Jobs to Noah Wyle: "You do look like me" (with Macworld Expo gag video)

Jobs to Noah Wyle: "You do look like me" (with Macworld Expo gag video)

Summary: Noah Wyle tells Fortune magazine about his conversation with Steve Jobs after "Pirates of Silicon Valley" had filmed and how he came to Macworld Expo 1999 dressed as Jobs for a gag.


FORTUNE’s David Kaplan wrote a great piece about a 1999 conversation he had with Noah Wyle about playing Steve Jobs in TNT’s "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

Kaplan talked to Wyle on the day ER taped its series finale. Wyle told Kaplan about his conversation with Steve Jobs after the movie had filmed and how he came to the 1999 Macworld Convention in New York to appear as Jobs’ doppelganger on stage:

"Noah?" said the voice.

"Yes," I said.

"This is Steve Jobs."

My heart started beating through my shirt. And he said—and I've memorized this—"I'm just calling to tell you I thought you did a good job. I hated the movie, I hated the script, I think if you had spent a little more time and a little more money and maybe a little more attention to detail, you could have had something there. But you were good."

And all I could say was, "Thank you. Sir."

"Listen, we do this thing every year called the Macworld convention. It's in New York, at the Javits Center. There will be about 10,000 people there. And I think it would be hilarious if you came out on stage dressed as me and did the first five minutes of my keynote address. Are you interested?"


So he bought me a plane ticket to New York the next month and I went over to the Four Seasons Hotel, went up to his room, knocked on his door, and there I was staring face-to-face with Steve Jobs, and he looked me up and down from my toes to the top of my head, and smiled, "Yeah, you do look like me."

You can read the rest of the story on the Fortune website.

Here's the Video from the event:

... and the trailer for "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

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  • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

    I remember that and the funny thing is, Woz said everything in the movie was true.

    Well, at least Steve didn't deny he was a butt head early on in life.
    • He was in later in life, too; but not that much as in this film, details ..

      @Peter Perry: ... inaccurate indeed. But this was not a documentary project anyway, though.
    • Most highly successful people are butt heads.

      @Peter Perry

      It is how they get there. From Bill Gates (also portrayed as a total butt head) to Jobs to Page. They get where they are by stepping over other people.
      • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

        @Bruizer unfortunately that is often more true than not.
    • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

      @Peter Perry

      Many people are Peter. Youth can engender arrogance, among other things. And then later turn someone into being "wise" when time allows them to contrast the folly of their ways.

      C'est la vie, c'est la gerre,
  • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

    Hey Steve Jobs Died! Did you know Steve Jobs Died?
    Yes we all know Steve Jobs is Dead! People die every day!
    • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

      @imsimsj yea, and everyday people create personal computer companies at the age of 21. jagazz..
      • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

        @bvdon@... No Woz No Apple.
      • RE: Jobs to Noah Wyle:

        @bvdon@... More than you think. Do a little reading! Haha!