Raw meat iPod case

Raw meat iPod case

Summary: Now I've seen everything.This raw meat iPod case is from a Japanese company called Solid Alliance.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

Now I've seen everything.

This raw meat iPod case is from a Japanese company called Solid Alliance. It's not made of actual raw meat but it sure looks convincing.

(Tip: Rob Parker)

Topics: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

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  • meat ipod

    I designed a car many years ago that was to be made of meat
    by products. Because meat dries like fibreglass. I thought it
    would make crashing cars safer! The form of the car was
    designed to look like a pack of sausages, a kind of friendly
    family saloon style. I was right. I am ahead of my time. xx
    • I believe it.

      Just like the Oscar Mayer wienermoble;)
      If you every had a dry beef jerky unused for awhile you can use it as an stick. Those strands of muscle fibers are very much like fiberglass in strength. However it doesn't do well once it gets wet or have certain chemicals on it so you need to put the put in a substrate that protects it from these chemicals.
  • RECALLED: Raw meat iPod case

    The FTC is investigating several reported cases of iPods exploding when grilling this case.

  • RE: Raw meat iPod case

    New iPod case sipped with the Mad Cow virus.
  • Not safe for school.

    I stored my homework assignment in a raw meat iPod once.

    But the dog ate it.
  • RE: Raw meat iPod case