Order a burrito from your iPhone, or not

Order a burrito from your iPhone, or not

Summary: ?No one loves a burrito more than me, that's why I was interested to discover that Mexican food chain Chipotle has released an iPhone app.

TOPICS: Apps, iPhone, Mobility

?No one loves a burrito more than me, that's why I was interested to discover that Mexican food chain Chipotle has released an iPhone app. (McDonald's used to be the majority interest in Chipotle but sold their stake in October 2006, but I digress...)

According to the Intertubes the Chipotle iPhone app allowed users to customize their order by checking a series of boxes. Once complete the order is sent to a nearby restaurant for pickup.

After being posted briefly on Monday morning the application was quickly and unceremoniously removed without explanation. Users on MacRumors forums were reporting problems with the app was extremely buggy.

TechCrunch (pun?) got in touch with Sequence, the company that is building the app for Chipotle.

As it turns out, the company decided to pull the application after a few hours because of unexpected demand that was overloading its servers. User requests were timing out with enough frequency that the team decided it would rather hold off until it could offer a more enjoyable and reliable experience.

The current goal is to have it back on the App Store in two weeks, along with some cosmetic changes (many of the user reviews that were left while the app was still available had some complaints regarding the user experience).

My problem is that there isn't a Chipotle location near me (~60 miles). I wonder if Baja Fresh and Taco Bell are following all this? Can all the fast food chains be far behind? The first restaurant to do an iPhone app right stands to win a lot of loyalty – not to mention good PR.

What restaurant would you most like to see on the iPhone? Chime in in the TalkBack below.

(Images: Gizmodo and TechCrunch)

Topics: Apps, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Where's the Starbucks iPhone App?

    This was reported almost a year ago. I wonder where it is: http://www.genoco.com/link/interactive_iphone+starbucks.html
  • Chipotle needs to fix the cash register/human link

    I have ordered Chipotle online a couple of times, and noticed a very weak link in their automation procedures. The online order makes it into their cash register, but it takes an observant worker to notice the order and pass it along to the preparation colleagues. Particularly during a busy period, the order won't be noticed, as I found out.

    The website asks you to call them to verify the order. What you're actually doing is completing an automation step which they need to implement themselves.
  • RE: Order a burrito from your iPhone, or not

    This makes it easier than going to a restaurant's website. While I'm not a fan of Chipotle Grill because they are a bit too spicey for me, I have tried to leech the free wifi to order from other restaurants. Unfortunately their sites don't work too well on safari on the ipod touch. Wingzone is one example. Adding to the cart doesn't work. I think I even tried another site and that didn't work out either.
    Loverock Davidson