Interesting facts about the new MacBooks

Interesting facts about the new MacBooks

Summary: Some quick observations about the new MacBooks culled from around the Web:The MacBook no longer has a Firewire port.Target Disk Mode is gone too (it died with Firewire).


Some quick observations about the new MacBooks culled from around the Web:

  • The MacBook no longer has a Firewire port.

  • Target Disk Mode is gone too (it died with Firewire).

  • A new version of Migration Assistant (1.2.2 build 174) is supposed to be much faster.

  • The MacBook Pro loses DVI in favor of a Mini DisplayPort.

  • The MBP has two video cards (Nvidia GeForce 9400M integrated graphics and a 256MB or 512MB GeForce 9600M GT) but you have to log out and log in to change cards.

  • "Late-2008" MacBooks recognize the microphone on Apple earbuds and accept it as an input. iTunes respects button clicks from the earbuds to skip and repeat tracks, etc.

  • Demonstration MacBooks are running Mac OS 10.5.5 build 9F2114 — the latest release is build 9F33.

  • The new MacBook (and Pro) are the first notebooks from Apple to use a SATA optical drive. This opens the door to replacing the optical drive with a second hard drive.

  • There are at least six Liquid Submersion Indicators (LSIs) in the the MacBook. Don't feed coffee to your MacBook. Apple will know that you did.

  • No video adapters included in the box. Prepare to buy at least one US$30 video adapter if you expect to connect any type of monitor to the new MacBooks (except the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display, that is).

  • The keyboard is removable. If you're willing to remove 56 screws.

  • Hard drive swaps are now much easier in the MBP. The HDD sits next to the battery under a latched cover. The HDD is secured by one screw.

  • The Kensington lock prevents the bottom latch from being released, securing the battery, RAM and hard drive.

  • Two RAM slots support the 1066 MHz PC-8500 specification. Max chip density currently is 2GB for a total of 4GB. No word on 4GB chips.

  • Apple switched from using Intel to an NFORCE chipset on the motherboard. The serial ATA controller is an NVIDIA MCP79.

  • The glass front panel is bonded to the aluminum case behind the screen. If you bend the aluminum or break the glass fascia, you'll have to replace the entire screen and top case. It's one part.

  • System Preferences has new icons for Energy Saver and trackpad. (Shouldn't the CF bulb icon be white?)

Interesting facts about the new MacBook

Also worth a look is AppleInsider's A closer look at Apple's move to NVIDIA chipsets, DisplayPort.

(Sources: AppleInsider, APC)

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  • No Firewire or Target Disk mode?

    Well that pretty much eliminates my desire to buy one...
    • Ditto. [nt]

    • is that confirmed?

      has apple confirmed that target disk mode is gone? maybe it can be implemented over USB?
      • Or Ethernet. Or wireless.

        At first, I thought this was a show-stopper. But then I tried to think of how many times I've used Firewire on my iBook G4, and the answer was: once--for the Migration Assistant thing. I can live with the one-shot transfers taking a little longer. Unless you're a video or audio pro, I really don't think this is a huge deal.
        • Or USB

          The newest digital video gadgets in Japan are moving away from Firewire (ILINK) to USB 2.0, if that's any indication of the future of peripherals.
    • It is stupid to be missing these features.

      I don't know why Apple didn't just replace the PowerBook 12-inch with an MacBookPro 13-inch model for those professionals? Under the older MacBook format the Firewire and TargetDisk mode was the saving grace of that model for professionals who wanted a small format laptop to carry on the plane or other place. Since they have removed these features on the new MacBook those professionals will not buy these now.
      I don't mind if they remove those features on the MacBook if they had an small format (ie 12 to 13-inch display) MacBookPro.
      I used a 12-inch PowerBook G4 for several years and it great for traveling professional because of it size and weight. Also due to the size restrictions of carry-on baggage the small format will fit all of my stuff which I normally carry (ie extra days of stuff in case of lost baggage).
      Again it is stupid for Apple to remove this from MacBook unless they have intention to introduce a small format MacBookPro.
  • RE: Interesting facts about the new MacBooks

    Interesting fact number fifteen: Without FireWire
    this thing is just an expensive ornament
  • Why is there a 'Startup Disk' Icon still??

    So explain why they bother to keep the 'Startup Disk' icon in the
    System Preferences if there is no use for it? Worth looking into
    prior to posting this article.
    • 3 reasons (+ 1)

      1. you might have multiple bootable HDs (including externals).

      2. you might want to tell it to boot from the optical drive.

      3. you might have bootable partitions.

      3a. you might have a bootcamp partition.

      granted, you could boot from a partition, bootcamp or another HD by holding [option] at boot and selecting the drive, and you could boot from the optical by holding [c], but not everyone knows that.
  • RE: Interesting facts about the new MacBooks

    good answers, thanks!
  • RE: No Firewire?????

    How is one to connect any firewire drives to the new MBP ?
    The video industry has connected to firewire, so what up?
    • Pro has firewire

      The Macbook Pro has Firewire 800. Only the macbook did away with the firewire.
  • RE: Interesting facts about the new MacBooks

    Well I just checked out one of the new 15" Macbook pros
    at the apple retail store and I must say this is one great
    looking computer it is a shining example of great
    industrial design. I can say that there are a few features or
    should I say exclusions on the new mac book pro that are
    inconvenient but they are not deal breakers.

    1. no firewire 400 like on my currant MBpro but with a
    adaptor cable I can connect to the Firewire 800 port so that
    is inconvenient but I can still connect my firewire 400
    2. No DVI but again with a adaptor I can still connect to the
    Mini display port so inconvenient yes but not a deal
    3. The No Target Disk Mode statement well I think I might
    have used this feature once in 8 years on any of my macs
    that supported it and although it can be a great benefit to
    IT pros it is not the only way to transfer files and the new
    Migration Assistant does a great job it is really a non-
    issue for most users.

    Personally I feel this is the coolest notebook out there it
    may not be the most mobile computing power you can get
    for the least money but it is by far the best made and it is
    more then just a bunch of features but a completely
    designed device that is beautiful as well as functional.

    I know those that don't care about esthetics will bash it as
    over priced and go on about all the omissions as huge
    drawbacks and be quick to discount features like the
    unibody enclosure since no other note book has this type
    of construction. And the glass multi-touch track pad again
    no other notebook (except other MacBooks) have this
    feature. And then the dual graphics chips on the Macbook
    pro built in I have seen no other note book that has this
    that I know of. It would be nice if you could control which
    graphics chip was used based on the energy saver
    preference settings since it goes without saying why would
    you choose the slower graphics except to save battery
    power when on the go.

    You simply can't do a feature per feature comparison and
    discount the basic construction of a device and overall way
    features are combined as a whole.
    So with that in mind I can say there simply is no note book
    at any price that compares to the New Macbook pro.
    Michael Fournier