Pirated version of iWork '09 may contain a Trojan

Pirated version of iWork '09 may contain a Trojan

Summary: A pirated version of iWork '09 linked on The Pirate Bay allegedly contains a Trojan Horse called "iWorkServices."Some have claimed that iWorkServices is a legitimate part of the software designed to interface to the forthcoming iWork.


A pirated version of iWork '09 linked on The Pirate Bay allegedly contains a Trojan Horse called "iWorkServices."

Some have claimed that iWorkServices is a legitimate part of the software designed to interface to the forthcoming iWork.com online service. I looked at Activity Monitor while running retail copies of Pages '09 and Numbers '09 and didn't see an entry for iWorkServices.

If you have installed the pirated version of iWork '09, first, shame on you. Second, one commenter claims that the trojan can be removed by following these instructions:

1) (open Terminal.app) 2) sudo su (enter password) 3) rm -r /System/Library/StartupItems/iWorkServices 4) rm /private/tmp/.iWorkServices 5) rm /usr/bin/iWorkServices 6) rm -r /Library/Receipts/iWorkServices.pkg 7) killall -9 iWorkServices

Calls to Apple to confirm have not been returned.

Topics: Software, Collaboration, Malware, Security

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  • Not such argument

    Basically, you came up with advertising the torrent web source by referring to the website domain in your blog, which in my opinion by doing so you support yourself the illegal download of iWork '09 and then took it out to your readers, and it happens that not all of them are Apple's OS X users.

    Yes, I am a Windows user and also vertically opposing against torrents. You also give some bit of a recipe to your readers on how to resolve any damage caused by the alleged software use, in an effort to compensate after the big SHAME ON YOU.
    • dude, use your head.

      the man says "this torrent has a trojan in it", thus no one who reads this is going to download it. How is this supporting the torrent?

      Second, instructions on how to (maybe) remove the trojan are only that. they do not indicate support for piracy. It is responsible to instruct people to remove such malware before it spreads--no matter how it was obtained.

      Get off your high horse.
  • Pirated version of ANYTHING may contain a trojan . . .

    Yes, tomorrow is another day, the sky will look blue, the Earth will still be in orbit around the Sun, the Earth is still pretty spherical, 1+1=2, and oh yeah, you're still alive.

    Any other obvious statements to make?

    That's pretty much the chance you always take when pirating something.
  • Two things

    1. If you are at a big box store and the little salesperson is telling the prospective customer (usually someone 50 or older) how macs can't get malware... INTERRUPT the moron and spare the customers their hard earned money.

    2. For a closed-source OS, why is there even a line of OPEN SOURCE (FreeBSD as I recall reading) code involved?

    What a joke. Twice the joke. iJoke.
    • FreeBSD

      Look at the BSD license... you can use it for whatever the hell you want, INCLUDING closed-source applications.
    • I agree with 1

      1. Of course interrupt the moron and point out that OSX can get malware and has anywhere from four to 65 viruses, depending on who is counting. Then mention the 80000+ viruses ALONE that windows has, and the dozens that are created each day, then ask the customer which one sounds better. OTOH, that might be too much for MS fanbois to ask, since they just like to spread FUD.

      2. I don't get your logic. MS uses a poorly implemented FreeBSD network stack in windows, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.
    • Two things

      We all due respect:
      1. You seem to imply that anyone over 50 is an idiot! I am a computer exec over 50, a lot of my colleagues and employees are over 50 and trust me, they know the difference between Windows, OSX, Linux and all flavors of UNIX. They use them, program on them, fix them. They also don't need a "little salesperson" as you call it telling them what is what.

      2. People who spend their time comparing the merits of Windows v.s Mac boxes spend too much time arguing about nothing in my sense...
      You use whatever hardware and software works for you.

      The warning on iWork09 talks about trojan and not virus, slight difference.

      Macs are less prone to viruses and other malware for two reasons:
      - Linux (Unix for that matter) - as you well know - is far more restrictive in granting privileges to the user (even if you run everything as "Root"). It is thus more difficult to infect the machine, although not impossible.
      - Mac has a much smaller installed base than MS-Windows. It is not a false argument to state that if Apple was to take a very large part of the computer market, hackers would find a way to write malevolent code for it. Everyone who works on Unix knows that they are ways to infect a Unix or Linux box, although it is more challenging to do.
      Remember that a substantial part of the server market runs on Apple's OS X for reasons of stability and security.

      As for the point regarding the Open Source code in Apple's Free BSD, I am not sure I understand your argument. Can you elaborate please?

      I own PCs and Mac machines, laptops and desktops, running XP, Vista, OSX and Ubuntu.
      My personal observations:
      XP SP3 is extremely stable. I rarely experience any crash.
      VISTA is often unstable, although the cool interface is a real improvement over XP.
      OS X never crashes, the same with Ubuntu.

      PCs can be very secure as long as
      OS and anti-virus updates are done regularly (granted you have to do them all the time....).
      Macs are not prone to viruses for reasons explained above. I also don't have to update my Apple machines every day.
      Neither or my laptops or desktops got infected of late.

      Now, my REAL problem with Macs:
      Price, price, price. My Sony VAIO packs more power than my beloved MacBook Pro and costs $700 less.
      I also find my MacBook Pro fragile: My machine is a year old and I already had to replace the logicboard, the IO board, the optical drive and part of the keyboard. Since it is my traveling laptop, I take it with me everywhere, and it cannot take a normal "beating" as easily as my other laptops. Apparently Apple has changed that with the new MacBook line.
      I did not have the same problems with my other laptops.

      Finally, my comment on pirating iWork 09:
      Frankly, apart from the illegality of it, pirating a $79 software is not very cost-effective. If indeed you get a trojan and you end-up having problems because of it, the time and energy spend in cleaning it up certainly outspends the price of buying a legal version of the software.

      My two cents.
    • In Capital Letters...


  • But, but, but... Macs are virus free and impenetrable!!!!11!!!11!!!!2

    Go the usual mac zealots and trolls.

    Nice to see hackers being quick to do the lucrative thing and cash in on an emerging, potentially far more lucrative market...
    • They are virus free...

      They are virus free. This is Trojan. Also, no computer can be
      protected from stupid users.
  • RE: Pirated version of iWork '09 may contain a Trojan

    Ohhhhhh. Macs can't get viruses huh?

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • It's not a virus. It's a trojan. Move along. (nt)

      A Grain of Salt
      • Still malware (NT)

  • Executables from TBP ?

    If your computer then dies a slow lingering death it's your own stupid fault.

    Doesn't matter if it's a MAC or a HAL9000, executables is executables.
    Alan Smithie
  • I remember when a Trojan was a good thing

    When I was a teenager we all carried around a Trojan hoping for the opportunity to use it.
  • RE: Pirated version of iWork '09 may contain a Trojan