Is Psystar planning a netbook?

Is Psystar planning a netbook?

Summary: Miami-based Apple clone maker Psystar may be planning to sell a netbook pre-configured with Mac OS X.A year after entering a headline-grabbing legal battle with Apple's legal department over its Mac-compatible Open Computer, Psystar is still selling its Macintosh clones pre-loaded with Mac OS X.


Psystar planning Mac OS X notebookMiami-based Apple clone maker Psystar may be planning to sell a netbook pre-configured with Mac OS X.

A year after entering a headline-grabbing legal battle with Apple's legal department over its Mac-compatible Open Computer, Psystar is still selling its Macintosh clones pre-loaded with Mac OS X.

Psystar alluded to releasing an "aggressively-priced" notebook computer in October 2008 but hasn't yet released a Mac OS X notebook. Some suggest that a Psystar netbook may simply be an extension to its notebook initiative, but nothing official has been announced.

Psystar hasn't been sitting still though, it has released desktop Mac clones with Blu-Ray drives and even a rack-mounted Mac clone (starting at $1,155) to compete with Apple's xServe.

Personally, I love the idea of a clone netbook, because I use one now (a hackintoshed Dell Mini 9). More hardware choices are always better for the consumer and if Apple won't release a netbook people will find a way to make their own.

With Apple-branded netbooks and tablets being rumored recently, Psystar would most likely wait to see what Apple has up its sleeves for WWDC in June before making any announcements.

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  • P-pod MP3 player

    Whatever happened to the P-pod MP3 player that Psystar was going to come out with? :-)
  • RE: Is Psystar planning a netbook?

    If Apple blocks this attempt, they'd better hurry to fill this gap in the tiny-and-less-than-$600 space in the market themselves. My kids both have Acer Aspire One's ($240 each as refurbs from and I am more than a little impressed with the HP 2140 minibook.

    If Apple can't compete with the 2140 after all this time, I will be jumping the fence and slapping a penguin sticker everywhere I used to proudly display an Apple logo. And that includes, eventually, my domain as well -- after 12 years of active, aggressive MacEvangelism.

    -Dan Oblak,
    • They'll sue Psystar

      Apple will use the copyright against any clone makers.
      They are worse than M$ when it comes to competition.
      Linux Geek
      • They already are suing them

        and it hasn't seemed to slow Pystar down.
        Michael Kelly
        • But Psystar is getting hit in court now

          Psystar has been delaying the delivery of documents in the
          discovery phase of the law suit and the court has granted
          Apple a motion to compel. Psystar has told the court that
          they have "lost" documents that support their financial
          statements. Sure they did.

          The court also granted Apple's motion for Psystar to deliver
          someone who can speak with authority on the basics of
          the financials as the company's president was unable to

          Looks like Psystar is having a problem with the discovery
          side. Failure to deliver required documents and answers is
          a reasonable indication that they are trying to hide
          something. Apple is going after the answers with the full
          backing of the court and Psystar had better deliver. That's
          going to be more interesting than a netbook or notebook
          from them.
      • Yeah, I hate those corporations...

        exerting their legal rights.
  • If the price is right, why not.

    I wish them luck.
  • RE: Is Psystar planning a netbook?

    Who care? At first the whole hackintosh thing was funny.
    This is no longer a lesson in creativity. This is now about
    how the end justifies the means. People are now ready to
    support out right thievery in their quest to obtain a
    nonexistent product.

    Blogs like this one and others that openly promote hacks
    and lobby for cheap Apple labeled products are co-
    conspirators with Psystar. Psystar is rolling out products
    with OS X on them. I don't know if they are concerned
    with quality control or just hope that the cheapskates of
    the world believe Macs to be perfect.

    What about tech support? OS X Leopard has a problem.
    Who supports that user? Who is actually dumb enough to
    plunk down $1200 for a freaking KNOCKOFF?

    I have heard of many different types of envy. Anything
    from wife, car to penis envy but this takes the cake! If
    Apple decides to never produce a netbook you guys should
    suck it up and move on. Sheesh!

    Man that felt good ... LOL
    • In the interest of fairness

      "People are now ready to support out right
      thievery in their quest to obtain a nonexistent

      In the interest of fairness, even Apple
      themselves have never formally accused Psystar
      of theft; their accusations have been of
      copyright infringement (and inducing said),
      breach of contract (and inducing said), and
      some trademark issues (infringement and
      Third of Five
      • RE: In the interest of fairness

        Ok I got caught up in the moment. You did get my drift tho ...
  • OSX on a netbook still a hobbyist pursuit

    As far I as I know, Psystar assembles its systems and does not manufacture. So to offer a OSX netbook it would have to re-brand hardware made by someone else. I doubt the manufacturer would support such a situation. Also, as of now, there are only a few netbooks that will install OSX without functionality issues. Those that can have other issues such as display problems from a reduced resolution. Apple seems to be coming out with something akin to the iPhone Grande which will be locked down but should satisfy most of the tablet hopeful. There is a certain amount of satisfaction running OSX on a pretend Mac netbook but it's not ready for prime time.
    Mac Hosehead
    • Apple Manufacturing Plant

      Where is the Apple Manufacturing Plant? As best I can tell Apple machines are just parts that were put together by someone working under a contract with Apple.
      • Plant is in China I think ...

        Emphasis on "under contract with Apple". I am beginning to think that
        this blog is a front for a group called "Broke Mofos for Apple Hackintosh

        Why don't you guys lobby Dell, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba and the others to assemble and sell Hackintosh products. We can go to their Head
        Quarters and protest. Since you guys are too poor/cheap to afford good
        lodging, you could a erect a poor people's tent city on their campuses.

        Your motto could be "We poor/cheap MOFOS demand our Macs too"! Let
        me stop, I can't do this any more.

          Pystar is offering to consumers a way to "think different". And it's an interesting story to follow and how it will play out in court could show big changes in the market.

          My beef with it though is, why pay for a hackintosh when you can do it yourself. And as for lawsuits I'm surprised they're not getting sued by the hackintosh project.
          • Not everyone is a good hacker.

            Yes, there is hackinosh but not every that wants a hacked Mac is a computer guru and some are computer guru don't have time to hack so they rather a buy a prepacked hackintosh system.
            Since there is a lack of a netbook from Apple Pystar can implement this instead of Apple so that people that want a netbook Mac can have one without doing it yourself.
  • And if Apple wins?

    Psystar will have a few problems. The
    only questions will be the exposure of the
    individuals who made the decisions to
    break the copyright and license. There is
    also an issue of anyone financially
    supporting Psystar in this effort. Any
    competitors providing funds would quickly
    become an Apple target.
  • RE: Is Psystar planning a netbook?

    Voted "No" only because I prefer Linux over OSx and I can put Ubuntu on anything. If I were an OSx guy, however, I would get the Psystar before even thinking about paying an excessive amount of cash just because a piece of hardware has the Apple logo on it.
  • RE: Is Psystar planning a netbook?

    Just like getting FiOS and accepting Verizon's router
    Verizon Can't make changes to the Router it's not theirs
    and ActionTec won't make changes to correct a problem
    because they are under agreement with Verizon to provide
    the hardware "Catch 22". Unless you are an adventurous
    geek and willing to go through the hassles of incompatibilities then running on an unsupported piece of
    hardware is just your cup of tea. I've work on computers
    since the days of HomeBrews and calling Bill Gates to get
    his Basic working on an Altair 8800 or IMSAI 8080. So
    when the Mac XL and then Mac 128 came and the
    Graphics interface and the support of the Mac Community
    why would I want to go back in time 30 years. Technology
    advances life for a reason. How many would give up their
    Microwave, cell phone, Automatic transmission, or
    Refrigerator, if so I'll meet your buggy in Lancaster, PA
    • Thats odd...

      hearing an old homebrewer taking the side of a closed system. Don't get me wrong support is nice, but so is doing what you wish with your hardware and software. Alot of major advances where made by people that tinker with their systems, so your arguement about celphones and microwaves is odd due to the fact that if we ever meet I wont be driving a buggy I will hopefully have retired the things you list for newer better methods. I guess in your old age you hit the wall thinking things cant get better through change. Sounds a little like the war on terrorism, your willing to give up freedom for security.
      • Thats odd ...

        I had this long reply ready to go. Then the wind went out of my sails.
        My dilemma is how does one argue with people who have no morals
        nor ethics? From the threads I have been reading, the answer is you

        The argument that we owe all advancements to tinkers is hard to
        swallow. I mean who were the tinkers working for? Did their efforts
        aid the company or speed up its demise?

        One thing I know now is that I would never enter into any agreement
        with any of you on a handshake. If you are all for ignoring EULAs and
        the like, I wouldn't take your word on a stack of bibles, torahs or

        I would say more but my Pirate Bay torrent downloads are done. I got
        some great software this trip. Why should I pay? rofl