iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

Summary: There are a growing number of reports about issues with the iLife '11 upgrade installation for iPhoto '11. One problem reportedly occur when converting the older iPhoto '09 libraries, hanging the program; the other presents blank images in the library instead of the photos.

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There are a growing number of reports about issues with the iLife '11 upgrade installation for iPhoto '11. One problem reportedly occur when converting the older iPhoto '09 libraries, hanging the program; the other presents blank images in the library instead of the photos.

Among other problems are people finding that some or all of their photos have disappeared after the upgrade. It is likely the upgrade has not deleted the photos themselves, but instead the library no longer properly points to the photo files.

The 9 to 5 Mac site offers some suggestions to repair the problem.

Of course, it goes without saying that users should always back up their system before upgrading a major software suite.


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    I read this on the forums yesterday. So in preparation I archived my entire Time Capsule to a backup drive, and then erased the TC. I then ran iPhoto with Command and Option held down - this allowed me to pick options on iPhoto startup of rebuilding the database, recovering orphaned photos, reclaiming disk space etc. It didn't take too long on my MBP, despite being about 30Gb in size. This meant that the next backup was a complete backup of everything and a fully maintained iPhoto library. (these two steps took a while - approx. 10 hours in total, and before the backup I also ran a repair permissions via disk utility on the whole drive).

    Then, just to be sure that the system was booting clean I rebooted the system (doesn't happen often to be fair). Installed iPhoto this morning, no problems whatsoever. No hang on startup, no upgrade loop etc.

    But I also have to wonder if this is internet echo chamber again - as one person on the forums pointed out only people who have problems go on the forums to check things out and/or complain. Net result - almost 100% of those posting on the forums and on blogs etc. have a problem, therefore by extrapolation everybody does.

    A similar thing happened with Vista (alongside hardware manufacturers not getting drivers ready until about six months after release). I never had a single problem with it, and in fact it still does some things better than 7 (the Games Explorer is rubbish in Win7, and Network Map seems to struggle more).

    Anyway, the only piece of advice I can give is what DM gave in this blog - fully backup first. And if you are at all concerned about your photo library but want to use the rest of iLife '11 then do a custom installation from the installer and deselect iPhoto. You will then only upgrade the other two programs (I don't know if there are any upgrades at all to iWeb or iDVD and I think they'll be missing from future releases altogether).

    Just as an aside - the new iPhoto is great and I'm so glad that Apple have finally invented full screen apps :P (the first half of that sentence was the genuine bit).
  • At least one good bit of advice came from posting this article

    OS X seems to use an OS device something like the "Registry" in Windows. Please note I said "something" like the Registry. OS X uses files for applications that record, like the Registry, initial and saved application parameter states. These OS X files are called "*.plist" files and they can, on occasion, get corrupted. (Unlike the Registry, each OS X app has its own associated *.plist file instead of one large central database type file in Windows called "The Registry".) BTW, please forgive the oversimplifications.

    When a *.plist file gets corrupted, an application may not launch or act correctly. The quick solution to this problem (and the bit of advice that the "9 to 5 Mac" article uses) is to delete this *.plist file and relaunch the program.)

    Not to worry .. OS X apps will recreate this *.plist file if it is absent.

    This type of problem happened to me when using Aperture once. Aperture reported an unusable photo library. A quick delete of the Aperture plist file and a relaunch of the application restored my pictures. (which were never "lost" in the first place.)

    I guess the moral of this story is to use a bit of advice from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and "...Don't Panic". Ask for help or search the support web sites for a solution to your problem. Your problem usually has a simple solution if you don't compound the problem and try to "fix" the error blindly.
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    Moral to the story.. Best thing to do with an OSX desktop is format and install windows 7
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    So didn't Apple do any testing before they released this update?
    • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

      @eye4bear Depends on how they have set up testing.
      If they only support the imediate pevious version, of both the app and the OS, then testing from 9 to 11 would have been done on previous OS, but 9 to 11 using OS -2 would not be since they no longer support the OS of two versions ago, thus would never think of testing the upgrade. Happens a lot. So when something fails to install, you have to know everything about the system, what other applications are installed (sometimes not even running, just there) etc etc etc. Given the possible combinations, most testing trys to cover just 95% of the possible combinations and the outside 5% just have to take the chance they it may not install since no way to easily and cost effectively test above 95% of the possibilites.
    • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

      @eye4bear They probably did test it. And, as with my experience, the iPhoto '11 upgrade ran with no problems. The problems expressed here may have affected a very small percentage of users, but that would still generate a lot of complaints.
  • Apple needs more beta testing?

    Does Apple release any software without some bugs anymore?
  • Seems iCrApple can't do anything right this year but rob their customers!

    So glad I use Linux! Fast, Free, Safe, Robust, and Secure!!! ....hmmm seems even being fat and sassy with wealth doesn't make iCrApple's OS and Software any better! :D
  • You're installing it the wrong way!

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    Not true at all.
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    When a program has a repeatable problem, it shows up repeatably in support areas, and no fix is forthcoming, that's a sign to not use that ware until it's fixed.
  • iphoto doesn't store photos

    just organizes them.

    At worst it will require re-adding the photos back into iphoto and re-organizing.
    Still, that is annoying.
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

    Have i been killed?OR How long will this 11 upgrade take.I have about 16000 photos & its been on upgrading for 15 hours? 80gbs.Please help.JJ
  • RE: iPhoto '11 upgrade may kill your photo library?

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