Snow Leopard update squashes bugs

Snow Leopard update squashes bugs

Summary: The Mac OS X v10.6.2 Update released Monday includes "fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac," Apple says.

The Mac OS X v10.6.2 Update released Monday includes "fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac," Apple says. Before installing the update, be sure to back up your Mac with Time Machine (and to a clone system on a bootable external volume if downtime is a concern). What's included? Here are some of the fixes on the list that I noticed:
General operating system fixes: •Spotlight search results not showing Exchange contacts •an issue with the four-finger swipe gesture •creation of mobile accounts for Active Directory users •reliability and duration of VPN connections •this update addresses video playback and performance issues for iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009) and iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) computers that may occur in some situations while AirPort is turned on

Mail fixes: •a situation in which Mail's unread count may not update properly as messages are read on another computer •an issue that can cause Address Book and/or Mail to stop responding when opened •an issue in which email messages received from an Exchange Server are not formatted correctly •an issue in which Mail reports "Account exceeded bandwidth limits" for some Gmail accounts MobileMe fixes: •performance when accessing files from iDisk via the Finder and syncing iDisk files •reliability and performance when syncing contacts, calendars, and bookmarks with MobileMe (syncing with iTunes and iSync are also improved) Network file systems fixes: •compatibility with third-party AFP servers •file synchronization for portable home directories Safari fixes provided for: •Safari plug-in reliability

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  • Already to Service Pack 2?

    Yet another [b]FIVE HUNDRED MEGABYTE[/b] service pack for Snow Leopard? Wow. Most things that "just work" don't require nearly [b]ONE GIGABYTE[/b] of patches within months of release.
    • Unlike....

      The small, little, itty-bitty 8 security patches ready to go for Windows 7 I installed Saturday, one of which irreversibly hosed the connection to my work requiring me to re-install Windows 7 on Sunday to get it working again. Ahhh, the good old days. It's that damn legacy software I tells ya. Now I am not mad at Microsoft, it's not their fault my company is using prehistoric software and has an update cycle months behind security patch releases. But please, save the "500 MB OMG" feigned outrage.
    • Service Pack 2?

      Huh? Apple has been making monthly free updates to OSX since at least
      2002. What does the physical size have to do with anything? Its not like
      anybody is downloading these things with 56k modems.

      Or, if you install the .2 update by itself, it's
      less than 200.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • 473MB?!?!?!

    How do dial up users do it?
    • Dial-up and Apple?

      You are obviously in the wrong demographic ;-)
      • Said with humor, but also true

        Someone who can budget an Apple computer is going to have broadband in their home.
    • dial up?

      dude, the systems don't even come with a modem now.
      • LOL! Dial up was perfectly reasonable when it came to MS patches.

        Now that the subject is Apple patches the argument has changed to "who cares about dial up?". Mac fanboys are always good for a laugh at their double standards.
        • Intel Macs don't have modems...

          so dial-up is a moot point, for Snow Leopard updates at least.
          • Modems

            There are many low-cost USB 56K modems that you can plug in and use.
            Apple made one until a year or so ago and you can still find them on the
            market -- I just found some with a search on Amazon.

            But I believe that most of them "just work."

            thanks for reading,

            david m.
          • modem

            what's a modem?
        • I don't understand your point.

          I haven't had a modem in any computer I've owned
          for at least 10 years (with the possible exception
          of a G4 powerbook, I say "possible" because if
          there was one, I never used it), and that includes
          3 Windows machines. So how is it a double standard
          that I don't care about modems? From my point of
          view, they are obsolete.
    • dialup!!!!!

      The other day one of my PC friends was complaining about his modem. I
      nearly forgot about modems. Haven't used one since 1998. The only
      ones that I know that use modems are PC users, (poor guys). Not only
      can't they afford a MAC, but they can't even afford broad band.
      Whenever I send out large files or videos, I have to give them to my PC
      friends a CD so that they can see the files. Lucky for them they live
      close, otherwise they wouldn't get any email.
  • RE: Snow Leopard update squashes bugs

  • Critical bugs need urgent update

    That's the headline if this were Windows. Since it's Apple...
    • Bingo.

      Steve's poodles strike again.
      Sleeper Service

    You gotta love the irony of all this patch cycles for Apple. Just works if: You apply this multi patch, If you run Windows in bootcamp If you pay for this upgrade If you stand on your head rub your belly and whistle dixie while formulating the next therom for the science dept.
    • I doubt it, but perhaps some day we may actually see

      a Windows user who doesn't suffer from ***** envy.
      • Ohhhh I think I hit a sore spot on that one.

        Its ok frgough Jobsy has a shoulder for you too cry on, maybe not. His "Ishoulder" would be expensive, leave one wanting more and not very intuitive. Sorry for your burden.