iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

Summary: One of the consequences of new software is bloat. In its worst manifestation new features get added at the expense of core feature performance.


iPhone 2.0 performance issues: ContactsOne of the consequences of new software is bloat. In its worst manifestation new features get added at the expense of core feature performance. A perfect example of this is iPhone 2.0 software, specifically the Contacts application.

When I migrated from iPhone 2G to 3G I synchronized my data to the new phone and Contacts slowed to a crawl. While my database of contact is large (2,300+ cards) it performed well on my iPhone 2G. Contact lookup was snappy and I could jump to any letter in my contacts (then it was inside the Phone application) with no hesitation whatsoever. Now the iPhone 3G's Contacts application is horribly slow.

Clicking on a letter in the right navigation of Contacts now takes a full five seconds to respond. Five seconds! At first I thought that the Contacts application was crashed when I tried to jump to one of the letter shortcuts, but eventually it would jump. Then I thought that both the Mail and SMS applications were buggy too but the problems seem to stem from the Contacts application or any time a contact record is accessed.

Contacts are an integral part of any phone, and on iPhone they're not only used to look up and dial telephone numbers, but they're also used every time an email or text message is addressed. So Apple's buggy Contacts application has effectively hobbled an integral feature of the iPhone and it's also brought down Mail and SMS with it.

For the time being I'm going to whittle my contacts down by about half to see if that helps – but I shouldn't have to, it worked just fine before.

While on the topic of the iPhone's Contacts application, I think that the search bar should be fixed at the top of the contacts window instead of having to try to click on its microscopic magnifying glass icon at the top of the letter shortcuts.

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  • What was that about user experience?

    I thought the iPhone was all about user experience? I assumed you guys all meant that it was about a [b]positive[/b] user experience. Turns out I was wrong. :)
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    create index name_idx on contacts(surname);
    • ???


      Is this a fix or did you append a glitch to the forum?


      Can you elaborate?
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I agree completely...the contacts application is horribly slow,
    I have 114 contacts, and when I tap the contacts app it takes
    more than 5 seconds for me to even be able to scroll
    through the list, let alone, be able to search or tap on a
    contact and look at the info....I hope this issue is addressed
    in a software update ASAP.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I have no problems at all, but I only have 75 contacts on my iphone.

    Are you sure that you aren't syncing contacts with active directory? If so you need to be aware that it has to query the Exchange server for those contacts, which may be the reason for the slower performance.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I agree, the updated Contacts software is a step backward from the previous version. I have only a handful of contacts that sync with my Windows Contacts (no Exchange or ActiveSync) and I experience the same five-second (or more) delay before being able to scroll through the list. Bad.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I'm very disappointed in this entire update. I can't even Sync my Outlook at all since I updated. Support as well is horrible and they won't admit they have issue's !
  • Great YouTube videos showing laggy iPhone

    [url=http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1608445&tstart=0] Lag, lag, lag [/url]

    I love how he is tapping and swiping repeatedly and nothing happens for a few seconds! You can almost see him wanting to smash this thing on the sidewalk!!
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    Mine is also noticably slower with 600 contacts, several programs run slower and I often think it is locked up. I only updated the software to my 2G.

    Also agree the search feature of the contacts needs to be stuck at the top all the time.

    How about a copy paste feature - there is nothing better than writting down something in an email, so I cay type it into a web page...
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    Right on. I've gotten "used to it" - that is I stop trying to
    reboot when I load contacts. Search shouldn't be so hard
    given you can only search on three fields - names and
    company. In my palm I could search on anything I could
    remember about a person - and pull up their name - with
    the iPhone I better know a name or company if I need to pull
    up a person. Not good...
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I updated my iPod Touch and have the same issue. I have over 3,500 contacts and under the old software it was almost instantaneous to move between contacts. Now there is a big delay in first being able to interact with the program and then some minor delays in reacting to input. I haven't even tried searching yet - I am afraid that this will take forever. I am not willing to "whittle down" my contacts to make the program respond better - my phone already has a shortened list. The iPod was meant to carry my full list.
  • Could this be related to

    OTA syncing with me.com? I haven't tested it yet. I too am
    experiencing the slow Contacts issue.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I'm glad someone has finally written something about the performance issues with the 2.0 software. I noticed the degradation in performance the first time I used the iPhone 3G. I started to think I was the only one having these problems based on all the positive reviews. Not once did any CNET or ZDNet review mention anything about the loss of performance.

    Hopefully enough people will complain that it forces Apple to fix the problem and release an update.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    It's a huge problem. Further than SMS and mail, it also affects the
    Phone app - which is rather core to any, er, phone. I have to
    imagine someone at Apple who tested this has more than their
    favorite 50 contacts -- but perhaps not. The "find" feature is a
    must, but I agree, the find bar is surprisingly hard to rouse from
    the right alphabet pane. I do have 3100+ contacts, but I can't
    imagine the time it would take to cut that in half. Even the Moto
    Q and Blackberry Curve performed better than this. Ok, they
    didn't have the neat apps nor the relatively bug-free core apps...I
    think a quick software upgrade should help this! Apple, please?
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    Don't hold your breath on an update. Apple don't even acknowledge that there is problem.
    In addition, E-mail is also pretty poor with sending e-mails via smtp becoming a real issue.

    If this 3G version and v2.0 software is supposed to be the Blackberry killer, I suggest SJ and Apple take another look at the discussion pages on Apple.com

    Blackberry and Apple.... a right old fruit salad at the moment.
  • Babysitting Syncing

    Got my IPHONE 3G 4 days ago. Worked fine initially, and then now I find that not all contacts and calendar items are not syncing (if at all). I spent an hour this morning trying the RESTORE PHONE (NEW PHONE)option in ITUNES. Let's just say it was an hour of my life I'll never get back. Other people in the company I work for are having the same problem (MAC's and PC's) but they have the original IPhone.

    Now I have to babysit my contacts and calendar items on both my PC and IPHONE. I suppose this is a undocumented feature of the IPHONE 2.0 upgrade experience.
  • RE: iPhone 2.0 performance issues: Contacts

    I just synced my iTunes today and there was a 2.01 update that seemed to fix some of this speed issue, it said it was to fix some bugs. Appears to be faster after a couple of hours of use.