Leopard file move bug zaps data

Leopard file move bug zaps data

Summary: Online sources replicate a bug that destroys data when moving files around Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The problem can occur with local and remote storage, the sites say.

While we wait for LeopardOnline sources replicate a bug that destroys data when moving files around Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The problem can occur with local and remote storage, the sites say. The most compelling reason not to upgrade yet to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard cropped up earlier this week with Tom Karpik's blog warning of a Massive Data Loss Bug in Leopard. It seems that if you Move (not Copy) files to another disk or network volume, all of your data may disappear.
Leopard’s Finder has a glaring bug in its directory-moving code, leading to horrendous data loss if a destination volume disappears while a move operation is in action. I first came across it when Samba crashed while I was moving a directory from my desktop over to a Samba mount on my FreeBSD server.
Ric Ford's Macintouch news site confirms the problem for network shared and expanded it to local connected FireWire drives. Most often Leopard uses the Copy command instead of the Move command, so this may not affect most Mac users. You have to specifically invoke Move by holding down the Command key. When dragging files around in the Finder, the Copy status shows a green dot with a plus sign in it. A number of developers I've pinged in the past week pinged expressed disappointment about Apple's process for the Leopard Golden Master. Apple didn't circulate the GM version to developers before release. Some bug fixes were dropped, while others were introduced in the days the launch.

"I don't know why I bother [with the beta releases]," said one longtime Mac vendor. "I should just wait for the [final] release like everyone else. This is much worse than [with] Tiger." Read More in Developers Remain In the Dark About Leopard GM Bug Fixes. Perhaps it's time for Apple to bite the bullet and put a moratorium on Leopard upgrades? Apple must have known there were problems with the Leopard Installer and with the release itself. But the company (or should we say Steve Jobs) weighed the choices: wait another couple of months and lose face and revenue for the quarter, or release an under-cooked product and hope that the early adopters are backed up. They appear to have gone with the latter path. For more posts on the Leopard Update, check out:
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    • And I thought Vista was bad

      No offense, but this is the sort of Big "Ooops" That you would expect from a 2 bit company. Apple having this slight flaw is a real kick in the shorts.

      I don't think I will get that Mac after all.
    • Hi I'm Mac

      Hi I'm Mac

      And I'm a PC.

      Hey Mac, what are you doing?

      Shredding files.

      Huh? What files?

      Just tax returns, resumes, the files for that stupid iPhoto Christmas book I made you for last year.

      Hey, that book was the best present I got last Christmas!

      It was? Wow you really do need a life PC!


      (Turns head to speak in privacy over phone, nods then hangs up)
      Say, Mac, I think I may have gotten you a job at the White House!
      • I never liked...

        ... the mac/pc binary that people use for discussion, because it ends up suggesting that one is better than the other - which for a complex product like a computer that have diverse applications, is an utterly endless and virtually pointless excercise in stupidity. Why can't people just accept that other people might have different opinions and needs.

        Obviously the god-awful bug must be discussed, i do not deny that - but to get into this typical x vs. y discussion is so futile, especially as noone ever tackles both sides at the same time.

        Plus, using a reasonably petty method to get your point across (or to get some cheap laughs) is frownable.
        • really?

          You didn't find the Mac / PC commercials funny? I'm a Windows user and I found them funny... not completely honest, but at least funny.

          btw, I found the OPs funny as well.
          • Maybe its because Im brittish and your american (nt)

            • crampy ... which machine & OS do you use?

              and saying "maybe because your brittish" would be like saying all brittons didn't find the commercials funny, and that all of them also don't see any points to the arguements.

              Facts are, that many of the bashing sessions are deeply seeded in some issue, often times based they are from pure hatred. But getting to know and fix the issues, can help clear up the hate, denying them doesn't help.

              incorrect facts need to be corrected, wrong assumptions need to be recognized, and people need to be educated. "stupidity" in a product design, or in changes that effect the way people work and interact need to be countered in the "have it your way" version of things (example office 2007 and its oversized ribbon, give me my toolbars and file menus back and you'll make me happy)

              but no, I guess your brittish, and I'm american so just saying something sucks, or bashing can't mean anything more, and that people in the right time and place couldn't correct a lot of problems, by just addressing the simple things one by one...

              Me? I'm Windows (2000 & xp) and Linux (mandrake, debian) and a FreeBSD user. Never saw a need in using a Mac, felt mostly they were for graphics intensive people, and that's not me... seeing this new bug, makes me realize things could be a whole lot worse in something like Vista... but also makes me realize the pressure to compete appears to have caused Apple to release a product that could have extremely simple costly bugs in it.
            • This is a useless exercise, not the discussion I want to get into (nt)

            • So your a MAC user huh? Thought so. NT

            • huh? i use...

              a mac, only because it happens to be what my business uses. but otherwise i have a

              why do you assume the bad in people?
            • so...

              you didn't find the Mac / PC commercials funny? If it's a British thing, I would think Apple wouldn't run the commercials there. I mean, if no one is laughing. If they do run them there, then I'd have to assume you just have no sense of humor.

              Have a nice day :)
            • Maybe if it was Benny Hill as the Mac and Queen

              Elisabeth as the PC he would think it was funny?
            • Taking potshots at the UK...

              is not wise, considering how every bad thing that seems occur in the world news is
              "inexplicably" connected back to america.
            • Apple didn't run the same ads there...

              ... and it was widely reported (for an apple ad that is) that they were crap.

              Have a nice day. :)
        • Yeah, but

          We already established on another thread that you have no sense of humor, your nationality notwithstanding.
      • LOL, Good one despiite what Crampy said!! Nt

      • I thought it

        I thought it was funny despite what grumpy said
    • RE: Leopard file move bug zaps data

      I've also replicated this bug when moving data to a USB flash drive and unplugging it mid-transfer.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • If you do, make sure it comes installed

        with OSX Tiger. (the best OS Apple had made to date)

        I imagine this is the case where Tiger is too good, really no need to upgrade to leopard
        • Oop.: That was a response to nucrash. (nt)

          • Awww...

            That's so sweet of you to post.

            I do see some advantages to Vista, but am just not ready for them yet. As for Leopard. Ouch. I think there are a few thornes in the paw of that kitty.