iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

Summary: Apple's iOS 4 is expected to be released today. While you're waiting here are a couple of things to do to prepare.


Although the iPhone 4 hardware isn't available until available Thursday, you can get a taste of it today.

Apple has stated that the next major update to its mobile operating system -- iOS 4.0 -- will be released today, June 21, 2010. So far only developers have been able to test the Golden Master ("GM") version of the 4.0 code, which is build number 8A293.

iPhone OS 3.0 was released at around 10:30 am PT/1:30pm ET, on June 17, 2009. So if it's any indication, we could see iOS 4.0 around the same time today. But that's only a theory.

While you're obsessively clicking on the "Check for Updates" button in iTunes there are a couple of things you can do to prepare.

For starters, make sure that you have iTunes 9.2 installed, as iOS 4 requires it. Second, it's also a good idea to plug your iPhone into iTunes and make sure that you have a full backup. This is important for the restoration process and so that you don't have to wait for it to back up once you're ready to install the update.

While iDevices get backed up automatically by syncing, you can confirm which backups are stored on your iTunes by going to Preferences > Devices. You can also force your device to backup by deleting the last backup in the "Device backups" list.


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  • get ready for the whining...

    "OMFG I was waiting for the big job interview call but I missed it because my iPhone was bogged down updating due to a server overload"
    I guess I'll just like an article from last year:
  • RE: iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

    Break out the popcorn, get my easy chair, cue up the blogs and news and get ready to chuckle....

    Let the circus commence!
  • Download of iOS 4 took 25 seconds

    I started my update at 10:45 Pacific and it took 25 seconds to download the software. So, bad news for the trolls today.
    • It's good news for you


      But if you check out the Apple discussion boards, problems are already popping up. It went well for you and it will go well for most. What always makes me chuckle is people updating today who really DON'T have the time to wait upon issues. If they would wait one or two days after the rush is over it will all go fine. Here are a few quotes:

      "This is the longest update E V E R. Still, I'm excited about it even if my 3G won't get the multitasking. sigh"

      "Oy... I've timed out 3 times so far but hopefully this time is the charm. (1/3 of the way DL'ed.) "
  • ...But thats only a theory?...

    Jason, would not "conjecture" be the correct word or a better word, maybe others as well, than, theory. Your use of theory is not what I learned in school as its meaning nor use for the word theory.
    • RicD_, would you not look like less of a

      @RicD_ jackass if you kept to the subject and quit trying to look like a scholar? <br>Two other words for theory are speculation and hypothesis- which is the way I took Jason's statement... he was theorizing or speculating about the availability time of iOS 4.0, based on what he knew about previous updates. In short, WTF are you talking about?<br>If you want to say anything about it, feel free- <br> (my phone number and email address are there)
      • Common usage of a word does not change the original meaning...

        Name calling is so childish, I would expect much better more mature response from you.

        According to my dictionary the word theory means: A plausible or scientifically acceptable genera principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena, a set of facts.

        In my opinion there was neither fact presented nor principles, only conjecture and, as you stated speculating.

        So many words are misused by folks assuming they are using them in a correct manner. As we learned words our teachers had us look them up to find the correct meaning not the assumed one. To this day I have numerous dictionaries in my office, very old and modern, use them often.

        Now, there is not any reason to use profanity along with name calling. We can in a mature adult way agree to disagree about a words meaning.
  • everyone stfu and WAIT

    The only people who are more lame than those who complain about how busy Apple's servers are, are the people who complain about the people who complain about how busy Apple's servers are. Sheesh! Get a life EVERYBODY!
    • RE: iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

      @dropzone@... exactly!
  • RE: iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

    I was kind of jazzed to find out 4.0 was available today (even if my 3G won't get multitasking..oh well...)! So far so good on the update- started at 11:57 pm CST. Finished downloading at 12:10 am. I've been pretty excited about this update, so I'll try it and find some place to post about it, I guess.
  • Had no issues making the migration to iOS 4

    yesterday on my iPod Touch 2nd Gen. Downloaded the new version @ 5pm, that was done downloading in about 10 minutes, Installation and Restore took about an hour, and so far I have to say, I am really liking this update.

    While the update is really just an evolutionary update, not really revolutionary, the folders feature has allowed me to condense my 6 pages of apps down to just under a single page of apps.

    The update mail client is also pretty sweet. Multiple exchange accounts, and now the capability to pull in and sync my google calendar, and notes in GMAIL. The client even does conversation view for my Exchange account on Exchange 2007, and seems to do it the right way, which is awesome.

    iBooks is a nice addition, (must download separately), but I have already imported some PDF's and E-books, works pretty slick.

    The update to the pass-code feature is nice as well. Much more nicer having the ability to put in a pass phrase instead of a 4 digit pin.

    So overall I am very pleased with this update. I am looking forward to the iPod Touch refresh in September.
  • Ugh...4 hrs plus and counting

    Download of iOS4 took 20 minutes last night. Started the install immediately and quit after two hours of "Backing up 'My iPod'". Read support - no info other than to plug USB into back slot of computer other than front port...Huh? Anyway, started to install again at 9:40 am EDT and the indicator shows maybe 5% progress. I'm guessing 8 hours at the current rate. There is obviously something wrong here. Using Win7, latest iTunes, iPod 2G fully patched.7.01 GB of free space on iPod. Only thing I can think of is NAV is doing something. Ideas? Suggestions?
    • RE: iOS 4 release imminent; here's how to prepare

      I am going through my 4th "backup" hang when installing 4 on my 3G. Should I just let it run all night? I restarted twice because I thought it was hanging forever. Advice?