And that does include editing Office documents.

            As far as the subsidized vs unsubsidized that my friend is on you - and whoever else want to pay full price for the iPhone... Yes definitely there are laptops that are less than $700.00 - and not stripped down ones either - but I wanted the iPhone (just like other did and some go for the WM, Android, Pre, etc.) and did not see the point of paying full price when I can get into a contract and get the hardware for far less - I'm going to have to make the monthly payments to a carrier anyhow...

            I'm totally with you on the iPod Touch/ iPhone difference - or lack thereof other than the GSM chip...
      • Apples and oranges

        When you buy a PC you are only buying hardware. What you then choose to use as your software for everything from the operating system to applications is your choice. Of course few people buy just a chunk of hardware. 99.8% are preinstalled based on what MOST people want on their systems.

        Everyone is complaining about the iPhone, but I don't hear anyone screaming about the inability to switch phones running Windows Mobile or Symbian. Those systems and applications have their own set of restrictions as well.

        The iPhone is unique and set the standard with its apps and now everyone wants to put their own spin on it. In the meantime it runs on a network which requires some modification in order to allow for the uniqueness of the phone. If everyone tweaks the iPhone and it starts running tons of non-standard applications then no one knows what it will do to the network. That causes problems for everyone.

        We can all complain about AT&T and I agree that they are not as good as they should be, but Apple knows how to create a market for their products and preventing them from becoming commodities is a sound strategy.

        The great part of being a consumer in America is you have lots of choices. If you want something you can change, go buy it. It is not up to Apple or any company to build something to please everyone. Most folks like their iPhones just fine.