Shut down Dell and give the money back to shareholders

Shut down Dell and give the money back to shareholders

Summary: In October 1997 at the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo97, Michael Dell was asked what he'd do if he was in charge of Apple Computer. Dell responded to an audience of several thousand IT executives "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.

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Michael DellIn October 1997 at the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo97, Michael Dell was asked what he'd do if he was in charge of Apple Computer. Dell responded to an audience of several thousand IT executives "I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."

According to Mac Daily News:

  • A month later Steve Jobs responded "We're coming after you, you're in our sights."
  • In January 2006 Apple passed Dell in market value, $72,132,428,843 vs. $71,970,702,760 respectively.
  • In Friday's intraday NASDAQ trading, Apple's market value passed 2 times that of Dell's, $127.81 billion vs. $63.65 billion.

So there's really only one logical thing for Michael Dell to do...

Topics: Dell, Apple

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  • LOL and Sign of a Dogmatic Fool

    Thank you Jason, for expressing what's been on our minds ever since Michael Dell
    made that dumb statement.

    Michael Dell's crowing back then really showed off his hubris AND also highlights
    how religious the Microsoft league really is. They like to pin religiosity onto the
    Apple community, but they possess like no one else. Not only did Michael Dell
    make the ludicrous statement, but he also made the Dell online store abandon its
    use of WebObjects. Now if that isn't cutting your nose to spite your face, I don't
    know what is.
  • damn dell financial

    I got ripped off by dell as did my friends. Promise this and don't get it and charged more. I was involved in the class action suit and got a refund. $4oo. less than I was harrassed for. The dust settled for more than a year, and just yesterday I get another bill for over $3oo ! They can kiss my grits ! I reccomend the machine, don't fall for the financial aid or the buy now get this free scam.
  • Short term memory?

    What. Did everyone forget about what the Apple world was like in 97? They were years away from their resurgence and that wasn't a bad idea. Just because you can look back and see it was a mistake now doesn't mean it was necessarily a bad statement now.

    Anyway, your blog is turning into a real whine party. Just because we buy Macs doesn't mean we have anything to do with the company or the decisions they made. So all this patting on the back for someone elses accomplishments is a bit sad.
    • patting on the back?

      So what is it?

      My blog is a "whine party" or I'm "patting myself on the back for someone else's accomplishments?"

      This was a weekend piece, clearly categorized as "Humor."

      Let's not take ourselves too seriously, ok?

      - Jason
      Jason D. O'Grady
  • It looks good on Dell...

    It looks good on Dell. I remember, like it was yesterday, when Michael Dell spoke
    those 'infamous words' and the crowd broke out in sheer laughter.

    I think if anybody, these days, is laughing it's Apple.... laughing all the way to the

    I just wonder what Michael is thinking now?
  • It really doesn't matter

    Apple has a lot of PC's to "come after" besides Dell. After 13 years of Mac misery, I hate them. If I never had to run another one it would be too soon.
    • I feel the same way

      [i]After 13 years of Mac misery, I hate them.[/i]

      Never again...
      • Finally letting your feelings out

        13 years of Mac misery? Hmm. It took me only one day with Windows to know that it
        wasn't for me. And then I was free to make my own choice not to use it again.

        But you were stuck for 13 years. That would be horrendous to endure regardless of the
        operating system. You seem to equate your strife with the Macintosh. That's
        unfortunate because the real cause of your pain is not being able to choose another
        system. Mac users have to endure the lack of choice all the time, so take solace in
        knowing that you're not alone.

        By the way, who tortured you like that?
      • RE: Shut down Dell and give the money back to shareholders


        <i>Never again...</i>

        I wish you meant that - but you don't do you?
    • RE: Shut down Dell and give the money back to shareholders

      @Crestview <br><br>Were you tied to a desk and forced to operate a 13 year old Mac?<br><br>I laugh at you because you are clearly either an idiot or a liar.<br><br>Either that or you should be tied to a desk for the last 13 years and made to endure windows!!!

      If you had the money to upgrade you would have bought something you were not being forced into.

      If you did not have money and therefore you were still using the same old Mac - then consider that the average workable life of a PC is 2 years - you would have had 2 years of windows, and then 11 years of a useless box that maybe if you are lucky would have been able to send an email!!!

      So are you making this up? Or do you not realise that a 13 year old computer is going to be somewhat behind the times.

      Meanwhile my mother is working away on her 9 year old iMac, it really should be replaced - not because it is not allowing her to work, but because it is a little slow under OS X 10.4, and cannot acceptably upgrade to 10.5.

      The 9 year old iMac is also not very good for watching TV shows online.

      But would she ever change over to a PC? No chance, because she has enough experience of computers to know how bad that would be!!!

      Now Crestview - what is your problem?
  • Market value? That's meaningless.

    Folks, after 7 splits Dell still in the stratosphere compared to Apple when it comes to volume traded on the exchange. In fact, there is no comparison, they're not even close.

    Michael Dell was right to say what he said because Apple was in financial ruin when he said it, they had just fired their CEO, and they were at a 12 year low in terms of earnings. Additionally, when Mr. Dell made his comment, Apple was a computer company ONLY. They became a gadget company later to stay alive and I think it's no secret that (outside of Microsoft saving their skins) their iPod and now iPhone are the reasons for their good (for them anyway) numbers. Their computers just didn't cut it.
    • Apple is just worth more than Dull but that isn't worth anything...

      Can you spell "illogical"?
    • Apple is making money on Macs

      That's why the stock jumped to $150 just before the market correction two weeks

      Apple is in the $130 range (prestigious and growth stock to own), MS and Dell
      wallow in the $20 range.

      Is Apple a takeover target? ;-) Dell is.
  • Oh yeah - what happened in 1997 to Apple?

    Apple deserved to be shutdown - niche market - I bet that if Microsoft had not throw that $150M lifeline in 1997 and also pledged to port MS Office - Apple would have gone the way of OS/2 Warp. Bill Gates SAVED Apple. Any flames go to /dev/null.
    • yeaaaa

      im gunna have to go ahead and tell you ur wrong. Apple had over $4 billion in cash at the time, $150 million was at best a publicity stunt and made no difference in their operations.

      Just so you know, I actually just registered cause your comment was that misinformed.
      • market value vs book value

        Erm... excuse Mister, Market Value & Book Value (i.e. cash) are different things..???
        The $4 billion cash, if an accurate amount, is but book value. (and cash is only
        cash.. what about all other assets? i.e. fixed assets)

        Market Value includes what the market perceives as it's worth..! That means it
        includes BRAND value!

        I mean c'mon.. with soo many PC manufacturers who basically share the parts and
        just make different shells, PCs are becoming but a commodity!
        It is only Apple, with it's own unique (not to mention awesome) OS that makes it in
        a class of its own and differentiates it from the rest!

        Nowadays, PCs (be it Dell or whichever) is just the 'shell' needed to run Windows.
        The core product here is the operating system.. not the physical computer..!
      • BFD

        You need to increase your vocabulary, try adding "search engine" and to your required reading list. I really can't believe you registered all by yourself!! Good Work!
    • Let's bet then send me the money

      You think Apple needed $150 million from Microsoft to keep going? They had $2
      billion in the bank when MS invested. MS invested because they saw the stock was
      going to climb big time. It was when Apple agreed to make IE the default browser
      in return for Office for Mac develpment for 5 more years. The judge slapped a fine
      on MS for requiring such a thing because it is illegal.

      MS had a practice of investing in competitor's companies. They used to have Real
      stock, too. The judge told them that was anti-competitive behavior and told them
      to dump their AAPL holdings and they sold their stock at a huge profit.

      You shouldn't post things without knowing the facts.
      • Another matter of opinion

        That's what you may believe but this is another opinion. As long as the press can publish the facts albeit different - there will always be different points of view. As far as I am concerned - this is the facts that I see, I'm definitely not a MS supporter, and not an Apple fan tho' I'd actually buy a Mac - as for your condemnation - this is free speech - if you don't like it - go to hell. This is the free world! (Except in Iraq, Afganistan and Libya and some states in the USA)
    • RE: Shut down Dell and give the money back to shareholders


      <i>Any flames go to /dev/null.</i>

      Shorthand for I know I just said something stupid - and I will not listen?