iPhone rate plans leaked? (Updated 3x)

iPhone rate plans leaked? (Updated 3x)

Summary: AppleiPhoneReview.com has posted a purported ad for Cingular's upcoming iPhone service plans and the details are tantalizing...

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(Note: The title graphic and gallery images posted here were removed at the request of Pinecone Research. ZDNet is investigating the legal issues surrounding the images and subsequent request. More soon...)

AppleiPhoneReview.com posted (then removed) a purported ad for Cingular's upcoming iPhone service plans and the details are tantalizing:

It appears the iPhone rate plans from Cingular may be the same as Cingular’s current plan options: $39.99 a month for 450 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling, and 5,000 night and weekend minutes. The data plans will start at $4.99 a month for 200 messages OR a $19.99 a month data plan for 200 messages plus unlimited Internet and Visual Voicemail.

Delving further reveals that the "ad" may only be a sample ad from a private iPhone consumer survey firm. In a follow-up post the blog reveals that the ad was taken from a screenshot of an iPhone consumer survey from Pinecone Research. I think it's more likely that Apple (via Pinecone) is simply testing the waters with consumers to see what the reaction isto the pricing model.

Personally I'd jump at the US$20 unlimited data plan in a heartbeat as I think most consumers would. These rates rival T-Mobile's which have a reputation for being the lowest. I just pray that they're not considering going with Verizon-type wireless rates which are around US$50-60 per month for unlimited data - in addition to your voice plan.

Keep in mind that iPhones are pretty pricey at US$500 and US$600 with a two-year contract. Hopefully Apple/Cingular/AT&T will throw us a bone on the rate packages to encourage switchers.

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  • Lower price?

    Did you notice that the price of the phone is $299 and $399?
  • Much more reasonable price

    Considering how incredibly crippled the iPhone is compared to the competition, $299 is a more reasonable price for what you are getting.
  • Those are current pricing

    Jason, the pricing quoted is the existing pricing for phone plans. Other than a
    cheaper price for the phone itself, nothing is new about this.
  • 1984?

    Are we living in 1984 where news and events that once occurred no longer do due to revisions of history? Why is this on the 2nd update? Why has the graphic been taken down because of a request? And most of all the price drop of the iphone was the meat of this article and you removed it! Your blog entry now looks meaningless and pointless to read. Score: 1 for Corporate Bullies, -1 for Journalist Pushovers. Between silencing journalists and critizing teachers apple has angered half it's users (or showed there true weakness to the apple party).
    Apple Uber Alles!
  • Oh the pricing??

    If I recall before the retraction this article said there was a possible leak that showed a drop in IPhone pricing to $299 and $399. I wonder if I'll be silenced also...
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