iPhone 3G: Initial reaction (updated 3x)

iPhone 3G: Initial reaction (updated 3x)

Summary: I've had my iPhone 3G for about two hours, not enough time to do anything resembling a review, but I wanted to blog some of my early observations. (Pictured are Rob Parker and I waiting in line in Atlantic City)This post will be continually updated so I encourage you to come back often and to add your two cents worth in the TalkBack below.


Jason and Rob at the iPhone 3G launch in Atlantic CityI've had my iPhone 3G for about two hours, not enough time to do anything resembling a review, but I wanted to blog some of my early observations. (Pictured are Rob Parker and I waiting in line in Atlantic City)

This post will be continually updated so I encourage you to come back often and to add your two cents worth in the TalkBack below.

  • Activation took over an hour (total), I couldn't activate in the Apple Store and had to do it on my own. I still can't sync my old data to the new phone though.

  • Apple allowed my to buy two iPhone because I'm on the Family Plan. I think that they would have let my buy up to five.

  • The new phone's shape feels really good in the hand, both lighter and thinner, although I wasn't asked to "bond" with my iPhone (although I asked to).

  • iPhone 3G ships with Firmware version 2.0 (5A345) (Settings > General > About) but 5A347 is also floating around, not sure what the difference is.

  • The Field Test mode (*3001#12345#* SEND) still works, but I haven't had a chance to really grep through it yet.

  • GPS on the Google Maps application is better than I thought. Really accurate (at least in Atlantic City) but it doesn't move the map along with you when driving though.

  • Tough to get any sense of battery life when I keep having to plug into my computer to see if that activation/sync problems are fixed yet. Apple really borked the activation thing bad, I keep having this vision of a pissed off Steve Jobs marching up and down the aisles in iPhone engineering tearing people a new one.

  • The constant "Allow" dialogs when using GPS/location-based applications is growing tiresome. There needs to be a setting for "Allow GPS postion data to be sent" with settings for "Never, Ask and Always." Really annoying, and it's only the first day.

  • Likewise, having to enter my iTunes password every time I download an App (even free ones) is also getting annoying. I know that it's for security reasons, but give me a preference, mega disclaimer, then let me download. Apple is turning into a naggy old lady!

  • Picture galleries coming...

  • The black plastic rear panel is going to get super scratched. Kind of gives me pause for buying the black model, I may have to steal my wife's white one.

  • I had so much fun with the App Store over the last 24 hours, it harkens back to when Installer.app first came out for jailbroken iPhones – only the applications are much, much better. No comparison really.

  • There's already a pretty serious backlash over some of the overpriced Apps in the reviews (and you know who you are). Nothing should cost more than US$5 IMHO – especially when you also need to buy the desktop counterpart. Boycott the expensive apps and let them know in the comments people. Let's put an end to this before it gets out of control.

Accessing iTunes StoreÂ…

  • I still can't sync my contacts, -4 error, but the error is coming faster now (within 5 minutes) which leads me to believe that Apple may have lit a fire under someone.

  • My favorite case for the thicker iPhone 3G is the Marware CEO Premiere – sans velcro. Really nice.

  • Just paired my Jawbone 2 bluetooth headset and heading out for a while. Re-downloaded Twitterific and AIM, just in case. This sync outtage could be a while. (Get in touch via Twitter: powerpage or AIM: powerpage95)

  • Keep the original clear sticker that comes attached to the iPhone and carefully trim off the areas around the screen – without removing it. Boom. Instant screen protector.

New iPhone owners, chime in with your thoughts and I'll do the same and I'll increment the "updated" part of the headline.

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  • I'm hearing the activation process is a total disaster

    CNN is reporting that all users are being told to go home to complete the activation. I can't even fathom what type of problem would make activation work at someone's home and not an Apple or AT&T store.
    Michael Kelly
    • I Phone 2G totally Crashed

      Seems it is a big mess, updated my 2G I phone
      software installed, then the phone crashed,
      Still unable to restore the phone as of 2pm EST
      Apple support stated it was their server?
      • Had mine running on Thursday...

        Found a link from TUAW.com site on Thursday. Downloaded the 2.0 firmware update. Went into iTunes, plugged in the iPhone, clicked the Check for Updates button while holding down the Option key, pointed it to my download and everything worked perfectly. Just make sure to sync the phone before doing this so it can be restored back to the same configuration after the update. Here's the link I used to get the software: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPhone/061-4955.20080710.bgt53/iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw
        • One more thing...

          Make sure to update iTunes to the latest version first.
  • RE: iPhone 3G: Initial reaction (updated 2x)

    And a big LOL goes to all the Vista haters of UAC...
    • Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing!!

      [i]It appears that you are trying to use the GPS. Cancel or Allow?[/i]

      The truly, truly, truly [b]HILARIOUS[/b] thing about this is that [b]Apple[/b] is the one who made fun of Vista for it in one of their ads!!!! There can't be anything worse than making fun of the competition for something and then doing it yourself. :)
    • This is worse than UAC

      At least UAC has a reason for its prompts: It's either because you are trying to install third party software or the third party software is poorly programmed and is trying to access files in restricted folders. What's the reason for the GPS to be asking you if you want to use it?
      Michael Kelly
      • ROFL, my point exactly...

        So any explanation, Apple? Or must I ask for permission to do so...
      • Because it's a really smart phone

        If the iPhone senses the user is a guy, then activating the GPS must have been an accident as guys don't need to ask for directions... :)
        • Where are the Apple pips?

          Where are the Apple pips tonight? Usually they would have retaliated in force by now!

          Maybe they are all phoning their linux friends for advice on why their shiny shiny phones are not activating. Or maybe they are just all asleep, after all, they all got up early to queue for their phones.

          The ones that were not lucky enough to get one are all in bed with the covers pulled over their heads sulking - refusing to speak to the world.

          The ones that did get one must have acted like smeegal out of lord of the rings where he finally gets the ring! My precious! Miiiiine!
          • Here

            The Apple pips are too busy playing with their iPhones to
            worry about the sorry a$$ dorks that can't afford them that
            hang out on this forum. I'm sure your Nokia running
            Windows Mobile is really cool. Yeah, that's it.
          • Playing?

            If a phone is something you play with, God help your employer.
      • Idiot

        And if this was turned on by default the resident Microsoft
        fanboy and part time Microsoft gimp - Ed Bott would be
        claiming that Apple is trying to track all its users and it
        infringes on his right to privacy.

        Damn you anti-Apple kids are funny - you'll grasp at any
        damn straw to justify your rantings.
        • Don't apple track you anyway?

          • Track as much as my interest in your wife

            or girlfriend, which is zero.
          • that comes as no surprise.

            Why look at a woman, when there are iPhone apps to install.

          • I am literally....

            STILL laughing out loud. Thanks for that. Best laugh I've had all day. ;-)
        • pot... kettle... etc.. etc.. <NT>

  • You managed to find one that actually works?

    Count yourself lucky.
    • What's so lucky?

      About having an overpriced phone actually work like its supposed to? Ah, I forget, this Apple hardware we are talking about...