My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

Summary: A roundup of my favorite iPad apps de jour. I presented a few of these over the weekend at the Main Line Mac User Group but ran out of time. Here's the full list.


I gave a talk at MLMUG on Saturday on iOS 5 and my favorite iPad apps. After I demo'd iOS 5 and my favorite feature: AirPlay video mirroring I only had enough time for the first four apps below. But, as promised, I've included a full list of my favorite iPad apps below.

Gallery: Top iPad apps available now - images and brief descriptions

Emerald Observatory iPad app - Jason O'Grady

Emerald Observatory ($0.99) -- A desk clock that displays a wealth of astronomical data.

Solar Walk ($2.99) a stunning way to explore the Solar System and the Milky Way galaxy.

Star Walk ($4.99) A mind-blowing augmented reality app for astronomy. Just point your iPad into the night sky and see a live map of the constellations above. Star Walk is one of my all-time favorite iPad apps. Period.

Planetary (free) -- Creates a beautiful 3D universe from your music library that you can fly through. Artists are stars and albums are planets and tracks are moons. Touch an artist's star to "fly in" closer where you'll see their albums as orbiting planets. Touch an album to fly into the planet and you'll see its tracks orbiting as moons. Load up your iPad with a bunch of classic rock discographies (Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin, whatever) and prepare to have you mind blown!

Following are a list of my favorite iPad apps that I didn't have time to present on Saturday (although a few were demo'd at lunch afterward):







  • Apple's Music & Videos apps - for movies, TV, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.
  • HBO Go (free for subscribers)
  • XFINITY TV (free for subs)
  • TiVo (free, only works with Premiere TiVo hardware)


What of your favorite iPad apps did I miss?

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  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    Try snappii service to make your own apps!
  • Apps you missed

    Predicts satellites visible from your location with good details and directions.

    Sudoku by Finger Arts
    Great sudoku experience
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    where are your enterprise apps or communication tools for your iPad? I get these are your favourites. But my iPad2 is mainly for business use (sounds silly, I know) but what's cool and what is coming for me with iOS5? iCloud? what else?
  • Downcast

    I much prefer Downcast app over Intellicast. I tried the later first and it was too inflexible at that time (it may have improved since then but this was just a few months ago.) Then I found Downcast for podcast management and it is fantastic! Standard disclaimers apply here... I have no connection to the developers of it. I'm just a happy user!
  • VCM apps

    I believe SplashtopRemote is a better VCM app than LogMein ignition, if only for the ability to stream audio.
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    I'm wild about Tunein Radio Pro on both my iPhone and iPad.I can listen to current and past radio shows from all over the country and some overseas
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

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  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    Make your own apps using snappii service!
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    I think playing with my own picture on the Ipad would be wonderful. so how about Photo Factory from the Itunes store.
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    Great article. I am planning to buy a keyboard, what do you think ?
    • Keyboard is great...

      @alukado , sometimes I just prop my ipad on a stand on my desk, and use my keyboard to type on. It is so good to work with, and faster.

      I usually write long articles., where cursor keys are important...

      I bought an 'imitation' from China for some Euros. Works fine with practically everything.
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

    IM+ is a great app
  • RE: My favorite iPad apps - Fall 2011 Edition

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  • The Apple Core

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