Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

Summary: A Middle East research organization reports that Apple's flagship retail store on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan (between 58th and 59th) is offensive to Muslims. The report cites an Islamic Web site urging Muslims to spread the word in hope that "Muslims will be able to stop the project."


5th Avenue Apple Store and Ka'ba[Editor's Note: This blog post's headline was rewritten to more accurately reflect the information reported in this blog.]

A Middle East research organization reports that Apple's flagship retail store on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan (between 58th and 59th) is offensive to Muslims. The report cites an Islamic Web site urging Muslims to spread the word in hope that "Muslims will be able to stop the project."

The report by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a 501 (c)3 organization based in Washington, D.C., states that some Islamic Web sites take exception to Apple's cube-shaped building design (pictured above) and that it "constitutes a blatant insult to Islam."

The reason? Because the building resembles the Ka'ba in Mecca (pictured below), is called "Apple Mecca," (by whom?), is open 24 hours a day like the Ka'ba, and "contains bars selling alcoholic beverages."

Ka'ba means cube. It is the first place Allah was worshiped. From the outside it does not look very exciting. It is made of concrete blocks. Inside it is decorated with texts from the Qu'ran. 

I was just at the Fifth Avenue Apple store in NYC and don't remember them serving alcohol. The report appears to have misunderstood the intent of the "Genius Bar" and the "iPod bar." The group which "explores the Middle East through the region's media" only appears to have two valid facts in their complaint - that the Apple store is in the shape of a cube and that it's open 24 hours a day.

UPDATE: MEMRI is not suggesting that the Apple store is offensive, they merely cite "an Islamic Web site." Their function is to translate existing news reports from Arabic, not endorse or agree with those reports.

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  • Any muslims offended yet?

    The question is, would any muslims know they were supposed to be offended if MEMRI hadn't told them? If not, it's lucky they have MEMRI to tell them what to think.

    Does anyone get the feeling some people deliberately go around looking for things to be offended about?
    • Ditto

      "Does anyone get the feeling some people deliberately go
      around looking for things to be offended about?"

      It appears so. But what appaears out of sync here is the fact
      these folks are trying to get something stopped that is already
      built - ?!! - "the cube-shaped building which is being
      constructed in New York City."

      Somehow I can't help get the feeling someone is trying to stir
      the sh!tpot to serve their own self-absorbed agenda.

      Not impressed.
      • RE: Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

        @999ad@... Mecca(in arabic means a centre of attraction)..umm i have lived in saudia for 15 years and its a good name for any place where there is a need of gravity of people especially new places..the 'Apple mecca' name is totally clean..if we dont see it in the context of 'copying'(might be the owner always wanted a cube like restaurant)or 'insulting'(might be that the owner has no such intension) the holy kaba's structure..there wouldnt be any trouble with it..What i wanna say is that for you putting a comment might be giving your personal view but for me religious disrespect cases are major problem nowadays which should be dealt ASAP e.g the competition in denmark and facebook on sketching our prophet as a cartoon illustrating with worst of animal and all..i wouldnt say it directly coz that would 'provoke' you..still if a foreign country or a social group does the same playing with your would feel friend...bad..we here who have read the whole situtaion should seek for a solution and put a defense over this type of issues not offense..we are not at war using internet..i can search on wikipedia and other sites that what mecca means..and whether MEMRA people are wrong... but what about those who are not arabians(not knowing arabic for mecca meaning) and and what about those muslims who dont have the medium to know this like internet access(might be living in remote areas) or maybe even knowledge of using internet when even having the access..people would get to know about this story a bit exaggarated as it would run from person to person and it might be like the info the last person gets is totally provoking and far away from the reality and that last person would conclude it as a antireligious act and all..we are humans having brain ok and why on earth would we have TIME to start protesting and coming on roads for a non provoking story(which this is not) we study we work we have family and we have other matters and other priorities first...and we aint mad people who just wanna protest for fun...
        yes yes yes i agree with steve that there are people who find reasons deliberately to get provoked or one should say to act as provoked..its normal in a society..some people have low brain low mind low logic low interaction and rotten heart and they end up not fancying the peace situation and start disrupting it...maaaan if we have gifted minds we can change this...students teenagers young power whhich includes multi religious multi cultural and a diverse thought group so that we could save all those kids all those 'easy to decieve ones' and 'prone to be' memory washed minds who bomb themselves and kill innocent people,families, leaving sorrows and tears all over. i lost so many and i dont wanna lose guys sounded smart thats why im consulting with you..if i ask you to help me with this dream of mine to see peace of soul and love for each other in every single body..i need volunteers and im searching and i wont stop.take care was nice to see your thoughtful comments:)
    • Who's MEMRI

      Who's MEMRI and why are they a big deal. I'm a muslim. Never heard of them.

      I own an iPod. Definitely gonna buy another one soon too.

      Am I offended? Nope. Just amused at how much spare time some people have on their hands to criticize a glass cube.
      • Yo are so right

        @stnaga That is very very logical :)
    • Religous people do that all the time

      I think they enjoy being offended. I've never seen any people work so hard to find things that they know will offend them.

      Get this: A group of Christains went to a strip club and left offended because a nude woman was dancing on a stage. We DUH, it's a stip club, what did they expect? My only guess is they wanted to get offended.
      • Good one

        @voska xD
      • RE: Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

        I would like to see a link or a source for this claim of Christian touchiness.
    • ccc

      Apple has a marketing new IPHONR in Iran sure...
      • cccr

        just take a handshake...
  • Article is inaccurate

    MEMRI is not claiming it is offensive. They translating an Arabic language post on a Muslim web site. (The Muslim web site is trying to get people to take offense). Memri is translating it to English, Arabic muslims don't need their help and would be getting offended anyway.
    • MEMRI is an Israeli propaganda front

      MEMRI's job is to ferret out weird or extreme statements and try to attribute it to all Muslims.
      • Might be

        @hassani1387 You see brother this thing is what we ned the most..we need to see who's making and spreading the wrong info..if you think its an israeli for facts then..make it your mission and submit it to a nearby known journalist or maybe upload your working and have access and a good mind:)
  • URL for the report

    Here's a link to the MEMRI post. (They don't however provide the link to the original website).
    • URL corrected in my post

      ... sorry for the error.

      - Jason
      Jason D. O'Grady
  • Tired of these people

    I am tired of this. I really don't get the point. Will I have to throw away my coworkers rubicks cube if a muslim works at my office or the cube looking tissue holder in my bathroom because it has crayons on it. The United States has put themselves into this position...80%+ are christian, why should the minority dictate the mandates.
    • Is this still America?

      My sentiments exactly!!
      Enough is enough!
    • RE: Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

      @delly_jm Man this is the are just playing with words and showing off which is not at all sensible at fragile moments..for your very kind infomation the minorities according to the 'american dream' have the same edges,same benefits and same authority of giving facts as compared to the majority..we are americans its not major american and minor one..get that straight and also no one dictates the mandate in a democratic society so i should say...not impressed..and you are just doing your role as the fire spreader!!!..may God show you the right path.take care
  • Logic & reason - who needs that?

    See, you're trying to use logic and reason in defending Apple against the moronic charges from the Muslim group. Unfortunately logic and reason have no effect with them. Any perceived slight is a slight - unquestionably. Why even bother trying?
    • RE: Report: Islamic site finds Apple store offensive

      @ejhonda do anyone knows how to calm down,relax and use logical reasoning to solve the trouble?? coz only trying would make you successful!!!