Say hello to the $99 iPhone

Say hello to the $99 iPhone

Summary: Boy Genius Report first reported in October that Apple would begin selling the iPhone at Walmart and notes that employees are already receiving activation training on the iPhone.Today, BGR claims that Apple may re-launch the discontinued 4GB iPhone at Walmart for $99 (with a two year contract).


Boy Genius Report first reported in October that Apple would begin selling the iPhone at Walmart and notes that employees are already receiving activation training on the iPhone.

Today, BGR claims that Apple may re-launch the discontinued 4GB iPhone at Walmart for $99 (with a two year contract). BGR notes that its source does not have a proven track record but that "it does make you think, doesn’t it?"

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  • NOT the iPhone 3G? YES, the 3G.

    Remember folks this is NOT the new iPhone with 3G support, its the old one... isnt it?

    EDIT: my mistake, it is indeed the 3G version with 4Gb RAM.
  • All These Profits and IPhone Sales

    Yet they lay off 12,000 workers.

    Merry Christmas.
    • Who had to lay off 12,000 workers?

      I would just like to know who had to lay off 12,000 workers?
      Specifically, Apple or Walmart?
      • AT&T

        AT&T is laying off 12,000 workers. Wal-Mart and Apple are doing fine right now.
        • The 12,000 in question . . .

          is from their traditional phone company services, not the wireless side, and in fact the loss of traditional business to cell phones is probably the reason as seen from the following . . .

          "AT&T (T) slashed 12,000 jobs -- or 4% of its global work force. The largest telecommunications provider in the U.S. will have to take a $600 million charge on fourth quarter earnings to pay severance costs, according to a release. Still, the company says it will continue hiring in its high growth areas, such as broadband internet access and cellular phones. " - Fox Business News

          'Course, I told my wife that the layoffs were probably in the Customer service dept, since they did no work anyway, so no one would miss them ;) . . .

          She was NOT amused . . .
  • RE: Say hello to the $99 iPhone

    They'll sell buttloads to teenagers, and people who want a
    sexy phone but may not care about an iPod. 4GB isn't much
    room for music if you add a bunch of apps, get a lot
    mail/texts, and/or take a lot of pictures. It will be interesting
    to see how many MobileMe subscriptions they can tie in.
  • I would get one.... then my company could reinburse me :)

    I may not like apple.. but their products give me a woody every time.
    • I suggest getting out a heck of a lot more [nt]

    • 4GB is pretty tight

      While fine for a MP3 player it's going to be
      tight on an iPhone when you start adding
      apps - even if you hold yourself to the
      free apps.

      A better situation would be for Apple to
      move up all iPhones a notch in capacity
      and then the $99 iPhone would be 8 GB.
  • RE: Say hello to the $99 iPhone

    If I didn't have to use iTunes I might, (might!) but iTunes is a dealbreaker for me. It took a format and clean reinstall of the OS to get rid of iTunes after one of my sons friends loaded it on the computer in our family room so they could upload some of my sons MP3's to his iPod.
    • So why didn't you

      just leave it there for the next time your son's friend
      drops by?

      Actually, you need iTunes in order to access the
      AppStore - even if you're going for the free apps
    • if...

      if you had to reformat, then you need to learn how to use your computer better... iTunes works fine and will not cause problems like that on its own.
    • I'm curious...

      Why would you worry so much about iTunes? It's about as benign a program as I've seen. Works if you want it to, otherwise it just hangs around using no resources (to speak of). Don't use it, fine, but why trash it?
      • Quicktime

        Guess that pretty much sums it up.
        • REALLY?

          Are you serious?
  • I will not "Say hello" to WalMart - at any price

    I don't care if they're $19.95 - I wouldn't cross the threshold of a Walmart and contribute to the destruction of the small business model that America (and I) grew up and thrived on. I'm proud to say that I've <b>never</b> entered a SatanCentral...oops - my local name for Walmart - and I hope to keep it that way. I'd rather not contribute to a user of slave labor, a supporter - and demander - of sweatshops and child labor, and a store with an attitude that says "go away" to any legitimate competition. <b>IS</b> Walmart the devil? Probably not, but too damn close for my taste - and dollars.
    • Walmart's not the devil

      its just the closest incarnation possible in retail.
    • That's the reason I voted NO

      I might consider an iPhone, if:
      2.Service price is reasonable

      I'm not willing to pay$$$$ for service, the price must be inline.

      Main factor: I Will Not Shop Walmart at any cost.!
    • You can't be serious.

      If hurting the smaller local businesses is your goal, then you should stick with small regional telephone operators and regional cellular operators.

      Buy your groceries from the farmers market. Get your clothes from local boutique shops.

      My guess is you don't do those things, because they either don't exist or are extremely expensive.

      What's more, if you think that your local stores are any better about the way their goods are made and by whom, you're sadly mistaken...and walmart is certainly no worse than Macy's, Dillards, JC Penny or Sears.

      Nevertheless, I won't buy one, because no matter how little it costs, it'd still require me to move to AT&T. Sprint may not be a great carrier, but my plan, which includes unlimited data, costs less than half of what AT&T charges.
    • Just So - WalMart IS Evil

      I don't shop there, my wife doesn't shop there, nobody with a brain or a conscience should [b][i]ever[/b][/i] shop there - because they're what, along w/M$FT and the Rethuglican Party, Are Destroying America.