New MacBook Pro logic board

New MacBook Pro logic board

Summary: Over at MacInTouch, reader Rickard Almqvist reports that Apple has updated the MacBook Pro logic board and that it "got rid of all whine."


Over at MacInTouch, reader Rickard Almqvist reports that Apple has updated the MacBook Pro logic board and that it "got rid of all whine."

Last week I received a new revision of the logic board that actually got rid of all whine! According to my service provider that did the repair this revision was brand new, only a few days old.

With the new logic board Apple also sent new installation DVDs needed to make a new install with the new logic board. They contained 10.4.6 instead of 10.4.5 that the computer was delivered with.
Rickard even posted a picture of the letter Apple included with the replacement Main Logic Board (MLB) which states:
While repairing your MacBook Pro, Apple installed a different version of the Main Logic Board (MLB). The new MLB provide equal functionality to the one it replaces. It does not add any additional functionality. 

 Has anyone else received one of the "10.4.6" MBP logic boards?

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  • New Version MLB Installed

    My replacement MBP 2.16 (First received on Feb. 21st, then
    returned for a new one that had a working battery.

    On June 21nd, my MBP 2.16 wouldn't start up. Called Apple. Got
    Box, shipped back to Apple. On June 27th, received my MBP and
    it came with DVD's. Kinda wondering why Apple has sent new
    disks and I read the letter titled "New Version MLB installed."

    I used to get a high-pitched squeal from the right side and
    excessive heat (over 150 degrees with normal use using
    CoreDuoTemp) now it averages about 124-134 degrees and it's
    absolutely quiet...

    Thanks...Lee Givens
  • Replacement MLB

    My 15" MBP 2GHz just arrived back from Apple, Its the second time i have sent to them complaining about the overheating, (not the noise.) The first time they replaced:
    left and right fan

    This made no difference and the MBP was still very hot with airport errors. So i rang again a month later and sent it off 5 days ago.

    Well now its back and they have replaced:
    Logic Board
    Replacement 10.4.6 DVD Os X install discs
    Left and Right Fan
    Thermal Module

    Boots up in 5 seconds, (no really) and connected straight to the airport. So far no problems. As for the overheating, only time will tell.
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