Octo-core Mac Pro leaked on Apple UK store

Octo-core Mac Pro leaked on Apple UK store

Summary: The Apple UK Store accidentally posted a graphic that suggests that new 8-Core Mac Pros are coming soon. The new Intel Xeon 53xx series chips use the same socket as current Mac Pros fueling speculation that current owners could upgrade to the new chips.

The Apple UK Store accidentally posted a graphic that suggests that new 8-Core Mac Pros are coming soon according to MacRumors.

When searching for "Mac" in the Apple UK Store, the listing for the Mac Pro said: "Now quad-core or 8-core processing power. Configure yours today." The graphic has since been removed.

Rumors have been swirling since October 2006 that Apple would introduce an 8-core Mac Pro using dual Intel Quad-Core Xeon 53xx family processors (code-named Clovertown). Current Mac Pros use Intel Woodcrest cores that are in the Xeon 51xx family.

According to reports "Clovertown" will ship in two configurations (X5355 and E5345) with the same 1333MHz bus found in the Mac Pro running at 2.66 and 2.33GHz respectively. Two slower configurations (E5320 and E5310) aren't expected to be used by Apple.

The Intel Xeon 53xx series will reportedly use Intel's LGA771 socket, the same socket that ships in today's Xeon 51xx series (a.k.a. Woodcrest) Mac Pros. Therefore it's conceivable that current Mac Pro users could upgrade to 8-core machines - depending on chip availability of course.

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  • Hmmm....

    One wonders if Vista supports (will support) this kind of beasty?
    • Why run Vista?????

      Vista won't be supported on Macs, but you will be able to run it. Still OSX has a lot
      of features that won't appear in Vista for a few more years. Plus Leopard is coming
      soon and Mac owners will upgrade in mass.

      I'm sure Dell or HP or home builders at least will be able to build something
      comparable to a high end Mac work station. Still for most people such a beast is
      overkill. I say this being a graphic designer who uses a lot of power hungry
      applications. There are Core2 Duos will run close with these machines for a much
      lower cost in all but the most processor intensive tasks.

      Would I want a new Mac Pro? Of course!!!!! But I will settle for what I need, a lower
      priced Mac.
    • Well

      since Vista supports 2 CPU sockets, and these are just 2 Quad core CPUs... I'd say yes.
  • Not for the faint of heart

    Upgrading CPUs on the Mac Pro is not for the faint of heart due to the design of the case. See this Anandtech article from Sept. 2006 that describes the process:

    Also, they tossed quad core xeons in there without issues too:
    • Wow, very cool!

      I just don't know if I can hold off for a 8 core. My tax return is burning holes in my pocket!!!

      This may be a viable option. Love it!
      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493